20 Priyanka Chopra Photos Without Makeup

20 Priyanka Chopra Photos Without Makeup

20 Priyanka Chopra Photos Without Makeup


Back in her younger days, in 2000, a girl signed up for Femina Miss India in her name. She won gracefully and went on to win more. In the Miss World pageant, she became Miss World 2000. The same girl is now an internationally recognized mature actress, singer-dancer, known around the world for her beauty, figure and angelic looks. She’s our very own B-town glam girl Piggy Chops. Priyanka Chopra started her reel life world by participating in modeling, and since then, the “exotic” beauty anchor hasn’t stopped to catch her breath. On a normal day, she revealed her busy life, running around the set just to pack her bags and go abroad as she has to perform her songs on the international stage. Such is the wonderful life of Priyanka Chopra.

Like any other actress in 2002, she starred in a Tamil-language film and later rose to fame for her role as a seducer in “Aitraaz,” which managed to gain her approval from the director of Tinseltown. Since then, we’ve seen Priyanka play different women in different roles. Her modeling life roles in the fashion industry have shown her ups and downs from a small town girl to a high profile fashion figure. The character of “Saat Khoon Maaf” shows her seven roles in seven different outfits, and she gracefully plays the roles of different cultures. In her role in “Barfi,” she dresses up as an autistic person and exceeds all our expectations, but it’s all screen life and everyone has to look flawless. With well-equipped advanced makeup artists and tech-savvy equipment, looking flawless on TV isn’t a chore.

Priyanka Chopra is always dazzling and heavenly on screen, but sometimes even celebrities can look good. Sometimes, Priyanka decides to be her natural self and venture out.

Priyanka Chopra Looks Without Makeup:

Sometimes we admit when we have bad hair or a tired face, but here are some of the best Priyanka no-makeup looks that will make us fall in love with her all over again.

1. Simple and beautiful:

Here, Priyanka Chopra is seen leaving the airport in her natural self, with no makeup on her face, her success and her good looks inevitably soaring to the sky. Her smoky cat eyes and princess curls are dazzling onscreen, and offscreen, she’s as adorable as a button. Even without makeup, she looked spotless with a touch of sheen and perfectly smooth hair.

2. Simple Jane:

She’s a gleaming personality on the TV screen, but even occasionally the best bigwigs need a day off to show off their new faces. Priyanka Chopra took off her heels for a day out in Mumbai with a hijab over her head and a simple black tank top as she ventured out for the night. Her face looked fresh and beautiful without makeup.

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3. Naked Beauty:

Priyanka Chopra stepped out of the car in a sexy black leather jacket and wore her Ray Bans for a modest look, but the naked beauty still managed to attract a head-turning entrance. Priyanka has always been a dazzling person, even in black, you can bet she looks perfect.

4. White Beauty:

It has been very frustrating for Priyanka lately as her father passed away and left her family, distraught and blue. This picture was taken at her father’s funeral and she looks as simple as your next door neighbor woman. She looked tearful and broken in the white suit, but her skin was spotless and fresh as usual.

5. Airport walk:

The best way to spot celebrities in natural beauty is when they’re escaping from one country to another. Amid their busy schedules, you’ll often notice them running around without makeup, as in this photo of Priyanka being shot as she leaves Mumbai airport. She looks very fashion savvy, even with a simple hairstyle and a fresh face.

6. Funeral Chic:

Here’s another funeral photo where Priyanka attended Shammi Kapoor’s funeral, and she even rocked her funeral look as always in a simple white traditional suit and face without makeup. By now, you’ll know she’s the best when it comes to a fresh-faced beauty.

7. Party members:

Here’s a photo of Priyanka partying with DJ Vice in Vegas. Wearing a Roberto Cavalli white angel dress, she added a little color to her lips and eyes, but she still managed to look fiery and cute even with the simplest makeup.

8. Fan Shots:

Here is a photo of Priyanka Chopra with her fans without any makeup on her face but still looking as charming and gorgeous as ever. The natural color in her pretty wrinkles, along with her blond tan flawless face and flawless hair, look stunning on her.

