20 Hottest Muslim Women in the Middle East in 2022

20 Hottest Muslim Women in the Middle East in 2022

20 Hottest Muslim Women in the Middle East in 2022


As the fashion industry becomes truly diverse, we have models and actresses and celebrities from all over the world. Today, we have a special focus on Arab models and actresses. These women are known to belong to Arab countries and are located in 22 countries in West Asia, North Africa, West Africa and East Africa. Arab models are little known in the mainstream fashion world. However, they deserve all the attention given their charming and beautifully elegant appearance. These celebrities are no less than diva, reminding us of angels sent by God, their charming and magical appearance.

Today, we have featured the top Arab models known for their sexy and glamorous looks. These Arab women are trending around the world and you should know them too!

20 Beautiful Arab Women in 2022:

These Middle Eastern women are known to have the most sophisticated and elegant plush looks. While they are already well-known in their country, we have also made them globally attractive. Check out the list of famous Arab actresses and models in fashion this year.

Top 10 Hottest Arabic Actress Names:

Let’s find the latest cute and charming Arab actresses. We bet you also can’t forget the beauty of these Arab female celebrities. If you are a fashionista yourself or follow the looks and trends in the fashion world, they will truly be an inspiration for all of us!

1. Hender Sabri:

Hender Sabri is the number one Arab actress celebrity. This beauty is from Tunisia and is one of the most beautiful actresses in Forbes Middle East. This gorgeous social media account has over 9 million followers and has collaborated with multiple brands and films. Her dark hair and beautiful facial features and interactive eyes make her stand out from other women.

2. Donya Samir Ghanem:

Donia is another beautiful actress from Egypt. This gorgeous beauty has worked in multiple fashion shows, TV shows and movies, and in addition to her glamorous beauty looks, she is also known for her gripping performances. She is a fashionista herself, and every look is exquisite!

3. Garda Abdul Razek:

We have another most popular and globally known Arab actress from Egypt. Actress Ghada Abdel Razek is a bold style and experimental look. She sported bright red lipstick and brushed hairdos on her look, and fans had to add to her look. This beauty has also acted in several hit movies and shows and is one of the most popular movies and shows right now.

4. Yasmin Abdulaziz:

Most of the actresses we have are from Egypt, and Yasmin is another gorgeous beauty. This beauty is mainly known for her curly hair and feminine looks. However, she is one of the seasoned actresses still ruling the fashion world with her glamorous looks.

5. Dora Zaluk:

Beauty Dorra Zarrouk from Tunisia. She is like a beauty who fell from the sky, with an enchanting face. There is no doubt that Arab women look like angels from God, and Dora just reminds us of this heavenly beauty. Do you agree with us? Beauty is still active in the fashion world.

6. Monazaki:

Mona Zaki is an Egyptian actress who tops the list of Arab actresses. This beauty has appeared in several prestigious lists, and even in the lists of her contemporaries, she is one of the most sought after actresses. Her striking facial features and sharp eyes give her an alluring look and style.

7. Mai Ezz Eldin:

Mai Ezz Eldin is another famous Egyptian actress. The beauty has been a prominent face in several Hollywood movies and still stands tall, impressing us with her acting skills and stylish looks. Her long hair and tall features often make us envious of her looks. All her looks look classy and classic.

8. Mais Hamdan:

Mais Hamdan is a Jordanian actress and famous TV presenter. The actress is known for her distinctive looks and oval features, which give all her fashionistas an edgy vibe. She believes in communicating her simplicity through her style, which can be seen in almost all of her public appearances and photos.

9. Ethan Amir:

Egyptian actress Ayten Amer redefines mainstream beauty standards with her looks. This beauty has her stunning glamorous style statement as her main body-positive goal. We love her bold and sharp fashion and styling, which always impresses us.

10. Nesreen Tafesh:

Nesreen Tafesh is another leading contemporary actress in the Arab world. We love her talent and gracious straightness, even though she’s more on TV than in movies. Her silky hair and bold, piercing eyes are things we appreciate from her looks.

