22 Famous Temples in Pune for Spiritual Explorers

22 famous temples in Pune for spiritual seekers

22 famous temples in Pune for spiritual seekers

Pune is one of the country’s vibrant cities, located in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Also, Pune is one of the cities where capitalism and idealism meet and is home to the Aga Khan Palace and the Mahatma Gandhi monument. Also, the architectural beauty of Pune temples attracts tourists from all over the country. After Shivaji Maharaj brought Pune into the limelight, Peshwas made Pune the capital.

Let us know more about Pune temples that you must add to your visit list through this article. continue reading!

Temples in Pune: 22 Best Temples You Must Visit to Experience the Divine Form:

The fascinating legends and intricate details of the Pune temples make for the best tourist attractions. Check out some of the famous temples in Pune.

1. Bhimashankar Temple:

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Bhimshakar Temple is one of the revered temples and one of the famous temples around Pune. It is located on the Sahyadri hills surrounded by dense forests. This temple shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of Jyotirlinga. In addition, the temple has a shrine dedicated to Goddess Parvati incarnated as “Kamaraji”. This temple was built with Nagra architectural design and is one of 12 Jyotirlingas.

Distance from Pune: 110 km.

address: Maharashtra State Highway 112, Bhimashankar, Maharashtra 410509,

Main Attractions: Bhaja Cave, Imagica Theme Park.


  • The nearest train station is 125 km from the temple.
  • Pune Airport is the closest to the temple.
  • You can reach the temple by bus from Kalyan, Ghatkopar and Pune.

Entrance fee: free.

2. Parvati Hill Temple:

Parvati Hill is a 2,100-foot high hill in Pune with beautiful scenery. There are five temples on the top of the hill: Rama Temple, Vitthai Temple, Vishnu Temple, Kartikeya Temple and Devdeveshwar Temple. Devotees can visit these temples after climbing 103 steps to the top. The main temple has a Devdeveshwara shrine made of black stone. Parvati Hill Temple is one of the most attractive temples in Pune with its lush greenery and refreshing surroundings.

Distance from Pune: 5.3 km.

address: Parvati Paytha, Pune, Maharashtra 411009.

Main Attractions: Classical Music Festival, Parvati Museum, Baja Caves.


  • If you take a taxi, Grant Road is the nearest train station, 15 minutes away.

Entrance fee: free.

3. Chatus Lingji Temple:

Chaturshringi Temple was built during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj on Senapati Bapat Road on the hillside. The temple is 90 feet high and 125 feet wide, and CHaturshringi means Four Peaks Mountain. There are 100 steps to climb to reach the temple, a symbol of strength and faith. Goddess Chatur Shrinji is the main deity, and there are eight miniature idols of Ashtavinayaka with Goddess Durga.

Distance from Pune: 5.3 km.

address: Senapati Bapat Road, Near, Pune University Rd, Gokhalenagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411016.

Main Attractions: Pataleshwara Cave Temple, Darshan Museum.


  • The Pune Railway Station is 7 km away and you can reach the temple by public transport.
  • Pune is well connected to other cities by air and you can use local transport to reach the temple.

Entrance fee: free.

4. Bhuleshwar Temple:

Built in the 13th century during the Pandavas era, Bhuleshwar Temple is one of the famous temples in Pune. The shrine of Lord Shiva takes the form of five Shiva lingas within the temple sanctuary. However, the Lingam can only be seen in the light, as if hidden in a ditch. Lord Mahadev, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi idols were also present. The uniqueness of this temple is that it looks like a mosque from the outside. This is done to protect it from looting and invasion.

Distance from Pune: 45 km.

address: Bhuleshwar Road, Marchiras, Maharashtra 412104.

Main Attractions: Narayambet.


  • The temple is 3 km from Mahlshiras village, which can be reached by bus from Pune.
  • As the road is steep, please let an experienced driver drive your vehicle.

Entrance fee: free.

5. Dagaduseth Halwai Ganapati Temple:

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Dagaduseth Halwai Ganapathi Temple is a famous temple in Pune that attracts thousands of devotees from different parts of the country every year. Lord Ganesha is the main deity of this temple and has an idol that is 7.5 feet high and 4 feet wide. The temple is believed to be 100 years old and Ganeshotsav is celebrated with vigour and pomp.

Distance from Pune: 3 km.

address: Ganpati Bhavan, 250, Budhwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411002.

Main Attractions: International music festival held every year.


  • The temple is 11 kilometers from Pune Airport and 3 kilometers from Pune Railway Station. Therefore, you can choose local transportation to reach the temple.

Entrance fee: free.

6. Nir Kanterswar Temple:

The Neelkantheswar Temple in Pune is a temple where you can experience the mythical divinity and the beauty of nature. Located on a hill at an altitude of 900 meters, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Although the temple is little known, it has gradually become a holiday destination for the locals. However, a steep climb up the hill takes an hour to reach the temple. The environment around the temple is mysterious and peaceful.

Distance from Pune: 3.3 km.

address: Road 1, Kantur, Maharashtra 412107, India.

Main Attractions: Panshet Dam.


  • You can reach the temple by taxi, bus or local transport.

Entrance fee: free.

7. Pataleshwar Cave Temple:

The Pataleshwar Cave Temple is a rock-carved temple built during the Rashtrakuta period in the 8th century. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is made of basalt. Lord Shiva appears in this shrine in the form of Shiva Linga. There is a Nandi Mandapa at the entrance of the temple, which is considered a protected monument by the government. The Elephant Cave was the inspiration for the construction of this temple. However, the temple did not have a proper entrance as it was never completed.

Distance from Pune: 1.7 km.

address: Jangali Maharaj Road, Revenue Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra, 411005, India.

