30 hottest women in Indian cinema in 2022

30 hottest women in Indian cinema in 2022

30 hottest women in Indian cinema in 2022


With sultry bodies and luscious caramel skin, Indian women continue to amaze the world with their hottest looks! Some of these babes have not only been hot on the screen, but have conquered ramps, won numerous beauty pageants and garnered numerous laurels and awards in Indian cinema. That’s not all! These ladies go on to prove their mettle in politics and business and earn a place on the list of the most powerful women India has ever seen!

Wondering who these hottest women in India are? Then, scroll down to see these adorable photos that redefine the word “hot” with beauty, wit, and muscle!

30 Sexy Photos of Indian Babes in 2022:

Here is a gallery of 30 of India’s most sought-after women who have garnered huge followings across the globe for their stunning looks and awesome talents in their respective fields:

When it comes to beauty, you can’t skip the gold and silver towns of Bollywood! The industry is home to some of the most glamorous women in the world, who have put India on the global map with their stellar acting and philanthropy. Before the guessing game begins, let’s uncover the names of these sizzling sirens:

1. Hot Priyanka Chopra:

Priyanka Chopra, affectionately known by her fans as PeeCee, is a rising global star! This former Miss World may have been struggling in the industry in her hometown for a while, but she was reborn from her ashes like a phoenix! Today, Priyanka Chopra is one of the most popular celebrity women in India. Her bold fashion choices and carefree attitude earned her the “Most Favorite Woman” award!

It doesn’t end here! After becoming Mrs. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, PeeCee is still winning more deals with her hot looks and versatile acting. Photos of her recent appearances at the MetGala 2019, the Grammys and other red carpet events have gone viral on the internet!

  • Vital Statistics: Height – 169 cm, Weight – 55 kg, Measurements – 35-28-35
  • Age – 39 years old
  • Occupation – Actor, performer, singer and philanthropist
  • Skin Tone – Dull
  • Relationship Status – Married
  • Origin – Jamshedpur, India
  • Brand ambassador for several Indian and international brands, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

2. Hot Deepika Padukone:

If looks can kill, then Deepika will be charged with murder! From being mocked as a “wood” doll for her debut, to being India’s highest-paid actress, Deepika’s journey is nothing short of a case study. Her tall, curvaceous figure and sculpted features, combined with her experimental fashion sense, made her a “global elite.”

She even topped the social media charts, with netizens salivating over her smoky hot photos and quirky posts. more importantly? Deepika and her husband Ranvir Singh never had the chance to be bold and beautiful in public. This Chhapaak actress is killing it like a boss in an exciting role in her kitty!

  • Vital Statistics: Height – 174 cm, Weight – 60 kg, Measurements – 34-24-36
  • Age – 36 years old
  • Occupation – Actor, Model, Entrepreneur
  • Skintone – Honey Skin Tone
  • Relationship Status – Married
  • Origin – India, but born in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Brand Ambassadors – Lloyd, Tetley Green Tea, Jio, All About You, Axis Bank and more

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3. Hot Anushka Sharma:

Anushka Sharma always amazes us with her dynamic performances and striking looks! She broke a million hearts by revealing her relationship with Virat Kohli and later marrying him. Her wedding photos became the talk of the city in her city, with attention paid to her taste in jewelry, clothing and hairstyles. She’s known for her minimal makeup and is a regular at B Town’s celebrity parties!

Even after their marriage, Anushka continued to dominate the industry and was regularly featured on the covers of many popular magazines. Offscreen, she is often chased by the paparazzi for a shot or two of her no-makeup look. The past ten years have seen Mrs Kohli at her best as she navigates every style and role with ease!

  • Vital Statistics: Height – 1.75 m, Weight – 55kg, Measurements – 35-24-34
  • Age – 33 years old
  • Occupation – Actress, Model, Entrepreneur, Film Producer
  • Skin Tone – Fair
  • Relationship Status – Married
  • Origin – Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh
  • Brand Ambassadors – Nivea, Cox&Kings, Standard Chartered, Lavie, etc.,

4. Hot Katrina Cave:

It’s no surprise to find Katrina in this list of India’s hottest women! From her controversial debut Boom (2003) to her most recent film Bharat (2019), Kat has clearly come a long way in terms of looks and acting. Many photographers consider taking a photo with Katrina a dream, for obvious reasons. She often makes us wonder if she’s an angel in disguise because no earthling can look amazing every time!

Over the years, Kat has proven that she is not just a supermodel, but a talented actress and budding entrepreneur. Her new makeup line “Kayby Katrina” is selling like hot cakes. Kate’s photos on social media and magazine covers have her fans asking for more of this seductress!

  • Vital Statistics: Height – 1.74m, Weight – 56kg, Measurements – 34-26-34
  • Age – 38 years old
  • Occupation – Actor, Model, Entrepreneur
  • Skin Tone – Fair
  • Relationship Status – Married
  • Place of Origin – Born in Hong Kong with British citizenship
  • Brand Ambassadors – Kalyan Jewellers, Oppo, etc.,

A new generation of stars is here, giving their predecessors some serious competition in terms of looks and fashion choices. Here are our favorite new faces of the year:

5. Hotjan Vikapoor:

Jhanvi Kapoor’s launch was full of anticipation, and naturally, she lived up to her expectations! She is the uncrowned princess of the kingdom left by her mother, the legendary actress Thredwig! Although born with a golden spoon, Zhan Wei spared no effort to prove her worth in the industry. She trains hard to stay fit and follows a meticulous diet and skincare regimen for flawless skin.

