30 Famous Actresses With Perfectly Thin and Plump Lips

30 Famous Actresses With Perfectly Thin and Plump Lips

30 Famous Actresses With Perfectly Thin and Plump Lips


We’re obsessed with beauty and hot looks, and it’s impossible for a woman to look beautiful anywhere without a fuller, more shapely mouth. Lips are often attributed to attractiveness, and lips with fuller proportions are taller for any fashionista. The celebs we’re about to talk about have some of the hottest, most gorgeous lips in the world. Hot lips complement their beautiful looks, allowing them to further style their style with stunning lipsticks at any red carpet event.

So why wait? Let’s get on with this stunning actress who has the hottest, most kissable lips in the world. No doubt you’ll agree with us when we say these women have the most beautiful lips!

30 Beautiful and Amiable Big Lips in the World in 2023:

We can’t wait to talk to you about gorgeous celebs and women with beautiful, full, big lips. There is no doubt that their stunningly shapely lips contribute to their alluring looks and gorgeous looks. Here, we take a look at the list of celebrities and actresses with big lips!

1. Angelina Jolie:

When we talk about who in Hollywood has perfect lips, the first name that pops into all of our minds is Angelina Jolie. This beauty has the most ideal and well-proportioned full, balanced lips in the world. Her lips are literally adored with their natural light pink color and beautiful shape. It’s no wonder the celeb rocks a bright red lipstick at any red carpet event, and we’re all filled with joy!

2. Christina Hendricks:

Another global star known for her beautiful lips is Christina Hendricks. She’s often seen wearing bright, bold red lipsticks, so it’s no wonder she loves showing off her beauty with such beautiful, full, big lips. The heroine has balanced and wide lips, which also add to her charming smile!

3. Brigitte Bardot:

If you’re wondering why we’re talking about Brigitte Bardot in particular, you’ll understand why she’s still up to date. This beauty has the hottest lips in the world. Her upper lip is well-proportioned and her lower lip is thin and wide, which looks great with any lipstick.

4. Priyanka Chopra:

When we talk about Bollywood stars, one of the first actresses that comes to mind is Priyanka Chopra. Well, we agree that the actress has worked hard through multiple medical procedures to achieve those fuller lips, but right now, they are some of the sexiest lips in Bollywood and Hollywood. She has an amazingly full pout and we can’t take our eyes off her.

5. Scarlett Johansson:

Like Angelina Jolie, we can’t take our eyes off the diva. Scarlett Johansson has some beautiful facial features and a chic style statement; a big part of her beauty is her lips. She has a perfectly plump pout and full lips with a beautiful, alluring smile. We’d definitely say she has the best celebrity lips of our generation!

6. Jessica Alba:

Talk about a pretty and feminine lip; Jessica Alba has it. The beauty is known in Hollywood for her nude shades and cute little lips. She has American-Mexican genes in her body, and we guess the combination of the two genes gives her the most beautiful and elegant lip shape. Do you agree with us? With these cute and hot lips, she can easily show off different bold and neutral nude lipsticks.

7. Sonam Kapoor:

Sonam Kapoor has wider but thinner lips and looks great with all lipsticks. If you can think of elegant and classic feminine lips, Sonam Kapoor has them! She might not give you a full pout, but her lips are definitely hot and stunning, accentuating her glamour.

8. Katrina Kraft:

Priyanka Chopra aside, we can all agree that Katrina Kaif has some of the cutest, most stunning lips in Bollywood. Katrina Kaif’s lips are fuller and wider, looking thin and luscious. Her smile looks alluring and her alluring look is always elegant and luxurious because of her beautiful wide and thin lips. Her natural lip color is pale pink. What do you think of this actress? She’s one of those celebs with fuller but thinner lips!

9. Marilyn Monroe:

Regardless of age and generation, Marilyn Monroe’s beauty is always the talk of the town. She is an epic and iconic celebrity who is always relevant and stylish. We also never forget Marilyn Monroe’s juicy and beautiful lips. She is defined by pop culture and her lips are one of her most attractive features. Many actresses, even today, take inspiration from her signature red lipstick.

10. Kerry Washington:

We can’t help but talk about the beautiful and forever young Kerry Washington. Given her beautiful lips and natural color, she’s one of those celebs who can rock any lipstick shade. With her delicate and relatively small but fuller lips, Kerry Washington looks beautiful in bold lip colors and nudes.

11. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:

Let’s say you’re in awe of the whole idea of ​​a beautiful, flawless look. In that case, you absolutely love Rosie Huntington-Whitley. She is the embodiment of grace and glamour, and we are in awe of her beauty. Her juicy and beautiful lips are the center of attraction. She has beautiful full lips that look great in every shade of color.

12. Rihanna:

Our beautiful girl RiRi is always ahead of the trend. Be it glamour, fashion or beauty, one can never forget Rihanna. The diva’s pout is also wider and fuller. From bold and unique shades and lipsticks to neutrals and nudes, she leads every trend with beautiful and hot lips. Her naturally full lips and proportions complement her facial structure, which in turn adds to her style.

