20 Famous Mangalore Tourist Attractions

20 Famous Mangalore Tourist Attractions

20 Famous Mangalore Tourist Attractions

Mangalore is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka. It has many beaches, ancient churches and temples, museums and more. The people who live here are friendly and helpful. Many pilgrimage sites can be reached by crossing Mangalore. The food here is also great! You will get some of the best South Indian food here. Likewise, if you’re not into South Indian food, you’ll find plenty of other restaurants here too!

Best tourist attractions in Mangalore:

Below we will mention different beautiful tourist attractions in Mangalore that can bring the ultimate bliss to your entire trip.

1. Church of St. Aloysius:

The architecture of the church is great! Its paintings and sculptures are a beauty. But the best part of the church is the stunning sunset view it offers. Churches are located on the highlands and on the coast. As such, it offers stunning views of the surrounding Arabian Sea. There are great stories behind the paintings of this church. Therefore, you may wish to bring a guide with you when visiting.

2. Kudroli Gokarnath Temple:

This is one of the largest temples in Mangalore. The structure is spectacular! It looks best during dussehra. A series of brilliant lights and dias add an extra special charm to this temple. It is visited by several tourists and is almost always crowded. A fountain outside the temple depicting Lord Shiva’s Gangavataran is a good example of the temple’s magnificent architecture.

3. Surakal Beach:

This is a great beach to visit during your stay in Mangalore. It’s clean and beautiful. This is a great place to go for a picnic. Golden sands and bright sunshine provide naturally beautiful views. The beach is less crowded than most and therefore a more peaceful setting for a night out. This beach is one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Mangalore and can make for a great time.

4. Phra Nangpur Beach:

Jet ski rides, camel rides for kids, boating, dolphin watching, food stalls, ice cream, “rock candy” made from natural fruit syrups – these are just some of the fun things to do on this beach. Trained beach lifeguards and patrol cars are also on hand to ensure the safety of visitors. Clear blue waters and all the adventures make for a tiring but fun day! However, the beach attractions attract so many tourists that it can sometimes be a little overcrowded.

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5. Pilikula Nisargadhama:

This is Mangalore Zoo. Many animals live in its house. Tourists and locals alike visit it. With all the fascinating animals, the zoo is a great place for a family trip. The kids are happy to be surrounded by nature and come back so tired they don’t complain about going to bed. It is one of the most adventurous tourist attractions in Mangalore.

6. Mount Kadri Park:

The park often has several morning walkers, joggers, cyclists and others concerned about their health. It is located in the highlands with beautiful views and fresh air. It originally had a snake park, which was its biggest lure. But now it has been moved to another location.

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7. Sultan Fort Beach:

If you are interested in visiting historical places, Sultan Fort is the perfect place to visit. This is the entrance to New Thani Bavi Beach. Here you can see a mix of fresh and salt water. The sight is breathtaking. The beach here is also very nice. The historical importance of this place makes it more interesting than others.

8. Shri Yogeshwar Mutt:

This Mutt was run by North Indians who settled in Mangalore. It is well maintained and open to the public. They have a Goshala with cattle and an interesting place called “Pandava’s Cave”. Most tourists and locals say this is one of the best and most beautiful tourist attractions in Mangalore.

9. NITK Lighthouse:

This is a great place to go with your friends. The views are great and you can get some really nice clicks with your camera at sunset. Most people stop here on their way from Mangalore to other places.

10. Ural Beach and Bridge:

Known for its water sports, Ullal Beach is perfect for a leisurely stroll. The beach and its surrounding area are occupied by many resorts and cottages. Summer Beach Resort is one of the most outstanding resorts here, attracting tourists from all over the world. Not far from the beach is the Ural Bridge, which stretches for about 650 meters and attracts tourists with its breathtaking views. With countless seafood restaurants serving delicious dishes, this place attracts seafood lovers making it a tourist attraction in Mangalore.

11. Someshwar Temple and Beach:

In addition to the confluence of the Netravati River with the Arabian Sea, there is a beach in pristine state known as Someshwar Beach, which cannot be seen by tourists. In addition to the angelic sunsets, this beach is a great place to sunbathe. The coast is covered with large rocks and is not suitable for swimming. One of the important Mangalore tourist attractions that places this beach is the Someshwar Temple, located at the northern end of Someshwar Beach. The temple is very old and its existence is attributed to Queen Abaka Devi.

12. Kadri Manjunath Temple:

One of the oldest graces is beautifully placed on Mount Kadri. Built in the 10th or 11th century, Kadri Manjunath Temple is one of the oldest and a return to Karnataka’s rich heritage. Without a doubt, this is one of the best places to visit around Mangalore.

13. Murudeshwar Beach and Temple:

The second tallest statue that houses Lord Shiva is the Murudeshwar Temple. Legends link it to the Gokarna Temple. Behind the sanctuary is the Arabian Sea and the stainless steel Murudeshwar beach. An outstanding tourist destination near Mangalore, it offers a wide variety of cuisines and comfortable accommodation. This place is considered as one of the most worth visiting attractions in Mangalore.

14. Mangala Devi Temple:

The city of Mangalore is named after this god Mangala Devi. It is located in the heart of the city and has a remarkable ancient history. The architecture of the temple is Kerala style like most temples in the Western Ghats.

15. Pilikula Nisargadhama Lake:

Pilikula Nisargadhama is a great picnic spot! A stunning lake surrounded by tropical forest, a boating center, a golf course and an ecological education science center. All of these places make this place a great hangout.

16. Beacon Hill Gardens:

A beautiful lighthouse looking out to the sea, illuminating the night and creating an enchanting view. Being in a fabulous hilltop garden right next to the lighthouse makes this place even more beautiful and romantic. Beacon Hill Gardens is definitely a must visit for all young couples!

17. Sudan battery:

The watchtower built by Tipu Sultan during his reign takes us back to the 17th century. This is the perfect place for all history buffs. This place was used to fire cannons, which is where the name “Sultan Fort” came from. The Sultan’s Fort is a celestial place built of stone from 23 different churches.

18. Thousand Column Jain Temple:

As the pride of the Vijayanagara Empire, the thousand-pillar Jain temple is known under the name BASADI. Of the 18 temples in this place, this one is the most important. There are a thousand pillars in the house, each with a different carving. Oddly enough, it’s carved with 14th century dragons, giraffes, African and Chinese connections!

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19. St. Mary’s Island:

There’s nothing wrong with calling it Coconut Island! These are a group of 4 islands in the Arabian Sea. Scientific research tells us that these islands were formed by subvolcanic activity. Time flies, no lies. So many people expressed interest in visiting this beautiful island near Mangalore.

20. Tannebavi Beach:

Tannirbhavi Beach is probably the most offbeat attraction in Mangalore. This beach is located in a secluded part of town, away from the madness of the city. So if you are looking for tranquility or want to experience the beauty of nature in its most authentic form, this is the place for you.

Stretching along Mangalore are its fine beaches and temples. Mangalore is rich in diversity and attracts tourists from all over the world. With all its nobility, Mangalore is sure to impress visitors.