20 Sexy Bollywood Actresses Shirt Designs 2022

20 Sexy Bollywood Actresses Shirt Designs 2022

20 Sexy Bollywood Actresses Shirt Designs 2022

Celebrity Designer Shirts! Several looks and types of shirt designs have been worn by our favorite celebrities lately. As the fashion world continues to change, even our stars come up with new looks and trends that match contemporary fashion statements and preferences. As a result, we are now seeing our stars and actresses flaunt new and unique shirt designs seamlessly. If you are interested in exploring the latest trends, read on to learn about and get inspired by the most beautiful blouse designs for Bollywood and other southern film industry actresses. They are mesmerizing, intricate, and gorgeous!

60 Beautiful Hindi Actress Blouse Designs:

Let’s explore the most amazing divas blouse designs in Bollywood and other southern film industries. They are the perfect example of millennial trends and inspire us to try new looks and the latest designs.

1. Kiara Advani:

Last season, Kiara Advani’s looks and style statement attracted legions of fans. Her seamless look and feminine, flamboyant chic looks captured our hearts. In most of her public appearances such as movies and movie promotions, she looks charming. We love how Kiara paired her Indian designer sarees with stunning blouse designs. Her blouses feature bold embellishments that resemble lively modern trends, but are comfortable and effortless. Here are our favorites from her shirt collection.

Gold Sleeveless Strap Shirt

Mint Green Embellished Shirt

lace-up cream shirt

2. Shilpa Shetty:

We cannot miss the Indian beauty goddess Shilpa Shetty on the list. She has long ruled the fashion planet with Indian clothing but is still at the top of the game. Shilpa has appeared in sarees several times, all in gorgeous and alluring designer blouses. She never tries looks. From florals to lace, to embroidery and embellishments, ruffles and frills, she’s got it all!

Floral White Embroidered Sleeveless Top

halterneck cutout shirt

Yellow Designer Puff Sleeve Shirt

3. Vidyabaran:

Vidya Balan’s body front look is what we love! She flaunts her personal style statement with a seamless, effortless look and is at the top of the fashion world with her ethnic Indian looks. We often see Vidya Balan in sarees and her style statement is versatile and comes in handy several times in several looks. Her most designer shirts can be worn with every occasion and follow the practicality game! We can easily incorporate her blouse trend into our daily life for a simple yet glamorous fashion sense.

Black Sleeveless Shirt

red striped design shirt

Red Delicate Designer Embroidered Shirt

4. Kangana Ranaut:

Kangana Ranaut’s fashion looks often revolve around sarees. But we love her high-end pretty blouse designs. Kangana’s blouses are very similar to Indian trends and revolve around designer looks with Indian ethnic clothing patterns. Her sarees and blouse designs are perfect for a statement look!

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White Plan Simple Sleeveless Shirt

Red Turtleneck Designer Shirt

Gold Sleeveless Tie Shirt

5. Priyanka Chopra:

The Bollywood diva, who also seamlessly rules the Hollywood fashion game now, is Priyanka Chopra. The desi girl has always been a fan of sarees and we love the way she perfectly matches the designer blouses with the sarees. Most of her shirt designs revolve around the quotient of embellishment and modern glam.

Black Designer Embellished Shirt

Grey Intricate Lace Shirt

Strapless Metallic Bustier Shirt

6. Katrina Cave:

Katrina Kaif’s Indian clothing looks are limited to certain occasions in films and film promotions. However, the heroine always manages to look elegant and charming in all the sarees. Also, she seamlessly matched the designer sarees with the beautiful blouses. Most of her designer shirts look around sleeveless styles with sequins, embellishments and silky textures. Katrina looks elegant and charming in these styles.

Sabyasachi Multicolor Long Sleeve Shirt

White Designer Sleeveless Shirt

Floral Classic Long Sleeve Silk Shirt

7. Sonam Kapoor:

Bollywood fashion expert and actress Sonam Kapoor has a unique approach and style preference when it comes to sarees. The heroine always looks glittery and intoxicating in designer shirts. Her looks are always modern and contemporary, and she manages to lead the way in every public appearance. From ruffles to frills, from cap sleeves to embroidery, Sonam Kapoor’s saree goals are truly perfect.

Green Long Sleeve Shirt with Ruffle Trim

White Cap Sleeve Unique Top

Multicolor Long Designer Shirt

8. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s saree style needs no special mention. This Indian beauty goddess herself is a big fan of sarees and she never misses any occasion where she can perfectly flaunt ethnic wear. Aishwarya has tried several designer shirt looks, from sleeveless to ruffled to off-the-shoulder and more! Whether it’s a traditional blouse design or a modern cut look, she’s flawless!

Off Shoulder Lace Long Top

Gold Intricate Heavy Top

Red Statement Banaras Shirt

9. Arya Butter:

Alia Bhatt’s personal style resembles effortless chic with a youthful twist. Her sarees are no exception, and the actress flaunts Indian attire in her personal style statement. Alia’s designer sarees and blouse patterns are contemporary and follow today’s fashion trends. She prefers to design unique and comfortable styles.

