20 Unmakeup Photos of Kareena Kapoor

20 Unmakeup Photos of Kareena Kapoor

20 Unmakeup Photos of Kareena Kapoor

20 Unseen Photos of Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup Lifestyle

There is no doubt that Karina Kapoor is the queen of Bollywood. Affectionately known as Bebo, she is known worldwide for her beauty, acting skills, body transformations and fashion statements. Kareena has always set the benchmark for the younger generation, follow her, of course! Besides her looks, we all love the way she handles herself in public. But have you ever seen the beauty of this scroll life in real life? That’s why we’re here with Kareena Kapoor for an invisible look without makeup!

While she sets high standards in the beauty regime, most of us don’t know what she’s like in our day-to-day life. So here are some funny photos of Kareena without makeup that can’t be seen. let’s start!

Glamorous Kareena Kapoor No Makeup Pics:

Naturally beautiful actress Karina is the undisputed queen of Bollywood, even without any makeup on her face. Here are some of the most beautiful on and off screen photos of Kareena Kapoor and they will get you so excited.

1. Happy Hour:

This is a happy moment photo of our Bebo, with a big smile and sharp eyes. This picture of Kareena Kapoor without makeup is very raw; even in real life, we can’t believe she looks so gorgeous. While she has dark circles around her eyes, which of course are the result of her hard work and long shoots, her skin is surprisingly clear. Here she can be seen smiling for the camera.

2. Eat a healthy diet:

We all know that Bebo is very fond of healthy eating. She only eats Indian desi food and skips all junk and processed diet or food. When it comes to her eating habits, she is essentially Indian. We can see her eating bulgogi and curry in a good mood. The photo also shows Karina Kapoor wearing no makeup but being her real self in the restaurant.

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3. Happy Selfie:

Here’s another Kareena Kapoor without makeup images. Seen here is her natural and raw pose in front of the camera. The unfiltered photo split us at first, all she sees is her natural lip gloss. With shaggy hair and deep eyes, she looks like a true queen, even with a minimal style statement. We are very excited. What are your thoughts?

4. Dear friends:

Most of us know Kareena as good friends with her industry friends Malaika and Amrita. Here’s their darling selfie. They get together now and then and are known to get through tough times together. This authentic, unfiltered, beautiful no-makeup selfie is so heartwarming. No matter how famous a person is, true friendship is important. What do you think?

5. Original look with Mr. Husband:

Kareena and Saif are a very cute and energetic duo in Bollywood. This is a picture that fills our hearts with love. This photo of Kareena Kapoor without makeup is where she posed with her husband during pool time. They both just came out of the pool, and both are real faces. Both posed happily for selfies.

6. Exercise your face:

We all know Kareena is a fitness freak. She loves working out and never misses her routine. Although on days when she can’t go to the gym, Kapoor Khan Bebo makes sure she works out at home. The selfie was taken after her day’s workout time, and despite her tired face, she looked absolutely breathless. We are in awe of her beauty. What do you think?

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7. Sweet Home:

While Kareena enjoys parties and vacations with her friends and loved ones, she also enjoys spending time in her own home. Her family time and personal life are undoubtedly the top priorities of the celebrity diva. This no-makeup photo of Kareena Kapoor is a hit on the internet for obvious reasons – she looks gorgeous and super sexy despite her lack of makeup. Her big smile and sharp features are striking, and we absolutely love this photo!

8. During filming:

This is a photo of Kareena without makeup during preparation for the film, veere de wedding. This photo of her original look was taken in the salon while she was experimenting with different looks for the film. Despite her casual look, she looks super fresh and stylish. A white tank top and slouchy jeans really suit her. We all really want to have her naked beauty, right? !

9. Selfie without makeup:

This selfie of Kareena Kapoor Khan without makeup was posted on social media as she waited for her work to be completed. Kareena sure knows how to pass the time – by taking pictures and checking herself. As she puts it in the iconic short film we met, “meiapni’s favorite hoon,” it’s really great for herself. What do you think?

10. Vacation Selfie:

When not shooting, Bebo enjoys spending holidays and vacations overseas. This is an image of Kareena Kapoor without makeup. With sunshine and a gorgeous face, she looks like a million bucks. She basks in the sun with her stylish looks and fresh looks. We absolutely love the way she always kills her style statement effortlessly!

11. Childhood:

Don’t we all want to see Bebo as a kid? This is evidence. We can see a lot of similarities in the younger and older Bebo. She looked lively and chubby when she was young, but there is beauty and fashion in the photo. Those bold and deep eyes with a bright smile didn’t change either. What do you think of this photo?

