15 Most Beautiful Greek Women of 2022

15 Most Beautiful Greek Women of 2022

15 Most Beautiful Greek Women of 2022

Greek woman! Tell anyone about beauty, grace and flawless looks; people will never forget to remember Greek women and popular Greek goddesses. By contrast, sadly no one knows the beautiful and famous Greek women in the world. We’re talking about globally famous actresses and celebrities, but not about Greek ladies. So, let’s stop doing this.

Have you ever met the cutest and most charming women in Greece? If not, it’s time! So here we show you the best Greek women looks in the world with a list of famous actresses. Want to know more? continue reading!

15 Famous and Beautiful Greek Actresses in 2022:

Women in Greece definitely know what beauty, glamour and attractive looks are all about. Today let’s take a look at this embodiment of elegance through stylish and lovely Greek actresses.

1. Jennifer Aniston:

Well, let’s start with a known name first. Of course, we all know global star and actress Jennifer Aniston. But did you know that Aniston is Greek? In fact, she lived in the country when she was young. Jennifer is a globally acclaimed actress and model popular for her looks, charm and effortless elegance. She appeared in the “Friends” series in the 1990s. The rest is history; now she’s a well-known face!

2. Ria Antonio:

Greek women are known for their amazing height. Well, we can’t ignore that either! Ria Antoniou is another beautiful, stylish woman from Greece. Her hot and sexy temperament, charming appearance, and charming smile attracted us. Ria has also won several pageants in Greece and has represented the country in several pageants around the world.

3. Elena Paparizu:

Globally, she may be a little-known name. However, Elena is indeed a well-known star in Greece. One of the most beautiful women in Greece, she is a TV personality, actress and model. Her talent, curly hair, and charming features made waves in the fashion world.

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4. Doukissa Nomikou:

Here comes another beautiful and stylish star from Greece. Doukissa is a popular Greek model, actress and celebrity. Doukissa’s distinguishing features are her beautiful height, blonde hair, and attractive, eye-catching appearance. In fact, Doukisa has even represented the country at the Miss Universe pageant for the past decade. Her femininity, beauty and structure really caught our eye. We bet you’ll love her charm too!

5. Evangelia Alavani:

Evangelia is another famous beauty icon and star in the Greek film and model world. She has even represented several beauty pageants and Miss Universe and still appears in several fashion magazines and shoots. Her beautiful curly hair, charming smile, and charming eyes surprise us all the time!

6. Athina Oikonomakou:

Athina is a multi-talented woman, known for her acting career, commercial enterprise and television presence. She is charming and beautiful, her features and smile are full of dimples. The beauty is also famous on her social media and actively appears in the public.

7. Natalitanu:

Natali Thanou is both a model and a singer. Born in Serbia and staying in Greece, she is known for her perfect body, lovely hair, facial features and vibrant looks. She is also a fitness freak and is often seen as active in public life.

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8. Christina Mustaka:

Well, if you want to check out style icons and mockups, you probably already know Christina. Many people call her a hot goddess and a talented beauty because her beauty and intelligence go hand in hand. Christina is the perfect blonde. She is active in her acting and modeling career.

9. Iliana Papagiogio:

Iliana is a famous Greek beauty and model. After winning the title of Miss Gracia, she quickly started her career. Later, she started working with several modeling agencies. She even represented her country in the Miss Universe competition. Iliana’s smile and charming personality often set her apart from her peers. Her lovely simple look is full of mesmerizing beauty and alluring looks.

10. Tonya Sotiropulu:

Tonia is a Greek actress, born in Greece. She’s a show queen, busy with projects and some commercials in Greece and the UK. Given her impressive looks, Tonya is often called a beauty queen. Additionally, she is a fitness freak and is often seen as busy with her work, fitness and social life.

11. Olga Farmaki:

Olga Farmaki is another famous Greek actress. She is also a popular model and TV series character in Greece. Olga has worked with several film and modeling agencies and is known for her charming and sweet looks, down-to-earth attitude and cute and elegant looks and looks. Olga also has a huge following on Instagram.

12. Tomay Apegui:

If you’re looking for very classic beauties, look no further than ThomaiApergi. She is definitely one of the most beautiful and sexiest people in Greece right now. In fact, this beauty is known all over the world for her looks, elegance and bright style. Thomai is also a singer and TV actor. Her height is impressive.

13. Katerina Stickudi:

We cannot miss the beauty of Katerina Stikoudi. Katerina is an alluring beauty with her curly hair, experimental style and bold looks. She is also a Greek model, actress, athlete and TV host. Caterina represents Greece in the Miss World campaign and is definitely one of the most beautiful women in Greece. Her experimental look, style and appearance really appealed to us. She is one of the popular female celebrities in Greece.

14. Georgia Salpa:

If you follow Big Brother, you probably already know Georgia Salpa. This stunning Greek beauty is a popular model and TV personality from Greece. Georgia has entered the modeling career and industry since she was in school and has worked with several fashion houses, magazines and covers. She was even named one of the 100 Sexiest Women by FHM.

15. Erin Scriva:

Irene Skliva from Greece is also Miss World. Erin is known for her striking and captivating beauty and glamour. She has appeared on several model covers, fashion magazines, and collaborated with global advertising. However, her perfect figure, graceful smile and sharp eyes impress us all.

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We hope you enjoy studying and getting to know the most beautiful Greek women and ladies in the world. The beauty of Greece, in turn, is little known and popular. Every person in the world with an eye for beauty and fashion must know these goddesses. So, what do you think of these women? Let us know your thoughts. We are happy to hear from you!