20 Beautiful Indian Actresses With Long Brunette Hair In 2021

20 Beautiful Indian Actresses With Long Brunette Hair In 2021

20 Beautiful Indian Actresses With Long Brunette Hair In 2021


If you think long hairstyles can’t look modern, bold or follow contemporary trends, our heroines will show you how. These actresses with long hair always fascinate us. They look absolutely sophisticated, stylish, beautiful and glamorous. Our favorite celebrities always impress us by showing off new unique looks over and over again or by personalizing classic hairstyles.

Whether you have long hair or want to keep it that long, these Indian actresses will inspire us to lead the way with long hair. So, let’s take a look!

20 pictures of Indian actresses with long hair:

Now let’s move on here and explore our favorite celebs’ trendy gorgeous long hair looks. These include Bollywood actresses and other popular divas. So here we are to explore and examine cute actresses with long black hair and their looks!

1. Shilpa Shetty’s Shaggy Hairstyle:

Let us not forget that when we think of Bollywood actresses with long hair, one of the first actresses that comes to mind is Shilpa Shetty. She always impresses and fascinates us with her beautiful wavy tresses. It’s such a gorgeous look and it’s our favorite. Shilpa looks great with this voluminous half and half hairstyle. We love how effortlessly she does it. She generally has wavy hair texture and we love how effortlessly she wears this cute and elegant hairstyle. So, what do you think of Shilpa Shetty’s long hair look?

2. Aishwarya’s Fancy Bun:

Known for her timeless world beauty, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has her own personal charm. We love how often she flaunts youthful hairstyles and inspires us to try new things. How about this retro bushy bun that she flaunted on the show recently? We are in awe of the beauty with which she takes it away. It seamlessly gives her a feminine and sophisticated look. What do you think of Aishwarya Rai’s long hair?

3. Jahnvi’s Half Bun:

After we know how timeless retro buns are, how about a look at some new unique and modern hair trends? We recently met Jahnvi Kapoor who was trying out this half updo. If you haven’t heard of this hairstyle before, well, here it is. New trends are taking the fashion world by storm, and we love its modernity and glamorous look. Do you also like this long hair trend from Jahnvi Kapoor?

4. Shraddha Kapoor’s Long Braids:

Long braids will never go out of style, as many generations may come. The long tresses that our favorite Shraddha Kapoor flaunted are one example. No matter what we assume and think the simple long braid is traditional, it always impresses us by showing how versatile it is. Women of all ages and hair textures can try this gorgeous hairstyle without hesitation for any occasion.

5. Nora Fatehi’s High Ponytail:

Nora has always taught us how to flaunt the usual with personal style and bold, vibrant looks. Can you imagine how a simple long ponytail could be tried out in such a peculiar way? Well, we love how Nora Fatehi has taken this trend in her own way. If you have a super long hairstyle, don’t miss trying a long high pony. We love how hot this looks.

6. Deepika Padukone’s Messy Loose Hair:

Deepika’s hairstyles and beauty statements are always a source of inspiration for most of us. Her personal style blends perfectly with Indian styles as well as contemporary trends. We love the messy inspired way this Deepika Padukone creates perfectly wavy loose hair. Nobody likes her messy nails trend, and how does this long hair look?

7. Alia Bhatt’s Dreamy Half Braids:

Well, Arya Butter is a new generation of actresses who never shy away from trying. So, we love these pretty fancy half braids for long hair from Alia Bhatt. This cute hairstyle is quick and easy and gives a very seamless youthful look. So if you are looking for something light and elegant, this is the one you must try!

8. Katrina Cave with Loose Long Curls:

Katrina Kaif is very fond of loose hairstyles, and we often meet her in similar styles. This is a curly loose long hairstyle statement by Katrina Kaif. This one here is quick and easy, but a timeless choice. The hairstyle gives you an instantly lit look and a beautiful feminine look. Check it out, you’ll love it too.

9. Jacqueline Fernandez’s Traditional Long Haircut:

While we’ve all seen Jacqueline flaunt bold, modern looks, she’s also caught on with traditional trends. How is her long hair style? Adding flowers to simple long hair instantly adds to the ethnic look. It’s versatile, unique, and we love how flawless it is! do you like it?

