25 hottest girls in India in 2022

25 hottest girls in India in 2022

25 hottest girls in India in 2022


Indian female model! Not only our celebrities, these gorgeous Indian female models are also known for their distinctive and stunning facial features, looks and beauty. These models have achieved success through multiple advertisements, campaigns and styling jobs and are now one of the most beautiful Indian models of the decade. Are you interested in learning more about them? !

So are we! We are dedicated to compiling today’s hottest Indian models for you. These are the best and best models in the country right now. Come on, let’s learn more about them together.

Indian Babes: 25 Beautiful Bikini Models in India 2022:

1. Gauhar Khan:

Gauhar Khan! Tell us about someone who doesn’t understand this character. We bet most of us have at least heard her name. Gauahar Khan has been modeling for over a decade and has entered celebrity status after taking part in Miss India in the last decade. She has appeared in famous films such as Rocket Singh and has been involved in several events, commercials and singles in Bollywood. Her angular facial features and eyes are all eye-catching features.

2. Lisa Haydn:

Lisa Haydn has gained popularity in Bollywood after starring in the movie Ae Dil Hi Mushkil. Her thin personality, subtle graceful charming smile, and infectious power really fascinated us. How do you like her? To date, she is one of the most popular ramp walking models among Indian female celebrities. She is one of the most beautiful Indian models the country has ever seen.

3. Shailene Chopra:

Sherlyn Chopra has appeared in several Bollywood movies, songs, commercials and models over the years. She is known for her roles in films like The Game and Naughty Boys. She was even a contestant on the Splits Villa and Big Boss Show. Sherlyn’s explosive styling and modeling career are often talked about in fashion town. She also never shy away from dealing with hot photos and photos.

4. Poramidas:

Poulami Das has appeared on Indian TV shows and model catwalks. She has started, started her career after the Next Top Model show in India and later became known for her extraordinary talent and beauty. The dark-skinned Indian model is known for her confidence and sharp facial features. In fact, she is one of the top female models in India who are famous and want women in multiple advertisements and fashion shows.

5. Sonam Bajwa:

If you ask anyone the top 5 Indian female models right now, we bet you’ll hear the name Sonam Bajwa. This Indian beauty started her career after the Miss India 2012 competition. Since then, she has made several Indian films in Bollywood and the South Indian film industry, working with advertising and fashion designers. Her feminine and youthful features and face are often popular and famous. She is the hottest new Indian model of the past decade.

6. Neha Malik:

Neha Malik! Recently, this beauty has caused a stir in the fashion world. The 30-year-old beauty is known for her Bollywood video songs, one-piece songs and several fashion shows. Neha’s fair and stunning seamless look, flawless tonal beauty and talented features are appreciated in the Indian modelling industry.

7. Neramgil:

Nilam Gill, a European-born Indian beauty, is known for her modeling career. She has appeared in several fashion magazines including Vogue. Her seamless style, youthful looks, experimental fashion, and strikingly unique, stylish looks often draw attention on the national and international scene. She’s a Burberry model that’s widely known today!

8. God Mugda:

We bet you’ve heard of Mugdha Godse! The fashion movie celebrity came into the limelight after the movie theater, and she’s been trending ever since. Her slender figure, tan skin and confident appearance often fascinate us. Since then, Mugdha has successfully entered a modeling career and has appeared in several fashion shoots, calendars, photo shoots and ramp walks. She is one of the hottest models in India.

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9. Ujwara Laut:

Ujjawala Raut, born in Mumbai, is a well-known Indian supermodel. She has also gained international fame in recent years. Raut started her modeling career with Miss India and participated in the elite modelling show in Nice, France. She hasn’t turned around since then. She has appeared in several shows and events for Dolce and Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Valentino, Gucci and more. Ujjwala Raut is one of the most popular Indian babes due to her international popularity.

10. Jesse Landhava:

Jesse Randhawa has been a popular Indian female model for decades. She appeared in films like Gulal, Love Khichdi and gained popularity. After that, she even worked for fashion designers and fashion shows, starting her full-time modeling career. Even now, she is one of the most famous female models.

11. Sheetal Menon:

Sheetal Menon is from Kerala and has appeared in a handful of South Indian and Bollywood films. She has worked with several modeling agencies for commercials and fashion shoots, and has gained attention and popularity for her distinctive features and attractive looks. Sheetal is even the face of several lifestyle brands like Kingfisher. What’s more interesting is that this beauty is even a dancer trained in Bharatana.

12. Shonali Rosario:

Beauty Shonali Rosario has been working with several beauty brands and cosmetic events. Although she has appeared in a handful of Bollywood films, Shonali has focused her career broadly on fashion and lifestyle related activities. She has been the face of several cosmetic brands including Chambor. If you are looking for the hottest girls in India, she is one of them!