Main Attractions: Janli Maharaj Mandir.


  • You can take a taxi or local transport to the temple which is 3 km from Pune Railway Station.

Entrance fee: free.

8. Moreshwar Ganapati Temple:

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Moreshwar Ganapathi Temple is a Hindu temple located in the Morgaon district of Pune dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The starting and ending points of the eight Ashtavinayaka temples in Maharashtra are marked with this temple. Although the original date of the temple’s construction is still unknown, it is believed that Ganapathi sage Morya Gosavi was associated with it. The famous festivals of this temple are Ganesh Jayanti and Ganesh Chaturthi. The temple has 23 statues of Ganesha in various forms, and the ceiling of the temple is made of a singular stone.

Distance from Pune: 66.2 km.

address: Morgan, Maharashtra 412304.

Main Attractions: Six Toba Hanuman Temple.


  • You can reach the temple by taking a direct bus from Pune Bus Station.
  • Jeju-ri is the closest train station to the temple, which is 17 kilometers away.

Entrance fee: free.

9. Narayan Nidham Temple:

Shri Narayani Dham Temple was established in 1983 in Katraj, Pune. This temple houses statues of Lord Hanuman, Shri Shyam Baba Jot, Shiva Linga, Lord Ganesha and many more. However, Goddess Narayani is the main deity of the temple. The temple conducts several activities such as free medical examinations, social awareness camps, gaushalas, etc. to help the society.

Distance from Pune: 9 km.

address: Pune-Satara Road, Narayani Nagar, Behind Katraj Milk Dairy, Katraj, Pune, Maharashtra 411046.

Main Attractions: ISKCON NVCC Temple.


  • The temple is 2 km from the Lonavala train station.
  • There are several buses and trains from Pune to Lonavala Railway Station.

Entrance fee: free.

10. Prathi Shirdi:

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Prathi Shirdi is a replica of Shirdi’s Sri Sai Baba Temple, located in Shirgaon, near Pune, Maharashtra. This temple was built in 2003 by Mr. Prakash Deole. The aartis and poojas of this temple are performed simultaneously as Shirdi and tourists visit the temple in great numbers throughout the year. Even the statues in this temple are similar to Shidi. The temple includes Dwarakamai Mosque, Gurusthan Shrine, Chavadi Shrine and a gorgeous garden. The temple also feeds pilgrims and tourists in a magnificent restaurant called Anna Chattralay for a nominal price of 10 rupees.

Distance from Pune: 32 km.

address: Apshirgaon Ta.mawal, Dist, Pune, Maharashtra 410506.

Main Attractions: Sentosa Water Park, MCA Cricket Ground.


  • Prati Shirdi Temple is just across the highway to Shirgaon Sai Baba Temple.
  • You can take a car, or there are several private taxis that can help you get to the temple.

Entrance fee: free.

11. Omkareshwar Temple:

Omkareshwar Temple is the best temple in Pune, located in Shaniwar Peth, Pune. Shivaram Bhat, the spiritual master of Peshwas, built the temple and is considered to be one of the oldest temples in Pune. The temple is decorated with Nagara style spires of Hindu deities such as Vyasa, Makardhwaj, Ganesha. It is the finest example of 17th century architecture. The eloquent columns of this temple really add to its beauty.

Distance from Pune: 1.3 km.

address: Balgandharva Bridge, 233 Near, Chandrashekhar Govind Aapte Rd, Shaniwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030.


  • There are radio taxis at the airport to help you get to this temple.
  • Pune is closely connected to all major cities in the country by road, rail and air.
  • Shivajinagar Railway Station is 1.34 km from the temple.

Entrance fee: free.

12. Someshwar Temple:

Someshwar temple was built in 1640 by Jijabai, mother of the great Shivaji, where the shivling is a swayambhu. Currently, the golden mask of Lord Shiva covers the Shiva Linga in the inner temple. An ashta pradhans Hanumante of the Shivaji court contributed to the renovation of the temple, whose samadhi is located on the north side of the temple. There is also a sabha mandap with fine carvings on the ceiling of the famous Mughal general Shahiste Khan for penance. The temple is a Hemadpanti sculpture built of black stone, about 40 feet deep. It is surrounded by Bhairavnath, Hanuman and Ganesh temples.

Distance from Pune: 8.8 km.

address: GQWX+M93, Ward No. 8, Someshwarwadi, Pashan, Pune, Maharashtra 411008.

Main Attractions: Balewadi Stadium, Gram Sanskruti Udyan Village Park


  • You can reach the temple which is 7 km from Pune University by local transport.
  • Pune is well connected to all major cities in the country.

Entrance fee: free.

13. Ishikang Temple:

ISKCON Temple is located in Katraj, 12 kilometers south of Pune. The temple has multi-storey car parks spread over a wide area. Every night during aarti, Krishna bhajans sing along with mridangas, making it a great event to attract celebrities and the public. There is a Go-seva in this temple, which is used to feed the cows. You can also donate to the many services provided by the temple such as Gita Daan, Diety Dressing, PritiBhojan, Go-Seva. There are also several shops inside the temple where you can buy puja utensils.

Distance from Pune: 12 km.

address: IskconNvcc Road Katraj-Kondwa Bypass, Tilekar Nagar, KondhwaBudruk, Pune, Maharashtra, 411048, India.

Main Attractions: Narayani Dham Temple, Katraj Jain Temple.


  • You can reach this temple by any local transport from Pune Railway Station or Bus Station.
  • Pune is closely connected to all major cities in the country by bus, rail and air.

Entrance fee: free.

14. Kanifunath Temple:

Kanifnath Temple is on the top of the hill…