35 Best Photos of Prabas (1979-2022)

35 Best Photos of Prabas (1979-2022)

35 Best Photos of Prabas (1979-2022)

With the overwhelming success of the Bahubali franchise, there is absolutely no turning back for Prabhas. Prabhas, affectionately called “Honey” by his fans and admirers, has become a brand in the film industry. Surprisingly, this once struggling actor has now pushed Bollywood sweats aside to become India’s No. 1 star!

Prabhas, whose full name is Venkata Satyanarayana Prabhas Raju Uppalapati, comes from a family who have already made their mark in the Telugu film industry. His father, the late Uppalapati Suryanarayana Raju, was a famous producer and his mother, Siva Kumari, was a housewife. He also has two siblings, his older brother Pramod Uppalapati and older sister Pragathi. His greatest strength is being born as the nephew of Rebel star Uppalapati Krishnam Raju, who has appeared in more than 183 films in his acting career.

Scroll down to see the best photo collection of actor Prabhas! Learn all the interesting details about his personal and professional life.

Actor Prabhash Biography:

Prabhas Age and Date of Birth:

Prabhas is now 42 years old. He was born in Madras (now Chennai) Tamil Nadu in 1979 and celebrated his birthday on 23 October. Later, the Prabhash family moved to Hyderabad as his father was making films in the Telugu industry. His hometown is Bhimavaram and his native language is Telugu. He was born Hindu and belonged to the Kshatriya caste. Prabhas currently resides in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Prabas Education:

Prabhas attends DNR School in Bhimavaram. He is studying Btech at Caitanya Institute of Engineering, Hyderabad. Prabas wanted to be a businessman since he was a child and never wanted to enter the film industry, but his fate had other arrangements!

Physical appearance:

The hero Prabas is known for his manly body and killer looks! He is one of the tallest actors in Tollywood at 6 feet 2 inches. His weight is approx. At 95kg, his vitals are 45 inches (chest), 16 inches (biceps) and 35 inches (waist). He has brown eyes and black curly hair.

Prabhash’s hobbies:

Sahoo prabhas is a complete foodie and loves home cooking. He even served his co-stars with delicious Godavari-style non-vegetarian dishes. He has a soft spot for biryani and spicy food. As for his other interests, our baby enjoys reading, watching movies and playing volleyball. His favorite film artists are Robert De Niro, Raveena Tandon, Deepika Padukone, Shriya Saran and Trisha Krishnan. London is his preferred holiday destination and black is his favourite colour.

Prabas Social Media:

A shy person, Prabha has never seriously dabbled in social media. However, for his followers, he has made a splash on Instagram, amassing around 70,000 followers in just a few hours of opening the account. While there are no accounts on other platforms, we can see a lot of pages with his name run by his admirers.

Dear Prabas Films:

From struggling actor to India’s biggest star, Bahubali prabhas is now a well-known name in the Indian film industry. He was also the first South Indian actor to get a place at the world famous wax museum Madame Tussauds. Let’s take a peek at the film’s journey and the latest news from Prabas.

From debut Eshwar to upcoming Radhe Shyam:

Prabha started coming to Tollywood in 2002 with the first film Eeshwar and Raghavendra being his second film. However, both films failed to impress the audience. However, the 2004 film “Varsham” proved his career a game-changer. This huge box office success was followed by a series of failures – Adavi Ramudu and Chakram. In 2005, he starred in “Chatrapathi” directed by SS Rajamouli, which witnessed an unprecedented collection. His other hit films include “Boogie Gadu”, “Muna”, “Bila”, “Honey”, “Mr. Perfect”, “Milch”. Then, in 2015, his epic journey in the tome “Bahubali” began, and he became an overnight sensation and had the whole country talking about him. In 2017, his 5-year partnership with the brand ended with the sequel “Bahubali-2”. Later, in 2019, he starred in Sahoo, the third most expensive movie in India. Now, he’s working on his next films in 2022, Radhe Shyam, Salaar, Adipurush, Spirit and ProjectK.

Prabhas Awards and Honors:

The young Rebel star was first nominated for the 2004 film Varsham. He is competing for “Best Actor in a Movie – Telugu”. