20 Hottest Telugu Movie Actress Photos List With Name

20 Hottest Telugu Movie Actress Photos List With Name

20 Hottest Telugu Movie Actress Photos List With Name


Tollywood is home to one of the most talented actresses in the film industry! Apart from their incredible acting skills, these ladies also captivate us with their charming looks and graceful demeanor. Some of these beauties have already ruled the hearts of millions of fans who regard them as goddesses and flying sky. The eyes of these female stars can speak a thousand words, and her stature can inspire even the most experienced sculptors to make a mark on themselves. Let’s take a look at these pictures of Telugu heroines with names who shine in terms of beauty and talent!

Telugu Movie Heroines Photos 2022: Tollywood Actress, Hostess, TV Series Actress-

Telugu-speaking twin states have no shortage of local talent. There are many “Acha Telugu” female entertainers who have entered the major leagues with incredible acting skills, backed by a strong talent for local languages. From starting their careers as character artists to earning many accolades, these women have reached new heights.

Here is a gallery of Telugu heroine names with HD wallpapers from our hometown and other parts of the country:

Latest Telugu Actress Galleries:

In an industry dominated by foreign heroines, there are many local beauties who have managed to make their mark. These women have worked with top heroes and have built a huge fan base for their performances. This list includes the names of women born in Andhra Pradesh, including one from the Megastar family!

Chandini Chowdary:

Niharika Konidra:

Issa Reba:

Sobita Dolipala:

Anandhi (popular as Rakshita):

Yamini Bascal:

Best Telugu Actress Pictures:

Since the early 2000s, the industry has seen an increasing number of native Telugu-speaking actresses. They have wide performance space, and many of them get lucrative opportunities within the established banner. These women proved to the industry that Telugu girls also have the courage to perform and entertain the audience. From charming characters to heavyweights, they’re great at connecting with the local crowd.

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Check out some popular images of these actresses:

Anissa Ambrose:



Bindu Madavi:



(Note that the ladies before 2010 entered the industry. There were no other divas from 2010-2016)

Tollywood divas photos:

There are a large number of actresses from different parts of India and are leading the way in Telugu movies. In fact, most of the A-list Telugu divas come from the northern states or the south and settle in the industry with lucrative offers. Despite language and environmental challenges, these beauties quickly climbed the ladder.

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New Tollywood actress photo list:

In the last two or three years, many fresh faces have been introduced to the audience. These ladies come from different educational and cultural backgrounds. They have appeared in many commercials and local films before coming to Tollywood. However, it is no exaggeration to say that their lives changed dramatically after moving their base to Hyderabad.

Let’s take a moment to enjoy these hot photos of the Tollywood divas:

Chrissy Shetty:

Rashmika Mandana:


Anupama Parameshwaran:

Merlin Kaur Pilzada:

Kiara Advani:

Nivesa Thomas:

Anu Emmanuel:


A gallery of famous Tollywood actresses:

From stellar performances to breaking industry records, these heroines have carved out a decent place for themselves in a male-dominated world. Since their debuts, female stars have also raised the bar when it comes to roles and earnings. These women, although not born in the Telugu region, have become mainstream actresses and become a core part of Tollywood cinema.

scroll down to see name tollywood heroine With popular images:

Samantha Ruth Pabb:

Nicea Menin:

Rakkuprit Singh:

Kelsey Suresh:

Shruti Hassan:

Regina Cassandra:

Photos of famous Telugu female anchors:

There are many women coming out of challenging jobs like anchoring. They show humor, wit, and spontaneity to make your TV time more fun. While Suma Kanakala is the uncrowned queen of the small screen, other celebrities have made their mark.

Here is a list of popular names in each Telugu family:




Anasua Bharadwa:

Sri Muki:

Rashmi Gautam:

Telugu TV Series Actress Photos:

Serial artists have proven that you don’t need a screen to make it huge! The heroines of these top Telugu soap operas have managed to become virtual members of many families. They succeeded in making the audience feel them with their emotional actions. Due to the difficulty of shortlisting several names, we have compiled some notable protagonists from popular series:

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Pallavi Ramisetti:

Ashmita Kanani:

Premi Viswanath:

Samera Sharif:

Megana Loch:


Aishwarya Ramsay:

Navy Swami:

This article gives us an inside look at the slow but steady way that women leaders have moved into the big leagues and earned good respect. Apart from captivating performances, these actresses have captured the hearts of Telugu audiences with their hot looks. We hope your favorite Tollywood beauties make the list too!