19 amazing places to visit in Nainital Stylesatlife

19 amazing places to visit in Nainital Stylesatlife

19 amazing places to visit in Nainital Stylesatlife

If hill stations can be the perfect anecdote for the scorching and insane summer heat, Nainital should be your go-to. It would be ideal to visit this place during the summer months, and if you are looking to come here soon, read the description below to find out what places to visit in Nainital.

Beautiful Nainital tourist attractions:

Nainital is a great tourist destination in India. There are many attractions for sightseeing. Below we have mentioned 19 of the best and fabulous tourist attractions in Nainital.

1. Tri Rishi Sarovar Lake:

Lake Tri rishi is your first stop on your way to Nainital. This freshwater body is so delicate, clean and calm. If you want to experience peace and tranquility, you must try boating on the calm and gentle waters of Lake Nainital. It really rejuvenates you from within. This is one of the best tourist attractions in Nainital to make your trip fun.

2. Sattar Lake:

Sattal is where you can discover the beauty of nature. It takes its name from the seven lakes, which are grouped very closely to each other. The seven lakes are Panna Tal, Purna Tal, Sita Tal, Ram Tal, Laxman Tal, Nal-Damyanti Tal and Sukha Tal. The view of the lake is beautiful from a distance and it is one of those places you can’t miss on your holiday to Nainital.

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3. Platinum. GB Pant High Altitude Zoo:

Nainital Zoo is a favorite of all locals and tourists in Nainital. It is home to a large number of unique animals, some of which are Amur tigers, palm civet cats, snow leopards, parakeets, silver pheasants, barking deer and Himalayan black bears.

4. Gulahal:

The word Ghorakhal means pool of horses. It is located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Also known as Golu Devta Temple, it is indeed very famous. The sight is very picturesque as you will see thousands of bells ringing around the entire temple area.

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5. Naina Peak:

Naina is the highest peak in Nainital. It is about 6 km from this beautiful city and can only be reached by foot or horse. This place is so romantic and wonderful, you will definitely want to come here again. Panoramas, views and the snow-capped Himalayas provide you with a wonderful and wonderful vista.

6. Dorothy’s Seat:

Dorothy’s Seat of Nainital is dedicated to Dorothy Kelly. It was built for her after her husband died in a plane crash. This particular place was chosen because it was Dorothy’s favorite place. Stone sculptures were also built to help her husband give her the respect and honor she deserves. It is also known as the Tiffin Top because it was the perfect place for a picnic and was often used during British rule.

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7. Temple of Naina:

Naina Devi Temple is an essential and important place of worship for Hindus. It attracts thousands of tourists every year and continues to do so. It is dedicated to Maa Naina Devi, although it also has idols of Kali Devi and Lord Ganesha. The temple is surrounded by tall green trees, making this location scenic and panoramic.

8. St. John’s Church:

St John’s Church, Nainital was built in 1847. It is a major tourist attraction with thousands of tourists every year. A brass monument has also been preserved in memory of those who unfortunately lost their lives in the landslide.

9. Ranikett:

Ranikhet is a simple and beautiful town where you will find temples, orchards and many places of joy. Also known as the Queen’s Meadows in English, it is of great historical significance. Your Nainital trip will not be complete until you visit this place as it is one of the best places to visit in Nainital.

10. Kilbury Bird Sanctuary:

Kilbury Bird Sanctuary is one of the best places to visit in Nainital. It is 2000 meters above sea level and is home to more than 240 different species of birds. It’s also very picturesque and there are some other attractions around, such as Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and Pangott.

11. Lake Nainital:

Commonly known as Naini Lake, it is the lifeblood of Nainital and one of the best tourist destinations. It offers tourists many activities such as boating. A stroll around the lake is sure to remove all your stress. If you plan to visit Nainital, you must not miss this wonderful place.

12. Kulpatar:

It is free of all kinds of pollution and is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. It is known for its delightful lakes. A very private and special place. Peace of mind guaranteed. Most tourist travelers and tour guides consider this place to be one of the most popular attractions in Nainital.

13. Tiffin Top:

Tiffin Top is a famous viewpoint with an average altitude of 2292 meters and is one of the many tourist attractions in Nainital. It offers stunning views of the Himalayas and surrounding mountains. It is one of those places guaranteed to impress visitors.

14. Eco Cave Garden:

Always packed with tourists, the Eco Cave Garden is a network of caves. It is one of the most important attractions in Nainital. With parks and gardens, it’s a place that little kids never want to leave. It also showcases some fantastic views, making it the perfect place to click through a lot of pictures.

15. Mukteshwar Temple:

This temple is famous for its architecture. It is said that the architects of this temple built this magnificent temple, ushering in a new era of architecture. It is one of the oldest temples, built in the 9th century. The temple was built into many blocks, each filled with some splendid architecture.

16. Jim Corbett National Park:

Now it is a paradise for nature lovers and explorers. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the best places to visit in Nainital. You can take a wildlife tour and see animals in their natural habitat. You can also stay at a resort in the woods and take part in fun activities. If you’re lucky, you might even see some tigers! Now, isn’t that exciting?

17. Kainchi Dham:

Kainchi dham attracts hundreds of people every day. It sits at an altitude of 1400 meters and attracts devotees from all over the world. Shri Neem Karoli Baba Maharaj ji set up this place back in 1962 and it has been well maintained ever since.

18. Underground:

As the name suggests, from this point of view, you will really feel that the land has come to an end. The views are incredible and it is a must visit in Nainital. This is one of the most beautiful sightseeing spots in Nainital.

19. Snow Attractions:

A killer view, completely surrounded by snow-capped peaks. This is a great place to sit, relax and spend time. Maybe, even click a few pictures! One of the most delightful tourist attractions in Nainital is the snow attraction.

The Himalayan resort town of Nainital is dominated by natural landscapes with a pleasant climate all year round. These famous tourist attractions make Nainital a must-see hill station in India. So pack your bags and head to all these amazing tourist destinations in Nainital and enjoy the joys of life!