12. Sibling love:

Kareena is pictured here with her sister and best friend Karishma Kapoor. They are all seen without makeup. When we compared her reel life performance to Karina Kapoor in makeup photos, we didn’t see much difference. Even in the actual look, she looks stunning and looks very refreshing! We also love the sister duo. What do you think?

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13. Very cute look:

Kareena Kapoor goes out boldly and doesn’t mind those freckles and circles around her eyes. How beautiful Kareena looks in this photo even without makeup.

14. Stills with and without makeup:

Here are pictures of Kareena Kapoor with and without makeup. Kareena Kapoor has high cheekbones and a pointed oval jawline. And her broad forehead complements her jawline, giving her a square face. Since her beauty is so edgy, she definitely misses the facial contours.

15. Caught at the airport:

Kareena Kapoor is often spotted making up and showing her face for free while traveling. Please refer to the image above. She is absolutely makeup free! Although her skin and lips looked a little dehydrated, her freckles were visible, probably due to jet lag. But her hands were covered in bright orange nail polish. Her hair is smooth, bouncy and shiny. It certainly takes a lot of confidence to be a star and instantly lose your glamour. And Kareena Kapoor, which we think is full.

16. Naive baby:

Here’s an early photo of Kareena Kapoor before her debut with Refugee, no makeup. We certainly think her beauty comes from her folk and not makeup. There we find the innocence of adolescence in her face. But we think the phrase “the older the man is, the more handsome the man” goes with Kareena Kapoor. She looks better every day than yesterday. She maintains a healthy lifestyle, practices yoga and avoids makeup as much as possible. We know the secret to her beautiful aging.

17. Moving for a birthday party:

For a photoshoot for the birthday party Kareena, she looked very stylish in this pink with white and multicolor print dress. Whitetop pairs perfectly with a pastel pink skirt. In this photo, she looks absolutely gorgeous wearing classy and stylish glasses; she just applies kajal to her eyes and lip gloss. No extra makeup. This photo was taken during her husband Kunal Khemu’s birthday party.

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18. Temple:

Kareena lives in a famous place called the holy place of Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Christi. She visited the place and prayed for the success of her film Feida. This photo was taken in 2004, she looks so beautiful without makeup, the chubby face looks cool. Here, she looks stunning too.

19. Pale look:

Kareena was found outside Malika and Amrita’s house wearing a solid red T-shirt and leggings. In this photo, she looks very tired and soft with slight dark circles under her eyes. This photo confirms that Kareena has flawless skin according to her usual outlook and schedule. In this photo, she looks sad without any single makeup.

20. Pair it with a tee and denim:

Again shot at Mumbai International Airport, where she was in Delhi for a movie fare conference, she is seen wearing a simple full-hand tee and dark blue flashy jeans. Here, she puts Kajal on her eyes, and on her face, no extra makeup. This expression showed Karina’s happy smile.

Additional Tips:

With this real-life no-makeup photo of Kareena Kapoor Khan, we understand you’re wondering how this immortal beauty maintains her skin in real life. Here are some tips.

  1. Kareena always makes sure to remove her makeup at the end of the day.
  2. The beauty is still busy with shoots and schedules, but whenever she comes, she’ll be so tired, she’ll remove her makeup and go to bed.
  3. Any time you have free time, always leave your face bare and let it breathe some air. Do not continue to wear makeup when you don’t need it.
  4. Always make sure your face is moisturised and moisturised. No matter the season, hydration is essential.
  5. Drink more water. It makes your skin and hair look healthy and shiny.
  6. Healthy eating is the ultimate secret. It can show on your face and brighter skin.

With these top pics of Kareena Kapoor without makeup, what are your thoughts? We were so inspired by Bebo’s real-life beauty that we wanted to emulate her effortless and timeless beauty. Let us know your opinion below!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Who is Kareena Kapoor Khan’s nutritionist and consultant?

answer: Kareena swears by nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. She loves Desi food and Indian style cooking with local food and always eats healthy.

Q2. What is Kareena Kapoor’s favorite makeup product?

answer: Kareena loves bold and intense eyes with a beautiful blush and a touch of lipstick. We often see her with proper eye makeup!

Q3. Does Kareena exercise every day?

answer: Kareena is a fitness enthusiast. Despite her age, she looks super pretty and effortlessly stylish just because of her fitness secrets. She emphasizes going to the gym every day and not failing.

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