25+ Trendy Celebrity Piercing Inspirations 2022

25+ Trendy Celebrity Piercing Inspirations 2022

25+ Trendy Celebrity Piercing Inspirations 2022

Celebrity piercings have become a modern trend. Of course, we’ve all witnessed ear piercings. However, body piercing is quite a bold move that requires confidence, and these celebrities keep their eyes on the latest trends. We found some celebrities showing off their body piercings, and we couldn’t take our eyes off the shock and admiration. They have inspired millennials, young men and women, by setting the standard in the fashion industry.

Are you excited to see how their piercings look? So, let us explore the details of the piercings of stars and actresses together today.

25 Celebrity Pierced Nose, Ears, Lips, Belly, Eyebrows and Tongues:

Let’s get started with a look at the hottest pierced looks worn by our favorite celebrities. They shock us and inspire us at the same time.

A. Celebrities with nose piercings:

Nose piercings are the second most common type of piercing after ears. In this form of piercing, the skin or cartilage is pierced depending on where the nose piece is worn. Standard and well-known types of nose piercings are nose piercing, nose piercing, high nostril, septum, bridge, rhino, bridge piercing, and Austin bar piercing. In some countries, nose piercings are significant. It represents marriage or fertility. A nose piercing is usually painful and can heal within a month or two, depending on the health of your skin.

Our celebrities often show off their nose piercings. This is especially common in Hollywood and Bollywood. While fashion statements have inspired Hollywood celebrities, nose piercings hold great significance in Indian culture.

1. Simone Biles – Nostril Piercing:

2. Willow Smith – Nasal Cartilage Puncture:

3. Sara Ali Khan – Nostril Piercing:

4. Katy Perry – Nostrils:

5. Zayn Malik – Nostrils:

B. Celebrity pierced ears:

Let’s take a look at the most common type of piercing we see in the world, ear piercings. While earlobe piercings are the most common and common, there are several different types of ear piercings. They include helix, industrial, forward helix, daith, rook, tragus, anti-tragus, snug, conch, etc. Many also believe that piercing has huge benefits. However, few say that, for example, conch piercings help relax the mind and body in addition to relaxing muscles; car piercings are good for digestive problems; tragus helps control appetite; helix is ​​good for people with insomnia; and daith relieves migraine headaches.

How about a look at celebrities with pierced ears? This is most common among celebrities, with many trying multiple piercings in different areas of the ear. We also love the way it sets fashion standards!

6. Zoë Kravitz – Daith, Lobe, Conch and Helix:

7. Samantha Ruth Prabhu – Tragus, Lobe and Helix:

8. FWA Twigs – Helix, Lobe, Forward Helix:

9. Jennifer Lawrence – Conch, Spiral and Leaf:

C. Celebrities with lip rings:

Lip piercing is indeed a very bold move. In general, you won’t find many lip piercings, but among those who do, it’s a fashion statement and postmodern. However, as rare as it is, did you know that lip piercings have been around since ancient times? Lip-piercing is believed by many to delight ancestors and is a ritual in many cultures. It is also a beauty of modern women. Most of these piercings are concentrated around the lips and mouth area.

We have quite a few celebrities who have also tried lip piercings. While some of them look really good, others look a little bland. What do you think?

10. Kim Kardashian:

11. Cardi B:

12. Cara Delevingne:

13. Christina Aguilera:

14. Karahau:

D. Celebrities with belly button piercings:

What to do when a star wears a belly? In case you haven’t observed, quite a few celebrities show off their beauty looks with belly piercings. While it doesn’t have any traditional or cultural significance, belly button piercing is just a style statement. Women prefer a pierced look and an unconventional aesthetic that exudes a sexy look.

We have quite a few celebrities who have also tried belly piercings. Not everyone dares to have their ears pierced, but these celebrities did come forward. Now, we are very grateful for their move, which has taken the heat to a very high level!

15. Normani:

16. Priyanka Chopra Jonas:

17. Kourtney Kardashian:

18. Paris Jackson:

19. Miley Cyrus:

E. Celebrities with eyebrow piercings:

Have you ever encountered an eyebrow piercing? Well, this is definitely a very new trend. Eyebrows are generally placed vertically or horizontally along the eyebrows. However, not everyone is comfortable with wearing brows, depending on the nature of your skin. However, if you have piercings near your brows, it can look stylish and modern for a bold and unique look. The general healing time is about two to three months.

These celebrities are popular because they have eyebrow piercings. While some of them go simple with studs, some go overboard with bars and rings. Be sure to check!

20. Jeon Jungkook:

21. Fergie:

22. Justin Bieber:

23. Kirsten Maldonado:

24. Koko Palmer:

F. Celebrities with Tongue Piercings:

We don’t see tongue piercings very often. It is one of the most challenging piercings and can take a long time to heal. This is also risky as it affects speech patterns. While a piercing can take two to three months to heal, it can take longer or have sequelae for some people.

However, few of us celebrities have tried tongue piercings. But, they made this daring film, and now we can’t take our eyes off its beauty, boldness, and style. Wondering who they are? We definitely can’t take our eyes off them, and the piercings look super unique and bold.

25. Drew Barrymore:

26. Cardi B:

27. Ariana Grande:

28. Gram:

29. Shannon Harris:

So, what do you think of these celebrity piercings? Do you agree with them, or do you think some have gone too far? Let us know what you think and which piercings you personally like. We are happy to hear from you!