B. Pictures of beautiful Arab female models:

How about a look at the most famous Arab models in these countries? They are equally beautiful and breathtaking. Take a look!

11. Iman Hammam:

Imaan is currently one of the most famous Middle Eastern models. Models of Egyptian and Moroccan ancestry have been featured in magazines worldwide. She has appeared in American Vogue and other magazines, which have given her good attention. Imaan has put a positive spin on the modeling world, and we all know how the fashion industry is dominated by only minorities, and she’s really doing well right now.

12. Shahad Salman:

Saudi and Middle Eastern model Shahad Salman is known for his unique and experimental approach to fashion. She has been on the cover of Vogue Arabia and other fashion magazines, and has participated in several fashion shows around the world. Shahad’s graceful looks and bold makeup have indeed been the talk of the fashion town many times.

13. Aza Slime:

Tunisian model Azza Slimene has become popular all over the world, walking the catwalks for several world-renowned brands. She is one of Chanel’s favorite models and has also participated in several other Paris, New York and Milan fashion weeks. We love her bold styling and glamorous looks! Azza’s short hair looks so stunning, you can’t take your eyes off her!

14. Nora Attar:

If you haven’t met Moroccan fashion model Nora Attal, you will! This sizzling beauty has been in the fashion industry since she was a child, and has collaborated with many world-renowned brands such as Alexander McQueen, Dior, and Chanel. Nora has also been featured on the covers of world-renowned fashion magazines such as Vogue Arabia and British Vogue. She’s even been voted the world’s top model by models.com multiple times!

15. Tilila Uhaji:

Tilila is another gorgeous Arab beauty you must meet. Her unique fashion shoots often include showcasing a rich heritage from Arab countries, filled with grand and luxurious looks. She is a model and spokesperson for several brands including Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics, Burberry and Moncler. Tilila has also appeared in Vogue Arabia several times!

16. Sonia Ben Amar:

Sonia Ben Ammar is a Tunisian model known for her daring approach to fashion shoots. She has been conquering the fashion world with her glamorous looks and has collaborated with several brands such as Miu, Dolce and Gabbana as well as other leading brands. Therefore, she has been discovered by scouts from a young age due to her many successes.

17. Malika El Maslohi:

Another Arab beauty model Malika El Maslouhi is Vogue’s popular and beloved name. She has been in the spotlight working for several brands and performers such as Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren. Malika loves to set high standards with her fashion statement looks and often speaks out to encourage women from all communities to be visible in the mainstream.

18. Debach Kermat:

Deba Hekmet is another leading and emerging fashion model of Middle Eastern ancestry. She has worked for several world-renowned events and fashion houses, and continues to focus on Middle Eastern culture and a rich sense of fashion. She champions diversity in fashion and embraces her origins by honoring her heritage. Despite its fame, Deba continues to collaborate with Middle Eastern fashion houses and magazines.

19. Habiba El-Kobrossy:

Arab-Egyptian model Habiba El-Kobrossy is the latest model to rise to fame. She has started collaborating with various brands and fashion houses in Europe and the Middle East, even working on catwalks for Peter Pilotto and Sara Onsi. Habiba still has a long way to go, but her right attitude and looks are hot on screen! She really is also one of the most beautiful Middle Eastern women!

20. Hanaa Ben Abdesslem:

Tunisian model Hanaa Ben Abdesslem has appeared in several fashion magazines. Hanaa infact has been featured on the covers of Vogue Paris, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia and Germany; even working for top fashion houses such as Oscar de la Renta, Chanel and Giambattista Valli. In fact, Hanaa is the first Arab female model to appear in a Pirelli calendar. She is also credited for being LancĂ´me’s first Muslim spokesperson. We were in awe of her beautiful looks and confident attitude!

So, what do you think of these top Arab models and actresses? We love their confident looks and captivating beauty. They are now trending and gaining popularity in the fashion world and captivate the audience with such an attractive and edgy look. Who is your favorite Arab woman?