16 Famous Festivals You Should Attend in 2022.

16 Famous Festivals You Should Attend in 2022.

16 Famous Festivals You Should Attend in 2022.

Festivals in Gujarat are known for their cheerful atmosphere, where people indulge in singing, dancing and enjoying all the specialties unique to the state. Gujaratis live full lives because Gujarat is known as the land of celebration. Many festivals are celebrated throughout the year and they perfectly showcase the beauty of the state’s rich culture and traditions. Most of the catchy beats are played, beautifully played by women in sequined lehengas and men in vibrant headscarves.

This article provides you with a list of popular festivals in Gujarat to introduce you to the unique culture of the state.

Famous festivals and bazaars celebrated in Gujarat:

Festive season in Gujarat is when you can see men and women dressed in ghagra dancing dhol to Garba tunes. These Gujarat festivals will introduce you to the lively culture and ancient traditions of the state in a beautiful way.

1. Navaratri:

Navratri in Gujarat is very popular among all other festivals and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. A popular spot for Gujarati Navratri is the performance of Dandiya and Garba, and the popularity of these dances has spread throughout India, not just Gujarat. Navaratri is a ten-day celebration during which people enjoy music, Garba, Dandiya and locals performing Durga pooja.

Main Attractions: Acoustic music and dance showcasing Gujarat, Garba and Dandia cultures.

when: October.

Where: throughout the state.

Festival Duration: 10 days.

2. Lane Ustaff:

Rann kutch festival is one of the main festivals in Gujarat. As autumn hits its peak, Rann of Kuh (salt marshes) in the Thar desert wears a festive avatar, accompanied by Ravanahatha, bearded Gujarati, pagris on sparkling white sand rhythm playing. At the forefront of the Gujarat Kutch Festival is the state’s fascinating heritage. No matter where they live, people experience the festival because it’s a long-awaited time of year.

Main Attractions: Gujarati handicrafts and handloom exhibitions, cultural performances, Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary safari, bird watching and local tours.

when: Between November and February.

Where: Lane of Cage.

Festival Duration: November to February (four months).

3. North Tarayan:

Uttarayan or Kite Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Gujarat. Celebrated with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, this festival marks the beginning of the harvest season. People from all over India and remote areas such as Canada and the United States come to Gujarat for the festival. Colorful kites of all shapes and sizes flew all over the sky, making the scene even more beautiful, and the festivities of this period were at an all-time high.

Main Attractions: Kite flying competition, food, international kite festival.

when: January.

Where: All over Gujarat.

Festival Duration: one day.

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4. Shamraj Melon:

Shamlaji Melo takes place within the grounds of the Shamlaji Temple, which is elaborately crafted for three weeks, also known as the Kartik Purnima fair. Devotees arrive in groups by camel cart or on foot to bathe in the Meswo River next to the temple and sing to the faithful. This is a great place to buy and sell silverware, cloth, accessories, and have fun.

Main Attractions: Local stalls house beautiful decorations, cultural and traditional experiences.

when: November.

Where: Samaji Temple.

Festival Duration: 3 weeks.

5. Vautha Mela:

The animal trade festival in Gujarat is also known as Vautha Mela. Many camels and donkeys are decorated with ornaments and paints, which are the standout features of this mela. The location of this Mera is the confluence of the seven holy rivers, so it is considered more devotional than Diwali. People lived in tents near the fairgrounds and were away from home for a few days. While Kichu is particularly popular, a different dish is made every day.

Main Attractions: Stalls selling machinery to handicrafts, beautifully decorated animals, delicacies served in tents.

when: November.

Where: Warta, Gujarat.

Festival Duration: Five days.

6. Rath Yatra:

Held in four districts, including the Jagannath Temple in Ahmedabad, Rath yatra is one of the most anticipated festivals in Gujarat. A procession led by ornate chariots is the main highlight of this sacred annual celebration. First, purify the chariot route, a process known as Pahind vidhi before the procession begins. Then, the parade of chariots covered different corners of the city.

Main Attractions: Traditional and cultural processions and prayers.

when: June or July.

Where: Jagannath Temple, Ahmedabad.

Festival Duration: one day.

7. Modhera Dance Festival:

If you want to experience the essence of Indian classical dance and music in Gujarat, the Modhera Dance Festival, also known as Uttarardh Mahotsavis, is ideal for a three-day celebration. Set against the backdrop of the Sun Temple of Modra, this festival transports you into the age of the Solanki Empire. It is one of the most famous festivals in Gujarat and it enhances the splendid architecture and overall grandeur of the Sun Temple.

Main Attractions: Professional music and dance performances, a glimpse into local history, and colorful lighting.

when: January.

Where: Modra Sun Temple.

Festival Duration: three days.

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8. Bhadra Purnima:

Bhadra Purnima Bazaar is one of the most important and famous festivals in Gujarat, dedicated to Goddess Ambaji at Ambaji Temple for three days. Vishwa yantra is a triangular object representing the god as there are no idols in this temple. Instead, people read saptshati (seven hundred prayer verses) when they worship the goddess in the bazaar. When knocking on the door at night, everyone has a big time showing Garba and Bhavani.