13. Adriana Lima:

While most of you probably don’t think of Adriana Lima’s hot lips, we’re definitely in the league that loves her lips. The reason – the volume of her lips. Adriana Lima’s upper and lower lip ratio, outlines a beautiful contour and gorgeous appearance. Her lips also look natural, with a lovely natural tone that accentuates the glamour, making any lipstick work for her.

14. Jennifer Lopez:

We can never fail to mention Jennifer Lopez, can we? JLo is our personal favorite for fuller lips. Her lips look natural, although we agree that’s the result of too many surgeries. However, a fuller pout better suits her beautiful face, making her look attractive and youthful.

15. Kylie Jenner:

Kylie does have her makeup line, but when it comes to beauty, we’re sure she has an eye for them too. Beautiful lips flowed naturally in her family, as all had stunning lip colors and shapes. We love the naturally juicy, nude and pink shades of her lips! She does have sexy and hot lips, doesn’t she? !

16. Kim Kardashian:

Love her or hate her, you can’t think of leaving Kardashian off the list of women with sexy lips. All of her plastic surgery has paid off well, as she has the perfect plump pout on the list of contemporary celebrities. Even her natural lips look gorgeous!

17. Megan Fox:

We can never forget Megan Fox’s gorgeous lips. The diva looked very glamorous and sophisticated in all the looks, and we attribute it all to her alluring and alluring hot lips. Her natural lips and lip shape are well balanced, with equal proportions of upper and lower lips. She prefers bold, dark lipsticks to nudes, which really accentuate lips.

18. Amanda Seyfried:

If you’ve looked into Amanda Seyfried’s eyes, you’ve noticed all the difference. She has unique and very beautiful lips that will definitely fascinate you. This beauty has a perfectly balanced small and wide lip. For her natural lips, a bold red lipstick is perfect!

19. Anne Hathaway:

When we talk about naturally large, full lips, the only celebrity actress that comes to mind is Anne Hathaway. This beauty has naturally big lips and a bright and charming smile. No wonder she looks amazing in all the photos and occasions, because the lips always take the center of attraction!

20. Bipasha Basu:

Another Bollywood divas that we will never forget to mention with big lips is Bipasha Basu. The diva has always been known for focusing too much on her beauty and fitness, and we can see that her lips are very sharp and very beautiful. Her lower lip is pointed and larger than her upper lip, which lends to a uniquely glamorous look.

21. Kareena Kapoor:

We love Kareena Kapoor’s full lips. Her lips are wide and large, with equal proportions between upper and lower lips. Her larger lips lead to a wider smile and, in fact, make her look alluring and beautiful. Also, all the lipstick shades suit her perfectly. what do you think?

22. Jennifer Garner:

Jennifer Garner’s angular lips look edgy and chic from every angle. She also had lip augmentation surgery to make her lips wider and more beautiful. Either way, we can all agree that right now her lips look alluring and hot.

23. Naomi Campbell:

Supermodel Naomi Campbell (Naomi Campbell) also featured in our list of the most beautiful and hottest lips in the world. The diva has gorgeous wide lips with well-proportioned lips in a natural neutral shade. She personally loves nudes, but we often see Naomi make the most of her naturally thick lips.

24. Jennifer Hudson:

We can all definitely agree that Jennifer Hudson’s fashion statements always impress and are considered iconic too. We love her wider and fuller lips, which definitely affect her beauty and style. Her lip color is naturally nude; however, she experimented with both bold and neutral shades, which looked alluring and glamorous.

25. Georgia May Jagger:

The blonde beauty has sharp, feminine eyes and a stunning lip. She has the cutest lips we’ve ever seen, naturally looking alluring and juicy with a hint of pink. She’s often seen showing off her natural, pretty little lips with a neutral shade of lipstick.

26. Lupita Nyong’o:

We love Lupita Nyong’o’s fresh yet iconic beauty. With her distinct features, it’s no wonder they also create stylish and beautiful looks. We love Lupita’s wider lips; they also look a bit wider and pointed, and the larger upper lip gives a very different look compared to the lower lip.

27. Drew Barrymore:

We have to agree – Drew Barrymore has the most beautiful, luscious lips ever. They look so naturally beautiful and stunning, often even a natural shade of pink. So now you see why we’re in awe of Drew Barrymore’s lip proportions. They look luscious and glamorous and are perfect for all lipstick shades too!

28. Nicki Minaj:

When it comes to dramatic and iconic looks, Nicki Minaj will undoubtedly be on the list. She has very eccentric and unique experimental beauty choices, and in all of them, she loves to experiment with her lips. Even today, we love her bold and daring lip colors. Nicki’s wider and naturally wide lip proportions even add to the glamour.

29. Camila Alves McConaughey:

If you’re lucky enough to be naturally beautiful, you don’t need to work hard. This is the case with Camila Alves. She has smooth, natural and perfect lips, which set off her overall momentum and beautiful facial features. Even without makeup and lip color, Camilla looks gorgeous and sophisticated.

30. Amisha Patel:

Amisha may not be doing well at the box office in India, but no one can deny her beautiful looks. A big part of her beauty comes from her alluring and hot lips. Her lips are proportionately wide, but both upper and lower lips are thin. As a result, she always has a beautiful pouting smile!

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