15 Photos of Miranda Kerr Without Makeup

15 Photos of Miranda Kerr Without Makeup

15 Photos of Miranda Kerr Without Makeup


Miranda Kerr is an Australian model who was actually the first Australian woman to attend a Victoria’s Secret event. She is probably one of the most beautiful women in the campaign, and her beauty is quite unique. She has a very radiant face and although she wears heavy makeup most of the time, her natural beauty can be seen from every corner of her face. She was born in 1983 and is 34 years old this year. This time, she has achieved a lot, but the best is yet to come.

Many people think that, like other fashion models, Miranda is so cute only because she hides under her mascara. But this is wrong. She has her natural beauty side and the photo above proves it.

The latest and unseen pics of Miranda Kerr without makeup:

Let’s take a look at Miranda Kerr without makeup.

1. Glowing Woman:

Miranda’s face has a natural glow that keeps her looking lively all the time. The photo was even clicked on at one point, and Miranda was casually stingy without makeup. Either she didn’t care too much about her looks that day, or she just wanted to show off her natural beauty. Either way, she looks great. This is the best photo of Miranda Kerr without makeup.

2. Amazing beauty:

Miranda has a beautiful face and her smile is absolutely divine. Her smile and lips fit and complement her facial structure. Her eyes are also quite charming and her dazzling smile is incomparable. This photo also proves how beautiful Miranda Kerr can look without makeup.

3. Beach Day:

This photo goes back to when Miranda Kerr decided to go to the beach instead of shooting. When people started taking pictures of her, she went there without any mascara even though she was wearing no makeup and looked so comfortable.

4. With or without makeup pictures:

There’s a good comparison between celebrities with and without makeup, as some people look completely different when they wash off their mascara. Some are unrecognizable. Not this woman. On the left is a photo of Miranda Kerr without makeup, showing her naturally beautiful face, as well as her charming charm when she is without makeup. Anyone can relate to her easily by seeing the picture on the right first.

5. Outing:

Miranda Kerr was photographed without makeup while shopping alone one day. She didn’t wear makeup that day, but she seemed comfortable with her natural look, including her clothes.

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6. The beauty of relaxation:

Here we have an awesome photo of Miranda which shows that a woman can look absolutely amazing even if she is without makeup. This photo is gorgeous and shows just how beautiful Miranda actually is. Anyone can fall in love with her natural beauty after seeing this photo, and they themselves will want to show off their natural face (face without makeup) because of this model’s motive.

7. Casual girls:

Girls like Miranda look super cute when they wear casual clothes. Here, Miranda shows off her casual side as well as her very beautiful face. She wears no makeup and still manages to get a lot of attention.

8. Stylish Street Swing:

Craving some pictures of Miranda Kerr without makeup? This is a. This woman hardly needs any makeup to look flattering. Here, we can see Miranda wearing a beautiful outfit and looking pretty, but without makeup.

9. With her children:

Here’s an adorable photo of Miranda Kerr without makeup. Here, we can see Miranda entering the car with her baby while showing off her natural beauty. Miranda is clearly one of the most beautiful models out there, and she’s also an inspiration to many women who still think a hundred times before going out without makeup.

10. At the airport:

Miranda was spotted wearing her plain face at the airport. In this photo, she has no makeup, so her face is natural. She looks amazing and cute like her baby.

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11. Enjoy yourself:

This is such a beautiful photo of Miranda. It seemed that she was taking the time to enjoy herself. She barely takes time out of her busy schedule, which includes signing contracts for new fashion events and catwalk shows around the world. This beach photo of Miranda shows off her naturally beautiful face and lovely smile.

12. Aussie cheat meals:

This photo shows that even supermodels have cheat meals. Here we can see Miranda eating a burger in style, in the best possible way. At the same time, we can see her plain face, which she proudly shows off without hesitation.

13. Old family photos:

This is an old family portrait of Miranda Kerr without makeup. She was young then and still looks beautiful now. White suits her, and her smile makes this one of the best Miranda Kerrs you’ll ever find. This photo depicts a woman looking stunning without makeup.

14. From the family album:

These are the pictures of Miranda Kerr before she hit the headlines of every fashion magazine and article. Here, we can see Miranda’s actual and makeup face, which shows how beautiful this woman can look without even the help of beauty products.

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15. Live in the moment:

Miranda looks absolutely gorgeous in this photo as she practices short laughs at the food counter.

This article reveals some of Miranda Kerr’s best moments without using any beauty products. Here, too, a bare face is attractive and one can easily fall for it. According to her fans, these are some of the best you can look for.