13. Ashka Pratt:

Beauty Ashika Pratt is an Indian born in New Zealand. The international model from India is known for her face on the covers of several magazines and fashion including Vogue. Ashika has been in the industry for over a decade and was a huge hit when the Kingfisher event kicked off. Later, she collaborated and performed with high-end and luxury brands in the United States, France and other European countries. Ashka is now 30 years old.

14. Nidi Sunil:

Originally from Kerala, India, Nidhi Sunil entered her modeling career ten years ago by competing in the Kingfisher Calendar Girls competition. She even finished second in Femina Miss India after finishing runner-up. Since then, Nidhi has appeared in several modeling campaigns including Vogue International and Elle. She even worked for L’Oreal International. In later years, Nidi appeared in several Bollywood album songs. However, she focuses most of her time on modeling in the beauty and fashion industries.

15. Ricky Chatterjee:

Rikee Chatterjee is an up-and-coming fashion model from India. She is gaining popularity for her tan skin, beautiful tones, slender body and perfect structure, and charming smile. Rikee entered her career with Dabur Fresh Face competitions and has been dedicated to lifestyle and fashion events ever since. Rikee Chatterjee even appeared in a few Vogue photos.

16. Erica Packard:

Erika Packard has been a hot model for many years and is among the most famous female models in India. She is the daughter of Bollywood woman Gavin Packard. However, she prefers the modeling career to the film industry and has also achieved success. Erika is known for her stylish looks and confident stylish looks. Her unique style and charming features set her apart.

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17. Elena Fernandez:

Supermodel Elena Fernandes is half Indian and half South American. Elena has been quite successful in her modeling career and has appeared in several fashion agencies and magazines including Vogue, GQ, Harpers Bazar and Maxim. She even appeared in the Bollywood movie Kapoor & Son; however, she prefers to model. Alina’s often flaunted hot looks have attracted media attention due to her stunning and charming hot facial features. She is one of the hottest Indian fashion models right now.

18. Poloma Monappa:

Polama Monnappa has appeared in several Malayalam films and fashion events. The South Indian model is known for being a warm, confident woman who speaks out against body shaming and colourism. Dark-skinned beauties are often outspoken about her skin tone and inspire many young women to follow your cravings. She also appeared in several commercials.

19. Angela Jonsson:

Beauty Angela Jonsson is still standing tall in the Indian modelling scene. Her toned features, sharp eyes, dark hair and perfect hourglass figure set her apart. Angela started her career with a kingfisher model hunt ten years ago in 2011 and remains one of the most sought-after models in Indian fashion. Angela has appeared in several advertisements and fashion shoots for the magazine.

20. Nayonika Chatterjee:

If you’re looking for an Indian supermodel who has stood the test of time and still emerges as a confident woman, it’s Nayonika Chatterjee. Calcutta beauties reached their peak in the modeling industry and are still celebrities. She has worked with several designers to create different unique and versatile looks. Her curly hair and dark skin are one of the main features that set her apart.

21. Zoya Afroz:

Zoya Afroz, a 26-year-old beauty, is an Indian model and film actress. She even appeared in films like Kuch Na Kaho and Hum Saath Saathhai as a child artist. She has acted in several TV shows and series and even participated in Femina Miss India in 2013. Although she didn’t become the champion, Zoya was the runner-up and was praised for her confidence, unique style statement and independent personality. Today, she is one of the top contestants for Glamanand Supermodel India 2021.

22. Manushi Chillar:

We all know the name Manushi Chillar! The beauty brought Miss World to India in 2017 after 17 years. Her popularity has soared since then. Manushi Chillar has been a successful Miss World for a year and has worked with several women’s brands and organizations. She soon entered the Bollywood film industry and was contracted to promote and shoot with various brands.

23. Isa Gupta:

Esha Gupta is a Bollywood actress and model. She became popular after winning Femina Miss India in 2007. Known for her sleek features and youthful face, Esha’s personality is defined by confidence and unique style. To date, Esha has been admired for her stylish looks. She has appeared and collaborated with several fashion experts and continues to be one of the most sought-after women in the industry.

24. Diana Penty:

Diana Penty rose to fame with the Bollywood movie “Cocktail”. Although she didn’t get many opportunities in the industry, Diana has had a successful modeling career since then. The beauty has worked with several Bollywood films and has risen significantly for her playful and feminine elegance in the fashion industry. She has gained recognition with several makeup and beauty brands and has worked for several advertisements.

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25. Nina Manuel:

Indian beauty Nina Manuel works in TV fashion shows, lifestyle shows, commercials and fashion shoots. Nina regularly works on slope shows, and has spent her career working with brands such as Levi’s, Coca-Cola, Kodak, Dr. and Rembrandt. Her modeling career is filled with top Indian designers. After moving to the United States after her wedding, she started working in the fashion industry in the West.

These are the top Indian female models in our country…