At just 22 years old, Jhanvi has already acted in many roles and appeared on the covers of many popular magazines. She dresses up with some of the biggest designers in the business, like her loyal assistant and best friend Manish Malhotra. Glamdoll also has the media waiting outside her gym as she candidly poses in her hot tracksuit and yoga pants!

  • Vital Statistics: Height – 1.63m, Weight – 50kg, Measurements – 32-26-32
  • Age – 24 years old
  • Occupation – Actor, Model
  • Skin Tone – Fair
  • Relationship Status – Single
  • Origin – Mumbai, India
  • Brand Ambassador – Nykaa

6. Jesala Ali Khan:

Kill it like Sarah! This seems to be the new mantra of Bollywood! Bearing a striking resemblance to her mother and erstwhile Bollywood beauty Amrita Singh, Sara is climbing the ladder of success faster than expected. From being called fat in college to being hailed as the hottest newcomer of 2018, Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss journey has been truly inspiring.

Even after her disastrous debut Kedarnath, Sara’s career is in full swing, with multiple brand endorsements, script and advertising film opportunities knocking on her door. She recently showed off her sultry side to netizens with a bikini photo of her recent family vacation. With or without makeup, Sara’s style and attitude always let us down!

  • Vital Statistics: Height – 1.65m, Weight – 50 kg, Measurements – 32-26-34
  • Age – 26 years old
  • Occupation – Actor, Model
  • Skin Tone – Fair
  • Relationship Status – Single
  • Origin – Mumbai, India
  • Brand ambassadors – Fanta, Puma, Ceriz, Veet, TBZ, etc.,

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7. Hot Ananya Pandey:

Ananya Pandey gained huge popularity even before she made her big splash in the industry. And for good reason! First of all, she is the daughter of Chunky Pandey, one of the more famous stars of the 1990s. Second, she has a strong background and a byproduct of Bollywood nepotism. In the end, she looks stylish, has lovely features and is very photogenic!

No wonder why Ananya has become the talk of the town, even though it’s been two movies! However, she has recently been in the media for all the wrong reasons! Her tweets about “struggle” and misspellings made her a spoofer’s joke. But does this heroine care? of course not! She handles them gracefully and silently because she knows it’s all part of stardom!

  • Vital Statistics: Height – 1.75m, Weight – 54kg, Measurements – 33-26-33
  • Age – 23 years old
  • Occupation – Actor, Model
  • Skin Tone – Fair
  • Relationship Status – Single
  • Origin – Mumbai, India
  • Brand Ambassadors – ONLY, Lakme, etc.,

8. Hot Disha Patani:

Disha Patani, better known as the Cadbury Silk ad girl, is Polytown’s hottest sensation. Without a doubt, she is the queen of style and glamour for millennials, and she dazzles her eyes with every look! From innocent girl next door to hot mom, poster girls are competing fiercely with their peers! Would you be surprised if we told you she was declared National Crush?

However, we may break your heart! Before you fall deeply in love with this beauty, let us warn you of her solid relationship with Tiger Shroff! Ahead of the official announcement, let’s be happy with her recent photoshoot of Calvin Klein as temperatures soared to all-time highs!

  • Vital Statistics: Height – 1.70m, Weight – 50kg, Measurements – 34-25-35
  • Age – 29 years old
  • Occupation – Actor, Model
  • Skin Tone – Fair
  • Relationship Status – In Relationship
  • Origin – Bareilly, Upstate India
  • Brand Ambassador – Aurelia, Washington Apples

9. Hot Tara Sutaria:

Tara Sutaria may be a little known star compared to Ananya, Jhanvi and others! This is not inferior to her at all! His #1 actress in Part 2 has a huge following on Instagram for her stunning photos. Versatile, she was trained in dancing and singing before her debut in Karan Johar’s branded SOTY sequel.

Tara’s success is not due to her family background or her career as a VJ on the Big Bada Boom show, which made her an overnight success. She has since appeared on numerous sitcoms, shared the stage with famous artists such as Louis Banks in international concerts, and provided us with major travel and beauty goals.

  • Vital Statistics: Height – 1.68m, Weight – 55kg, Measurements – 32-26-34
  • Age – 26 years old
  • Occupation – actress, model, singer and dancer
  • Skin Tone – Fair
  • Relationship Status – Single
  • Origin – Mumbai, India
  • Brand Ambassador – Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

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10. Hot Rashmi Kamandana:

What can you achieve in just three years? Finishing a degree or getting old? But, for RashmikaMandanna, the past three years have changed her career and life! From almost nobody in the industry to one of the highest paid actresses, Rush Mikaes deserves all the craze and popularity!

Her playful eyes and charming smile can enslave you! Even on screen, she likes to keep things simple and natural, reflecting her own personality in real life. After blockbusters like Geetha Govindamand SarileruNeekevvaru, Rashmika went on to become a household name in both states!

  • Vital Statistics: Height – 1.61m, Weight – 54kg, Measurements – 32-26-36
  • Age – 25 years old
  • Occupation – Actor, Model
  • Skin Tone – Fair
  • Relationship Status – Single
  • Origin – Karnataka, India
  • Brand Ambassador – KLM, Lady Rowdy (Vijay Devarakonda’s Rowdy brand for women)

11. Rela Kuprit Singh:

Now here comes the lady boss, Rakulpreet Singh! Without a doubt, one of the hottest women in India. She is known for her enviable figure and razor-sharp facial features, which she enhances through a strict diet and skincare regime. The multilingual actress…