9. Ice Cool Appearance:

This photo is of Priyanka Chopra leaving her Palm Springs cottage, wearing icy blue jeans with a white T-shirt and simple black heels. With her hair up in a bun, she went on with her flawless face, and she looked gorgeous without any makeup.

10. Fans love:

Priyanka has always been known for her bubbly and decent self, and when her fans in Las Vegas wanted to take a photo with her, she didn’t hesitate to take a photo with her, ignoring the fact that she didn’t wear makeup. As usual, she has her natural aura that belies her beauty.

11. Plaid and Leather Look:

In this photo, Priyanka Chopra wears a plaid shirt with a blue leather jacket. This photo seems very old. Priyanka’s hair is pulled back and she wears little makeup, although one can definitely see the blush on her cheeks. Overall, this is the kind of no-makeup look any college girl would wear.

12. Nerd Chic:

Priyanka is stylish, she looks cool even without makeup. Priyanka was spotted in this photo with a nerdy look in oversized glasses and a bun. She wore a full-striped tank top with a black and olive jacket and printed trousers. She wore light lipstick and the rest of her face was clean, but her skin looked flawless.

13. Cute Graphic Tee:

In this photo of Priyanka, it looks like she’s dressed like a college girl, wearing a cute owl graphic print T-shirt and some quirky lettering, paired with black leggings. Her hair was in a bun with bangs and her nails were painted black. Apart from the neutral lip color here, Priyanka has no makeup at all.

14. Elegant Earth Tones:

Elegant outfits are even more adorable. Piggy Chops is wearing a very classy outfit – a brown jacket with light blue denim and a beige bag hanging from her hand. Neutral shades that she incorporates into clothes look best. She also wore a pair of oversized retro glasses that added to her overall look and overcame the fact that she was wearing no makeup.

15. Business likes:

It could be that Priyanka is going on a business trip, which is why she looks like a business here. This photo is another hit from Priyanka’s airport look, which features minimal makeup. She was wearing a black coat with a pink top and black leggings underneath. She was carrying a black leather handbag, the only accessory she carried with her. Her hair looked silky and her face looked natural without makeup.

16. Priyanka Chopra without makeup at election time:

This photo of Priyanka Chopra is from an election day when all citizens should vote and she did too, showing off her inked fingers proudly to show that she is a responsible citizen. She was wearing white clothes and oversized sunglasses. In this photo, she has absolutely no makeup, but she still looks gorgeous.

17. Desi girls:

In this photo, Priyanka dons her desi look. She wears a white plain kurta with a colored dupatta with red thread on it. Her hair is blown straight for a natural look. Pork Chop doesn’t have any makeup in this photo, but her skin looks flawless like in the movie. This is one of the best pictures of Priyanka Chopra without makeup.

18. Powder Blue:

Here, Priyanka wears a powder-blue jacket with a white fit inside, matching her sky-high Louboutins. Her black pencil alpine looks so glamorous. Her hair was curly and she wore light makeup. For makeup, she just paints her cheeks and then a rosy lip color. She looks beautiful and charming.

19. Wacky girls at the airport:

Priyanka Chopra was spotted at Mumbai airport recently wearing a very cool grey sweatshirt with off the shoulders and a pair of jeans. Her bright red sneakers look different. Her hair was tied into a ponytail to draw attention to the shoulder detail. She wears no makeup except for lip balm.

20. The Kirtan Incident:

The photo was clicked at a kirtan event organized by her father. The entire Chopra family was invited. Priyanka looks sweet in a green salwar kameez with a palu on her head, ready to look for Puja. She wears no makeup except for her neutral lip color. Simple and beautiful look.

Priyanka’s makeup is usually neutral, she leans more towards earth tones for a dull aesthetic. She keeps her makeup minimal, sometimes without it, but still looks gorgeous. She even symbolizes that beauty is within herself.

Famous Bollywood heroine Priyanka Chopra will definitely go without makeup and find in better places and occasions absolutely no makeup.