20 Best Telugu Horror Movies (New and Old) for Brave

20 Best Telugu Horror Movies (New and Old) for Brave

20 Best Telugu Horror Movies (New and Old) for Brave


Telugu horror movies! If you like to experience the grip of a movie, not just a bland storyline, but more like experiencing complex emotions like fear and anxiety, what could be better than a horror movie? We’ve rounded up the best of the last two decades of Telugu horror movies, and it’s a must-see.

These are marked as the best Telugu horror movies and you will love them too. Add them to your watchlist and you’ll love it.

Tollywood’s 20 Best Horror Movies (New and Old):

Here, let’s explore all the latest and new Telugu horror movies and cinema lists about the most exciting and suspenseful. These are the highest rated by several film analysts.

1. Chandramuch (2005):

This is the most famous horror movie in Telugu that most of us know by now. Directed in several other languages, including Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam, the film revolves around how NRI and his wife decide to live in the family’s ancestral home, warning of possible hauntings and ghosts around possibility. The family also supported and accompanied the wife and husband with them when they decided to stay there. However, things took a turn when the unexpected started to happen. They now need to seek the help of a psychiatrist to unravel the mystery.

2. Muni (2007):

Muni is a prequel to the aforementioned movie Kanchana. The plot of these Telugu ghost movies revolves around a protagonist who has been afraid of the dark since childhood. After the protagonist moves into a new place, he is possessed and haunted by a ghost who wants to incarnate as the one who killed and avenged the killer.

3. The Spell (2007):

Mantra was a huge success at the time, and it had a very gripping and exciting storyline.when CharmiAs a mandala, she received the ancestral home left by her parents, and she tried to sell it. However, many buyers did not come forward as some people in the farmhouse died. When someone agrees to buy it on the condition that one person lives in the home for at least three months, the broker decides to stay there for a sales commission. Now, the film revolves around some special circumstances that happened in the ancestral property.

4. 13B (2009):

This movie is a very famous one among Telugu horror films, directed in multiple languages ​​including Hindi and Tamil. The plot revolves around how a family moves into an apartment on the top floor of the 13th floor. However, their peaceful lives are disrupted when they realize that there is a spirit at home trying to communicate with them through the medium of television. It was a rather exciting and critically acclaimed episode in the film industry at the time.

5. Arundatti (2009):

This is yet another horror movie gem throughout the history of the Telugu film industry. Starring actress Anushka Shetty, the film revolves around Arundhati’s woman who knows she’s the rebirth of her great-great-grandmother. When her grandmother was reincarnated, an evil magician tried to kill her, and now the film is about how she overcomes him and brings peace to the evil eye of the whole family. More than just a storyline, the film has great acting, great visuals and a script. It is truly going to be one of the best Telugu horror movies for generations to come. It is considered to be one of the best horror movies in Telugu so far.

6. Kanchana (2011):

directed by legend Raghawa Lawrence, Kanchana was one of the highest-grossing horror films in the industry at the time. The film is not just about the horror genre, but about injustice, discrimination and inequality against trans people. The plot revolves around having the spirit of a young man, making him behave like a woman. Exorcists need to pray and reveal the truth about why men act like women, which involves injustice, murder, and more.

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7. Vishnu (2011):

The film was a hit with audiences at the time, with a thrilling storyline full of fear, enthusiasm and anxiety. The plot revolves around a police officer investigating the suicide of his married ex-girlfriend. He was sure she didn’t kill herself. Now the film is about how he suspects his neighbor and husband and solves the mystery of her death. It’s one of the best horror movies in Tollywood.

8. Abu Nu (2012):

Avunu is a hilarious horror film directed by Ravi Babu. Known for its exciting storyline, the story here revolves around newlyweds moving into a haunted house. The spirit of a serial rapist appears in the house – his body was cut to pieces and mixed with cement and concrete while building the property. Now the plot gets more complicated and revolves around the special circumstances the newlyweds face.

9. Charulata (2012):

Chaarulatha is unique and unusual in its storyline. The film revolves around conjoined twin sisters Charu and Rasha. When a man falls in love with Charu, the mother must operate on the twins and separate them for another phase of their lives. In unfortunate circumstances, the twins’ other half, Rasha, died. Now she returns as a soul to avenge her other twin, Charu. This is a little known but interesting Telugu demon movie.

10. Prema Katha Chirtam (2013):

Movie Prema Katha Chitram When it was released, it was a huge hit. The story revolves around friends who decide to commit suicide together. When they visit a house to commit suicide, they realize that the house itself is haunted. The next movie is about solving the mystery and how they manage the environment around the haunted house.

