18 Hot Disha Patani Bikini and Saree Photoshoots 2022

18 Hot Disha Patani Bikini and Saree Photoshoots 2022

18 Hot Disha Patani Bikini and Saree Photoshoots 2022


Disha Patani! She has only recently entered the Bollywood film industry and is already on fire. Disha Patani is popular for her hot photos, bold photos, gym-like perfect body structure and dance moves. Disha has indeed become a Bollywood heartthrob and none of us can get enough of her on screen. Like you, we’ve fallen in love with her, so we’ve worked hard to compile DishaPatani’s best gallery of trending pictures and stunning and mesmerizing images.

Let’s go see it together! We bet they’ll impress you as much as they did us.

18 Hot Unseen Disha Patani Pictures in 2022:

We can’t take our eyes off these absolutely gorgeous and sizzling images of Disha Patani. it has started!

1. Disha Patani in Bold Western:

Disha always impresses us, especially when she wears a western dress in the perfect shade. Here is the look of a bold maxi dress with black accents. She looks absolutely stunning. Spotted at awards celebrity events, Disha often likes to wear such stylish and elegant outfits, and this is no exception. It makes her look very sexy and charming.

2. Disha in Crop Tops:

How about Disha in the hot crop top? Pictured above, she’s wearing a white sleeveless crop top and denim shorts as she clicks during her movie shoot. She looks glamorous and modern with an overall toned look and a captivating style statement. This simple outfit is also very comfortable, and of course don’t forget the basics!

3. Disha Patani Hot Saree Photos:

If you thought that Disha is usually only found in western fashion chic clothes, you are wrong. She looks stunning and sexy in dresses and crop tops; she looks stunning and alluring in sarees. After all, the secret lies in the perfect shape of the saree. Here’s one such photo we came across while she was at a celebrity wedding event. Isn’t she beautiful? What do you think?

4. Swimsuit Disha:

How about a popular photo from Disha’s photo gallery? We’re not shocked that photos of the actress swimming in red have gone viral on the internet. There is no doubt that she looks bold and sexy. Disha Patani is often praised for her confident sexy bikini and swimsuit photos, and this is no exception. We love that she flaunts her perfect figure with abs and toned structure.

5. Disha in a beautiful dress:

This is the other side of this beautiful actress – in a long dress or gown. This gold gown with an open back on Disha Patani is absolutely stunning. No one can deny it. Given her amazing height, features, and slender athletic figure, long gowns and dresses often fit her personality. We bet no one can look as hot in the same outfit as Disha!

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6. Disha in tracksuits:

Disha Patani posted a recent photo of her with Calvin Klein in a black tracksuit, and they’ve gone viral ever since. We all guessed why – the daring shot is truly incredible. She looked damn hot in her tracksuit. Even on a personal level, we often see Disa promoting their comfy workouts and activewear, we must say – she really is a perfect ambassador!

7. Disha in Jogging Pants:

Although Disha likes to set fire and sparks in the film industry with her daring looks, she even appears regularly as the girl next door. Here’s a photo of the actress wearing trousers or joggers. In this photo, she is simple, yet charming and elegant. This shows how Disha complements and perfects each of her style statements with a personalized look.

8. Disha Patani at leisure:

Here’s another photo of Disha in her regular outfit, this time casual. She was seen wearing basic jeans and a black T-shirt, but still looked so feminine and simple. This photo is one of the actress’ most popular airport looks. We bet no one has such a basic look with such ease. What did you say?

9. Short Skirt Disha:

We also have this beautiful actress in a short red dress. This simple flowy dress is an easy outfit, but we couldn’t help but help Disha in how gorgeous and glamorous she was in her statement look. This comfy outfit is really one of her favorite options when she goes out for casual outings and it looks perfect and sexy.

10. Disha in a tight dress:

Have you seen the latest Disa pics of her body-hugging dress? These types of dress patterns do not fit and match several body structures. However, we’re glad our sweetheart was able to do it seamlessly and effortlessly. The body-hugging dress fits perfectly with her toned body structure and looks both pretty and sexy!

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11. Sizzling Look in Sheer Dress:

Here’s an image of our favorite Disha in a beautifully embellished dress in hot silver. The dress’s intricate patterns and designs complement her beautiful features, and we can’t take our eyes off her beauty. This is one of the most popular and favorite looks of the actress.

12. Disha of Lehenga:

Have you ever met Disha Patani in lehenga? Here’s one such look – Disha by Falguni Shane Peacock designer lehenga. This was clicked at a celebrity event in Mumbai and Disha looked great and perfect in this outfit. It seamlessly pulls a sophisticated, luxurious and grand look from the actress.

13. Disha in the gym routine:

We all know that Disha loves her gym and workout routine very much. She is indeed one of the few Bollywood actresses to show off with a perfect toned body and abs. We can see how well her efforts have paid off in this photo. The actress’ fitness routine brought a warm vibe to the tracksuit. She does look spectacular!

14. Hot Party Dresses:

How about the actress in timeless gorgeous party wear? This photo of her showing off her beautiful green dress is truly a treat for our eyes. We love how Disha redefines current styles to bring her personal vibe and character look. what do you think about this?

15. Disha in elegant dress:

Have you ever met an actress who is elegantly dressed and elegant? Here is one such picture. Disha is wearing a gorgeous yellow dress in this photo, and we love that it suits her so well. The layered patterned attire made her look stylish in the crowd, perfect for a modern, edgy and chic vibe. This hot pack is truly our favorite.

16. Disha in the summer wardrobe:

We often see Disha changing her wardrobe along with the season’s favorites and her favorite photos. Still, she’s caught on to all the trends at her disposal. Here’s one such summer wardrobe photo of the actress we met. Disha looked gorgeous and comfortable in this cute pink dress, which also brought out the best of her hot looks.

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17. Disha Patani of Anarkali:

Have you ever met Anarkali and Indians with Disha Patani in national clothes? This dress is such a must-see photo. She also took off her Indian outfit perfectly; we have no complaints. The radiant and glamorous look is really what we love about her look.

18. Disha Patani in Indian Dress:

How about a similar Disa photo? Here is her showing off her beautiful white kurti in sheer pieces. Although western and bold outfits suit her, the actress also looks flawless and glamorous in the ethnic wear category. She also deserves applause for her popular photoshoot in Indian clothing.

We hope you enjoy exploring these beautiful and gorgeous Disha Patani hot photos and picture galleries. Which is your favorite actress to wear? Let us know your thoughts and opinions too!