20 Plus-Size Models in Fashion

20 Plus-Size Models in Fashion

20 Plus-Size Models in Fashion

In recent years, the modeling industry has undergone a diversity transformation and has made great strides in inclusivity. While specific body types have dominated fashion shows and international fashion weeks for decades, perspectives have been changing to meet new realistic beauty standards. As a result, plus-size and curvaceous models are on the rise in influence and representation in the fashion world.

We are now seeing some new age models shattering beauty stereotypes! Tall, slim or thin women are no longer considered beautiful, but all body types are accepted equally. These plus-size models are slowly bringing about change and verbally speaking and supporting inclusivity. So today, let’s celebrate these women by taking a look at some of the world’s most famous curvaceous plus-size models.

Top 20 Curvy Plus-Size Female Models in the World in 2022:

As we see the fashion industry expand and slowly welcome women of all shapes, colors and shapes, we see a specific group of women come to the forefront and stand out with stunning looks. These women are among the most famous curvaceous models, among the highest paid models, and among the most sought after by several international luxury brands and top fashion houses.

1. Ashley Graham:

Ashley Graham tops the list for plus-size and dress models. In fact, Ashley was one of the first models to talk about the inclusivity of all body types in the fashion industry. She has been trending and currently one of the highest paid models and has been modeling for about two decades. She has appeared on the covers of several Vogue magazines, Sports Illustrated, and made history by featuring plus-size. In addition, she has walked for several major fashion houses, launched several new collections, and even served as a judge for America’s Next Top Model.

2. Crystal Rain:

The Crystal Renn started out as one of the perfect body-size models by mainstream standards. She debuted in the modeling industry when she was a teenager. However, she later re-entered the industry even as a plus-size model. She is currently the best model and has appeared in several magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. The diva has walked the runways for top brands like Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Zac Posen, and even appeared in commercials for famous brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, and more. She adds top beauty and hot curves plus size models to our list.

3. Tess Holliday:

Tess Holliday has captured the hearts of the fashion world with her daring looks. She was one of the first size 22 models in the West and was known for her confident beauty. She even appeared on the cover of the British Met and has long supported the body positivity movement. Do you like her in our list of plus size fashion models?

4. Lawrence of Mars:

Iskra Lawrence is in the spotlight of the modeling industry with her Elle Girl search for a supermodel contest. The British beauty is adamantly against some of the negative comments about her body type, however, she has always been confident in her style and good looks. We love her bright smile and cute looks so far.

5. Robin Lawley:

Robyn Lawley is another curvaceous model who has appeared on the covers of several magazines including Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue France, Vogue Italia and more. The Australian beauty is also one of very few curvy models in Sports Illustrated swimsuit history. She has been in the news for her brave but hot looks. We love Robyn for putting up with her body shaming comments and acting tough every time!

6. Ali Tate Cutler:

This beauty, Ali Tate Cutler, is an American model who is one of the very few models who have signed with Victoria’s Secret for the runway and runway shows. She has been in the spotlight for her glamorous and edgy looks and embraces her beautiful body in her own way. She has even collaborated with several well-known brands around the world. Do you like this curvy female model?

7. Candace Huffen:

Candice Huffine has worked in the international modeling industry for over two decades and is a popular model who has appeared in several magazines. She has appeared on the covers of Vogue, V Magazine, and more, in addition to participating in major fashion weeks around the world. So, in our list of plus-size models, do you like her?

8. Denise Bidow:

Over the past decade, Denice Bidot has risen to prominence for his glamorous looks. She walked the runway at New York Fashion Week in 2015 for the HSN fashion collection and was in the limelight for her positive looks. She’s even been admired on social media for hugging her body and showing off her stretch marks, unlike many who believe in being thin. If you like fashion, she’s one of the top curvy girls and plus-size models you should watch. Her hottest looks are literally conquering the fashion world!

