15 Recent Photos of Alia Bhatt in Saree

15 Recent Photos of Alia Bhatt in Saree

15 Recent Photos of Alia Bhatt in Saree

Alia Bhatt is a fairly new actress who has taken Bollywood by storm. She made her mark on the film industry, so her wardrobe is something young people love to imitate and imitate. Sarees are a wardrobe item that most people love. Photos of Alia Bhatt wearing sarees, here we can see her different styles of sarees. Here we introduce you to 15 sarees that Alia Bhatt has worn and how she makes them look great.

Alia Bhatt’s latest collection in sarees with images:

These are stunning photos of Alia Bhatt wearing a sari from which you can choose.

1. Alia Bhatt in Silk Saree:

This is a beautiful Chanderi silk peach saree worn by Alia Bhatt. Chanderi silk sarees have a traditional feel. It goes well with sleeveless shirts. Alia Bhatt adorns the sari with traditional jhumkas. The thin zari border adds glamour to the saree. The combination of green and peach is amazing. This saree is perfect for traditional occasions like festivals, pujas, etc. Look amazing in these hand knitted beauties.

2. Alia Bhatt and Saree in two state films:

This is another great series by Alia Bhatt in 2 states. This is a traditional Kerala saree that is white with a golden border. This is a cotton saree that is especially popular in Kerala. They can be used everyday and even worn on certain occasions. Cotton is mainly used for simple occasions, such as pujas and so on. This Kerala saree can be worn with a golden blouse or even red or green. This makes it very versatile.

3. Alia Bhatt in Pink Saree:

This is a beautiful pink saree worn by Alia Bhatt for various occasions. The saree has a dark pink part and a light pink part. The border of the saree is beautiful with golden inlays inside. She paired it with a matching pale pink blouse. This saree can be yours and you can look as beautiful as hers. Lightweight sarees are perfect for any occasion and season. Complete with long gold earrings.

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4. Alia Bhatt in Yellow Saree:

This is the yellow saree worn by Alia Bhatt for the highlight video. The saree looks plain but she accentuates it nicely with a ruffled blouse. The saree is georgette, which is very sexy against the body. This is perfect for summer. You can embellish the saree with fine jewellery and different styles of blouses. The yellow color of the saree is bright and this brightens up the day.

5. Alia Bhatt in Manish Malhotra Saree:

You won’t be able to take your eyes off this gorgeous and stunning creation of Manish Malhotra. Arya Butter looked amazing in this striking saree with glitter around the edges. This is an evening saree that you can also wear to any grand occasion or wedding reception. Here, the color of the saree is a bit dull but brightened with the help of sparkling diamonds on the border.

6. Alia Bhatt in Embroidered Lehenga:

Here is a cool lehenga saree worn by Alia Bhatt with embroidery on the sides. The delicate work done on the border makes it look spectacular. Dark green is a wonderful color and makes Alia look stunning. She paired it with a turtleneck blouse. The sleeves of the shirts also have the same embroidered borders. This particular saree is perfect for simple occasions and festivals. You can refer to Alia Bhatt sarees and choose the color you want according to your skin tone.

7. Alia Bhatt in Half Saree:

This stunning Alia Bhatt saree is perfect for weddings. Intense red with a gold and silver border is perfect for bridal wear. She chose to pair it with an orange shirt to offset the red. This particular half saree has a silk ghagra with a wide golden border. The gold belt at the waist accentuates this point of the bridal outfit. Make your wedding extraordinary with this piece like in the Alia Bhatt saree photo.

8. Alia Bhatt in a red saree:

Arya Butter looked stunning in this red saree and an orange blouse. The silver border of Rajasthan nicely makes this saree perfect for all occasions. Make Diwali and other festivals bright and festive with this cool saree. The golden undertone of the saree makes it very stylish and attractive. Pair it with a long shirt or even a sleeveless shirt. You are sure to impress everyone with this collection. Dizzy and sexy in this number.

9. Alia Bhatt Navy Blue Saree:

This navy blue number is perfect for any occasion. Alia Bhatt looked stunning in this navy blue saree with a pink border. Sarees are traditional in some ways. The contrasting color border of the saree looks very classy and stylish. You can wear it on any occasion and also on important occasions. Pair with jewellery that matches the colour of the saree, or opt for gold or silver jhumkas or earrings.

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10. Alia Bhatt in White Saree:

Here’s another cute look from Alia Bhatt. She looked dignified and youthful in this white saree with a traditional border. This is how she looked in the movie Two Nations. She has worn it with a matching trimmed blouse. The color of the border makes the saree pop and look festive. This can also be worn with traditional temple jewelry for a more rustic look. You can buy this saree for pujas at home or for simple functions.

11. Alia Bhatt Saree of Shaandaar:

Here is a cool saree worn by Alia Bhatt in Shaandaar. The saree is light brown and the black and white work stands out. Wear this tight saree for a beautiful look and make you look slim. She paired the saree with an off-the-shoulder long-sleeved designer blouse. Pleats the saree for a more modern look. This saree is perfect for young people who want to make their saree more modern.Also, check out Alia Bhatt’s collection of black and peach sarees

12. Arya Butter in Plain Saree:

If you want to wear a saree for a simple occasion or every day, then this is the way to go. Here you can see Alia Bhatt in a plain sari with a dark orange red and army green border. The saree is very simple and she paired it with a printed blouse for a contrasting blue and white combination. The whole getup of this ensemble is so precious that it makes her look beautiful.

13. Alia Bhatt in Floral Saree:

Here, Alia Bhatt is portrayed as a simple girl next door, as shown in her sari in the film Raazi. The sarees are also very plain and the lace is very thin. Pala has an embroidered floral pattern. You can also try this look for a rustic and old world charm. So try this unique plain saree and see if you can give it a try.

14. Contrast Alia Bhatt in Border Saree:

Contrasting colour borders are very famous in sarees as they add a bit of character and charm to the saree. Here you can see Alia Bhatt wearing a contrasting border saree. The saree is yellow with contrasting blue and red on the gold border. This understated saree stands out in silk, and she pairs it well with a designer-inspired blue and pink blouse. This is a heavy saree that is suitable for various occasions and temple events.

15. Alia Bhatt in Brocade Saree:

This wonderful saree from the Raazi movie is another spectacular piece worn by Alia Bhatt. The simple sarees are full of leaf patterns. She paired it with a silk sleeveless blouse. This makes the saree look beautiful. The heavy jhumkas she wears bring out the style of this saree. You can choose to wear this saree for any occasion, be it formal or casual. Try her out as a goddess when you step down this feature.

Alia Bhatt is an amazing actress who has shown her worth in some of the films she has acted in. The sarees she wears bring out her beauty. This article with images of Alia in sari gives you a broad idea. You can choose to have the same collection in your wardrobe to make her look as stunning as she does. Choose from silk, cotton, georgette and more to show off your beauty. Sarees can be colorful in plain and even printed. They can be framed in a contrasting color, or they can be gold or silver. Heavy sarees are perfect for all occasions and simple sarees are perfect for casual events.