Main Attractions: Knick knack sells stalls, music and folk dance performances, prayers and offerings.

when: Full moon day in August or September.

Where: Ambaji Temple, Banaskantha, Gujarat.

Festival Duration: three days.

9. Bhavnath Mahadev Fair:

Bhavbath Mahadev is a Gujarati festival dedicated to Lord Shiva. Many believe that Lord Shiva himself visited the place during this time and the bazaar is a five-day event. Sages ride on elephants, blow shells and lead a procession, marking the start of the fair. During this lively festival, people perform dances, music, prayers and offerings. People do parikrama around Girnar Hill before coming to the shrine.

Main Attractions: Stalls selling idols, rosaries and sweets, parades, martial arts. dance and music.

when: February or March.

Where: Bhavnath Temple, Junagadh.

Festival Duration: Five days.

10. Jammashtami:

While Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated across the country, the unparalleled enthusiasm and dedication shown by Dwaraka in Gujarat has made Janmashtami one of the most anticipated festivals in the state. At midnight, Lord Krishna’s doll is placed in the cradle to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. An engaging and exciting part of this celebration is the Dahi handi break. Mishri, butter are some of the favorite things offered to Lord Krishna.

Main Attractions: Break Dahi handi, chant Krishna mantras and prayers, music and dance celebrations.

when: August.

Where: Dwaraka and statewide.

Festival Duration: A day or two.

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11. Quint’s Market:

Mainly celebrated in tribal areas, Kwant Bazaar is one of the harvest festivals in Gujarat. Including music and dance, it showcases various traditional art forms of Gujarat. A unique highlight of the festival is that performers color their bodies throughout the festivities with colors made from rice and ash in different designs and shades.

Main Attractions: Human Pyramid Game.

when: In March, the night after Holi.

Where: Tribal areas of Gujarat.

Festival Duration: one day.

12. Chitra Vichitra Market:

If you are looking for a bazaar that showcases the beauty and tribal traditions of Gujarat, Chitra vichitra bazaar is a perfect choice. This mela is held on the eve of the new moon, and local women gather by the river all night to mourn their dead loved ones. People dressed in traditional dress and saffron headscarves sang folk songs in droves throughout the festivities.

Main Attractions: Drum beats, colorful bazaar.

when: March or April.

Where: Sabakantha District, Gujarat.

Festival Duration: 2 days.

13. Beach Festival:

The Beach Festival held at the famous Tital Beach is one of the main festivals in Gujarat. Several shows are held during the festival, and the beach is decorated with bright lights that add to the beauty. So whether you want to enjoy music, dancing or any kind of sports, this beach festival is an ideal choice. Beach cricket, water polo, volleyball are other activities you can indulge in.

Main Attractions: Dance performances, music, food, activities and events.

when: October to November.

Where: Tithal and Mandvi beaches.

Festival Duration: Five days.

14. Paraglider Festival:

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, the Paragliding Festival in Gujarat might be an ideal choice. It is one of the best festivals in Gujarat hosted by private organisations and Gujarat Tourism and is held for 26 days during December and January. What makes this festival unique is that they offer training sessions for everyone. So whether you are an amateur or an experienced paraglider, you will have fun!

Main Attractions: Zorbing, cycling, paragliding, paragliding.

when: December to January.

Where: Satpra.

Festival Duration: 26 days.

15. Raksha Bandan:

Balev or Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year in Gujarat. It is called the festival of brotherhood. On this day, sisters tie shafts or protective bands around their brothers’ wrists.

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16. Holi:

Gujarat celebrates Holi every year. It’s called the Festival of Colors. This is when all the locals are playing with colors and drenching each other with paint and colored water. The use of multiple colors in this festival signifies the arrival of a bountiful spring harvest.

You’ll find a drenched gujju vibe that perfectly blends ancient traditions with the modern world, creating a unique fusion in the festivals mentioned in this article. Plus, you’ll be able to sample local delicacies, handicrafts, and more unique to the state, making your visit an unforgettable experience. If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to let us know!


1. What are the famous food that must be eaten in Gujarat?

answer: Along with the colorful festivals in Gujarat, you must eat the following foods.

  • Camandocara.
  • hakla.
  • passionate.
  • Fafda-Jalebi.
  • candeway.
  • Gatia.
  • Gujarati Khadi.
  • Surati undhiyu.

2. What are the shopping features in Gujarat?

answer: Here is a list of some things you can buy when you plan to visit Gujarat:

  • Traditional ghagra-cholis.
  • Bandnes.
  • Patola silk sarees.
  • Embroidered quilt.
  • Handicrafts and handlooms.
  • cady clothing.

3. What are the traditional dances in Gujarat?

answer: Traditional folk dance forms popular in Gujarat are Garba, dandiya raas, tippani, padhar, dangi and sidi.