10. Stylish Pony from Kareena Kapoor:

Kareena is known for her strong fashion statement and looks. Her personal style always echoes that of a bold modern woman. We got this smooth pony from her. It’s super glamorous and gives a vintage and timeless look but blends well with modern shades. If anyone knows how to style a classic trend with their own style, it’s Kareena! Do you agree? ! This long hair look is super edgy and modern; we love it!

11. Sai Pallavi’s Natural Long Hair:

Sai Pallavi is a unique actress who does not fall into glamour trends and never gives up her personal style. She always appears as the girl next door in movies and shows. So, we have this natural hairstyle from Sai Pallavi. This long hair look is very simple and matches her hair naturally. Wavy textures with curls never fail us.

12. Super Straight Long Hair from Anushka Sharma:

This long hair look from Anushka Sharma is taken from the early days of her career. Here she flaunts a straight, sleek hairstyle with side partitions. This classic look is back on trend, and if you love trying something new, she’s sure to inspire us to check it out. do you love it? It’s super simple and easy to recreate!

13. Gajra Long Haircut by Sonam Kapoor:

The Gajra hairstyle has been one of the Indian styles for decades. They always give us glamorous and elegant feminine statement looks. We had Sonam Kapoor flaunt her long hair with this Gajra hairstyle at her wedding. This classy look is perfect and beautiful for women who like bright and vibrant looks. She’s caught on trend and we love how charming it is!

14. Kajal Agarwal’s High Horse:

Tamil and Telugu actress Kajal Agarwal is known for her feminine, girly and striking looks. She’s often experimented with loose hair, but this particularly tall long pony caught our eye. Beautiful curls, in addition to the cute and charming pose and charming style, are definitely worth a try.

15. Fishtail Braid by Kavya Madhavan:

Popular Southern actress Kavya Madhavan has always been known for her ethnicity and timeless trends. She consistently recreates vintage styles and flaunts herself with a sophisticated sense of style. This long fishtail braid on her side is something we love. We love how this simple hairstyle adds to such a grand and plush look. This hairstyle works well with any hair type and is a classic choice for all women!

16. Vidya Balan’s Casual Long Braids:

Vidya Balan is a Bollywood actress who stands tall with her image and never shies away from discussing the inclusive fashion world. We love how beautiful she always looks, even with the simplest of hairstyles. So, it’s no surprise to us that this long hair everyday braid on her side, she looks so glamorous and stylish. Even our favorite Bollywood actresses experiment with casual looks, just like us!

17. Kiara’s Bun Ponytail:

Contemporary actress Kiara Advani can be seen sporting a bun ponytail. If you’re wondering what this is, the unique New Day hairstyle is definitely worth a try. It was so simple to implement and we fell in love with how effortlessly she took on the new look. Kiara Advani always amazes us with her long hair styles, and this time was no exception!

18. Sara Ali Khan’s Party Curls Hairstyle:

Sara Ali Khan’s beautiful hair always makes the news when she wears it so beautifully. We have her latest edgy look for long hair. This party curl is perfect for a modern hairstyle that is bold, glamorous and vibrant. We love how effortlessly Sara flaunts it with confidence and personal style.

19. Parineeti Chopra’s Half and Half Hairstyles:

We came across several variations of the half-hair, half-down look. how about this? Parineeti Chopra has been spotted flaunting this feminine beauty look, and the fancy long hairstyle suits her best. This is perfect for ethnic events, traditional parties or festive outfits and brings out the best fashion statement for everyone. do you like it?

20. Contemporary Unique Long Haircut by Kriti Sanon:

We have another unique hairstyle for the new day. This long hair fashion statement from Kriti Sanon is mesmerizing. It’s utterly grand and beautiful, giving you bold, sizzling vibes and hot chic. What do you think?

Our favorite actresses and celebrities always impress us with their stylish long hair styles. We hope you enjoy these Indian actress long hair trends and looks. Whether you want an ethnic Indian style statement or a modern, contemporary way, they have it all. What do you think? Which is your favorite? Tell us your thoughts below!