Red Deep Back Sleeveless Top

Strapless Green Shirt

keyhole collar designer shirt

10. Shraddha Kapoor:

The saree designs of Shradha Kapoor are elegant and classy. She follows a simple yet versatile style statement with timeless designs and patterns. Her blouse designs often follow a modern style, matching and contrasting with the sarees. Here are some of our favorite shirt designs worn by our stars.

Gold Unique Designer Shirt

red lace-up shirt

Regal Deep V Neck Shirt

11. Samantha:

Our Southern star and celebrity actress Samantha never misses the occasion to wear a sari. She loves the Indian sarees style and has tried several designer blouses to match and enhance the overall look. From turtlenecks to deep V-necks, open backs to drawstring sleeves, from classic embroidery to embellishments and lace designs, she’s tried them all!

Pink Sheer Embellished Full Sleeve Turtleneck Shirt

Black Designer Drop Neck Shirt

pearl white chikankari designer shirt

12. Anushka Sharma:

We love the look of Anushka Sharma’s beautiful and sexy shirt designs. The actress often wears blouses from Sabyasachi and other designers with her sarees to match the trend of elegance and sophistication. She looks elegant and beautiful, with both modern and timeless traditional designs. Here are some of our favorites!

Dark Back Green Sleeveless Top

Black Classic Zari Design Shirt

floral deep-neck embroidered shirt

13. Taapse Pannu:

See how about Taapsee Pannu’s shirt designs? Punjabi kudi is known for its luxurious and grandiose look and style statement. Her sarees look often complements designer blouses, but does also elevate the trend with a unique style. Most of the time, her unique blouse is the talk of fashion town. From stand-up collar blouses to puff sleeves and sequins, she looks like a diva in these styles!

Ice Blue Unique Collar Sleeveless Top

Lace Cutout Shirt with Puff Sleeves

Long Sleeve Striped White and Gold Shirt

14. Aparna Balamurali:

In several interviews, Tamil actress and heroine Aparna Balamurali admitted that she personally likes the sari style. She has tried several blouse designs to match her sarees trend and we love how versatile she is in most of these looks. From traditional shirt patterns to elegant modern pieces, Aparna always fascinates us.

Green Heritage Designer Shirt

Red turtleneck shirt with cutout back

Gold Embellished Sheer Designer Blouse

15. Kilti Suresh:

We also love Keerthi Suresh’s shirt design. The actress and star prefers more traditional blouse styles to complement her saree preferences. She loves intricate designs and embroidery to match sarees that look so unreal and heavenly in these looks. What do you think?

V-Neck Floral White and Yellow Top

Traditional Gold Designer Shirt

Embellished Blue Long Sleeve Shirt

16. Shryasaran:

Shriya’s Indian clothing looks have a diverse fan base and craze in the ethnic wear world. Her glamorous looks and charming style have been the talk of the fashion town many times. Although currently not regularly associated with the film industry, Shriya’s shirt designs look beautiful and glamorous. We love this designer and the embroidered blouse patterns in her wardrobe.

Dark Floral Embroidered Shirt

Ice Blue Designer Shirt

White Open Back Sleeveless Top

17. Nazriya Nazm:

Kerala or Malayalam actress and celebrity Nazriya Nazim wears blouses and sarees on rare occasions but looks so timeless under her beautiful exterior. Her feminine style preferences are well represented in blouse designs as she opts for elegant and classy traditional designs in most of her outfits.

Blue Sheer Long Sleeve Designer Shirt

elegant golden shirt

Green Designer Half Sleeve Shirt

18. Sonakshi Sinha:

Another Bollywood actress who looks glamorous in modern blouse designs is Sonakshi Sinha. The actress is generally known for trying out several current trends, here are some examples. Sonakshi’s unique shirt patterns and designs with different cuts and looks are absolutely mesmerizing. Check out our favorites here!

Blue and White Plaid Long Sleeve Top

Green Low Back Designer Shirt

Embellished Strap Top

19. Karina Kapoor:

We talk about the fashion industry and can’t miss Kareena Kapoor Khan, can we? ! The Bollywood diva has also tried several Indian looks and we love these beautiful blouse designs and patterns she has tried. Kareena personally loves metallic tones and decor, and we can see her preference in these designs. what do you think? !

Black and Silver Designer Turtleneck Shirt

Manish Malhotra Low Neck Gold Shirt

White Sheer Sleeve Designer Shirt

20. Deepika Padukone:

Deepika Padukone’s Indian clothing wardrobe is filled with multiple shirt designs and styles. She often enjoys wearing sarees and experimenting with different looks in designer trends. Here are some of our favorite examples. From unique designs and patterns to generally timeless looks, Deepika always leaves us in awe!

heavily embellished sequin blouse

Black Cape Italian Blouse

boat neck lace shirt

Do you like these blouse design trends of beauty stars? Our actresses are always leading the way in fashion and these blouse designs and patterns really inspire us to try new styles and show us examples of the latest trends. So which designer shirt is your favorite? Let us know what you think; we’d love to hear from you!