11. Raju Gary Gardi 1 (2015):

This is the first movie of the same name. Given the exciting storyline and the thrill of watching, the film received a lot of applause at the box office. It revolves around a reality TV show organized in a haunted bungalow that has seen and witnessed many deaths. The plot gets more complicated when one of the participants tries to unravel the death of his own brother.

12. Mayuri (2015):

The film, played by superstar Nayanthara, is not well known in film circles. However, it is well worth a look. The plot revolves around the actress, who is also a single mother working in an advertising agency. She watched a movie and realized that it ended up symbolizing her own life story. The rest of the film now revolves around mysterious circumstances that happened in her life.

13. Abbey Haytree (2016):

If you want both a horror movie and an engaging and interesting storyline that can wow your audience, this could be a great choice to watch. The film revolves around a man in Mumbai who dreams of living with a beautiful girl like a model and actress. However, his dream didn’t come true when his family completed their wedding to a country girl. But an exciting twist takes place after the marriage when the man moves with his wife and realizes she’s been haunted by an actor’s ghost. The film is the perfect mix of fun, humor and exciting events. It is known as a hit among Telugu comedy horror movies.

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14. The House Next Door (2017):

Not many people have heard of the movie, The House Next Door. A peaceful and happy family of doctors will quarrel when a new neighbor’s family arrives like someone living in the next house. Doctors’ happy lives will be disrupted as bizarre and paranormal activities and environments surround their neighbors. Also shot in Tamil and Hindi, the film has a beautiful script and a talented cast in addition to a compelling storyline.

15. Lara (2018):

This movie, although not well known in the film industry, is definitely worth watching. The plot revolves around the protagonist of the film director. While all his films failed, his director’s father couldn’t bear his failure and suffered a heart attack. When he died, his mother was also unwell and hospitalized. The plot revolves around how the hero makes a perfect movie to keep his mother alive and make her happy. While no one wanted to work with him, the producers came up with a script for a horror story that could only be shot in a desolate, empty bungalow. What they don’t know is that ghosts haunt the land.

16. Bagmati (2018):

Starring superstar actress Anushka Shetty, Bhaagmathie is a gripping Telugu horror movie that is one of the highest-rated movies in the entire genre. If you’re looking for a perfect Telugu horror movie that’s great and has a strong and engaging storyline, this could be the ideal watch. In the film, Anushka Shetty is an IAS officer accused of murdering her husband.When she was taken for interrogation, she realized that she too lived in a haunted house, the spirit was Bagmati, who she unraveled. From then on, the storyline can’t be missed! Here are the most talked about new horror movies of 2018 in Telugu.

17. Rahasam (2019):

The film has a very unique and aspirational storyline. While the underrated gem isn’t well known in film circles, the film revolves around an aspiring director who wants to direct a haunted horror film. The plot gets more complicated when he meets a ghost who haggled her for the movie. It’s the perfect mix of emotion, fear, anxiety and comedy.

18. Jesse (2019):

Jessie was one of the Telugu film industry’s biggest successes in horror in 2019. It’s all about how a group of ghost hunters solve a haunted bungalow to investigate the mystery of Jesse and Amy, but they realize one of them is behaving strangely. The film is a thrilling horror movie with all the new cast and new sheets. It is the latest popular thriller horror movie in Telugu.

19. Raju gari gadhi 2 (2019):

The film was a huge hit when it was released and remains one of the horror genre hits in the Telugu film industry. The film revolves around three very close friends who invest in a resort and farmhouse and later realize a spirit haunts the entire venue. Now – how a psychologist tries to get out of the spirit, and how the story of three friends unravels as they learn the truth, that’s what the movie tells you over time. Without a doubt, this is a fascinating watch with a unique and original storyline. This is also one of the popular Telugu horror movies of 2019.

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20. Prema Katha chitram 2 (2019):

While the film wasn’t a hit at the box office, it does deserve attention for the new storyline and excellent cast. It’s all about a college girl who kills herself and becomes a ghost because the one she loves doesn’t accept her love for him. She was haunting the man’s current girlfriend and that’s when it got worse. While it didn’t get enough reviews, the film did get rave reviews from the cast and director.

This list of exciting and best Telugu horror movies is a must see if you like the genre of horror movies. They do deserve applause for their exciting performances, unique storyline, and great cast. Watch them all and tell us which one is your favorite from the list. We are happy to hear from you!