Top 7 Highest-Paid National Hockey League Players In The World

National Hockey League is a professional league of North American people which mainly comprises the 31 teams in totals. It is the premier ice hockey league in the whole world and people love to enjoy this game. It is mainly the organization of 1917 and since then people are crazy after this. Hockey is a game which makes the person addicted as well as crazy to it. The national hockey league players are those who played on the international platforms and get the highest pay. These highest-paid NHL players are enjoying the luxurious life and they know how to keep themselves active all time.

In the hockey, the hockey stick is used by the player and the two opposing teams are trying there best to manoeuvre the ball. Connor McDavid is the main personality who entered the NHL and gained name and fame all over the world as the world’s best NHL player. He is getting the highest amount of cash as well as this amazing player won many awards because of his charming performances in the hockey league. The total earning of this player is estimated to be $19 million. In this article, we will discuss the highest-paid NHL players in the world.

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The 7 Highest-paid NHL players in the world.

Auston Matthews

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Auston Matthews is the name of the world’s highest-paid NHL player who through his struggle and efforts gained fame. He took part in a junior hockey league and won as well as impressed his fans. He scored 40 goals and gain the title as second in NHL. It is estimated that the total salary of this NHL player is approximately $15.20 which is an amazing amount. 

Carey Price

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Carey Price is a Canadian NHL player who gained popularity all over the world and now enjoying the luxurious life. This is the highest-paid NHL player who won many trophies and awards as well. Hart Memorial Trophy is his big achievement of life. The total estimated salary of an NHL player is nearly $15 million.

John Tavares

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This NHL player made his name with Islanders of New York who drafted this player in 2009. After that, this amazing player became a big star and hero of Islanders. He is the player who rewarded the Maple Leafs by establishing his career of life. The total salary of this NHL player is estimated to be $15.9 million.

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Artemi Panarin

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Artemi Panarin is another amazing NHL player who gained name and fame all over the world and now known for his countless efforts towards hockey. He never ended up playing on the international platform. It is clear that this amazing player signed in with the New York Rangers for $81 million. His salary is now estimated to be $14 million this time.

Erik Karlsson

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Thank you to the @sanjosesharks , the fans and especially the boys for a great season. It was a great run that ended too early but lots of great memories were created. It was a battle but there’s no other guys i would have rather fought it beside. 👊🏼#ThankYouSanJose

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Erik Karlsson is the name of the famous NHL player who signed off the big contract of $90 million. He is the highest-paid NHL player who stood 4th in the number and attracts the world with his amazing hockey skills. Although he is the person who fought with many injuries but he never loses hope. He loves to do struggle. It is estimated that his salary is approximately $14.5 million.

Mark Stone

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Mark Stone is the player who stood in the 6th position on the NHL table. This player is also getting the highest pay because of his countless struggle and efforts towards hockey. This highest-paid NHL player won the Frank J trophy and it was his big achievement of life. He signed the $76 million contract of 8 years. The salary of this highest-paid NHL player is approximately $12 million.

Nikita Kucherov

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Nikita Kucherov breaks the record and stood in the top-ten NHL player of the world. He also won the Hart Trophy which is his best achievement of life. The 128 points of this player led the NHL by a great margin. Nikita Kucherov has also been a Lightning member who is enjoying the worth salary of $12 million.


Highest-paid National League Hockey player is enjoying the luxurious life after the incredible success and struggle. These players are the big source of encouragement and inspiration for the hockey players. NHL stars are getting all benefits of life and these players can even make approximately more than $89 million.

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