9. Tara Lynn:

One of the standout models on our radar, Tara Lynn embraces her body, advocates for body positivity, and flaunts her plus-size. She has appeared on the covers of various fashion magazines such as V Magazine and Elle France, and has even modeled for international editions such as Glamour, Vanity Fair! She is one of the most successful and best-selling plus size models of this generation!

10. Hunter McGrady:

Actress Hunter McGrady is one of very few who has spoken out against the industry’s requirement to maintain a particularly fit body shape. She made history as the most curvaceous model in the swimsuit section of Sports Illustrated magazine. She even created a clothing line to reflect her voice, with clothing for women of all body structures.

11. Georgia Pratt:

New Zealand model Georgia Platt broke the mold and stood out in her modeling career with her plus-size figure. She was one of the popular models like Ashley Graham and one of the first curvy models to appear in the Christian Siriano show. We love how charming and extraordinarily beautiful she looks, hugging herself with confidence and strength when she shows up!

12. Paloma Elsese:

Acclaimed model Paloma Elsesser not only challenges the mainstream body structure and desire for a good figure, but also shatters color stereotypes. She has participated in several international campaigns for brands including Fenty Beauty, Nike and Glossier, and has appeared in Vogue’s cross-country, Glamour and Elle communications. We love the way she grabs the scene every time she shows up!

13. Jill Kotlev:

Jill Kortleve has been in the fashion world since this decade. However, she has already gained attention with her magical looks. She has appeared at several acclaimed fashion weeks around the world and has walked for luxury brands like Fendi, Chanel, Michael Kors and more! She has modeled for several ad campaigns and even appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris. Isn’t she beautiful?

14. Kate Wasley:

Another beauty we’ll be featuring next is Kate Wesley. This beauty has been changing perceptions in the fashion industry and challenging the standards with her own looks and positive body image. She has appeared at multiple fashion events and even appeared in the 2018 issue of Sports Illustrated. The diva also launched an inspiring body inclusion platform called Any Body! Is she very inspirational? !

15. Brie McCann:

Australian beauty Bree McCann is another famous model and one of our favorites when it comes to curvaceous looks. She has worked in the international fashion world for a long time and is known for her real talent and hot looks. She’s signed with multiple agencies, working with luxury brands and top fashion houses!

16. Danica Bleisha:

Danika Brysha has always been outspoken about her “body” issues and confronts her fears with her lifestyle. Plus-size models advocate and advocate for loving yourself and staying healthy. However, the body structure may. She has been one of the favorite models of Forever 21 and many other brands, and even one of the highest paid models after Miranda Kerr.

17. Jessica Leahy:

Australian plus-size model Jessica Leahy has excelled throughout her career with beautiful looks and talented acting. We love her gorgeous shoots and campaigns with well-known brands, and how effortlessly the heroine delivers the message, making women unapologetic about their different types of bodies.

18. Precious Lee:

Supermodel Precious Lee has created several records since she entered the modeling world. She was one of the first plus-size women of color to appear in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition. To date, she has even led the modeling campaigns of several international brands, including Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and Skims by Kim Kardashian. However, she still pulls through all the fashion shows effortlessly!

19. Jennifer Attilemire:

Another Australian beauty, Jennifer Atilémile, is one of the first curvy models in the country to work with Victoria’s Secret. She flaunts her flawless self, embraces her curves perfectly at all events, and even teamed up with lingerie brands to prove that anyone can love their body. The heroine is a favorite of several brands including Tommy Hilfiger and Bloomingdales.

20. Lexi Placourakis:

Lexi Placourakis is another plus-size model on our list that has won the hearts of several international audiences. The supermodel and entrepreneur is redefining existing beauty standards by showing off her flawless self and portraying mainstream, unconventional body shapes well. She has inspired several young lives to stay positive and love themselves no matter what they look like!

So, do you like this list of gorgeous plus-size models in this world? They add inspiration to many of us and shatter existing stereotypes about loving a certain body type. We love how confident and strong they are and are taking the hard work out of the fashion world! Do you agree with us?