15 Photos of Olivia Wilde Without Makeup

15 Photos of Olivia Wilde Without Makeup

15 Photos of Olivia Wilde Without Makeup

Olivia Wilde is a famous American model, actress and producer. She made her debut in 2003 in a Jerry Bruckheimer series titled “Skin.” Although the show was short-lived, Olivia’s acting stood out. The actress is known for her roles in films such as “Tron: Legacy,” “Her,” “Cowboys & Aliens,” “Rush,” and “Drinking Friends.” “The Doctor” played by Olivia Wilde. Remy from the hit TV series The House is highly rated.

15 Beautiful Olivia Wilde Photos Without Makeup:

Check out these 15 photos of Olivia Wilde without makeup and you’ll be full of praise for her.

1. Undeniably pretty:

Olivia Wilde shows off her innately radiant skin. In this photo, the actress is pictured leaving the Los Angeles airport while a limousine waits to escort her home. No wonder, she looked happy and beaming.

2. Contact with friends:

While having a good time with her friends in New York, the actress decided to go without makeup and ditch her glam look. Olivia Wilde showed off her natural beauty and her flawless complexion was easily seen as her hair was held away from her face with bobby pins. Simple yet incredibly beautiful.

3. Visible pregnancy glow:

This photo of Olivia Wilde was taken two months before her pregnancy due date. The pregnancy glow on her face can be clearly seen. In this no-makeup photo of Olivia Wilde, the actress is spotted wearing a baggy black graphic-print sweater that hides her baby bump. Wearing her sneakers, she’s ready for a Pilates class.

4. Beauty without makeup:

Olivia Wilde is one of the few celebrities who can look equally gorgeous without makeup. In this photo taken at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, the actress wears no makeup and can easily run up to the many other celebrities who have covered their faces with faux powder. Her bright smile makes her look even more beautiful.

5. Delicious mummies:

Pregnancy definitely suits Olivia Wilde; it worked wonders for her complexion. The actress, dressed in skinny jeans and a white shirt, was photographed picking up coffee from Starbucks. Her bumps are a bit noticeable, and she looks absolutely gorgeous even without makeup on her face.

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6. Keep a low profile:

Olivia Wilde made a haute couture statement at the prestigious Elle Style Awards. However, the actress kept a very low profile, dressing up during the transatlantic flight. She was casually dressed in black printed leggings and a coat, her hair tightly tied into a knot. She had no makeup on her face, and she looked tired after an eight-hour long flight. Olivia Wilde tried to ignore her fans by covering her face with a red scarf.

7. Eternal Beauty:

Olivia Wilde looks fresh and casual as she walks the streets of New York on a rainy day. Although the actress is the face of the makeup brand Revlon, most of the time she prefers to show her natural skin tone. Olivia definitely doesn’t need makeup to bring out her striking features. This no-makeup photo of Olivia Wilde exudes a confidence we totally admire.

8. Vacation in Hawaii:

Despite being a celebrity, Olivia Wilde believes in enjoying her personal life. The star was spotted vacationing in Hawaii with her fiancé, Jason Sudeikis. The pair indulged in water sports like snorkeling, while Olivia showed off her toned body in a bikini. This photo of Olivia Wilde without makeup shows her stunning natural look.

9. Street Style:

Despite being a recognized Hollywood actress, Olivia Wilde can easily pull off her street style. She looked super cool in a black jacket over a grey T-shirt and jeans. Olivia seems to be having a good laugh in this one!

10. No glam looking forward to her upcoming movie:

Olivia Wilde opted not to be flashy for her latest film, The Meadow. She was seen wearing a pair of baggy blue pants, a small plaid shirt and an oversized blue sweater. She looks beautiful even without makeup.

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11. Oh, so elegant:

Olivia Wilde was spotted walking the streets of New York with her puppy and friends. Her face was bald, but she looked effortlessly cool without using any makeup. Her fashion sense is unmatched and she knows how to accentuate her striking features.

12. The innocent look of the girl next door:

Olivia Wilde is a daring actress who doesn’t shy away from appearing in public without makeup. In this no-makeup image of Olivia Wilde, the actress is dressed casually, with her blonde locks loosely over her shoulders. Her skin looked clean and radiant without makeup. While the actress seems a little reluctant to be photographed, there is no reason for her to be photographed at all.

13. How her inner light showed off:

Olivia Wilde’s natural looks are enough to make her stand out. The actress believes in using minimal makeup when not living her on-screen characters. In this no-makeup photo of Olivia Wilde, the actress leaves LAX with her fiancé, Jason Sudeikis. We were amazed at how flawless her complexion looked even without makeup.

14. The typical New Yorker:

Olivia Wilde, without makeup, was spotted shopping in New York City like any other citizen. The actress wore a blue plaid jacket with her hair loose. Her face looks fresh and pretty with no makeup, and this photo makes us wonder, what caught Olivia Wilde’s attention?

15. So cute:

Olivia Wilde shows off her inner beauty and brilliance as much as possible. Wearing a light blue sweater and spotted without makeup, the actress had just left the Red O restaurant in California. She had dinner there with her fiancé and was all smiles as she left the restaurant. Olivia Wilde definitely doesn’t need makeup to look beautiful and glamorous.

It’s not easy for celebrities to show up in public with their natural looks. But Olivia Wilde doesn’t have to worry about that, because she looks gorgeous with or without makeup. These are the best pictures of this naked beauty.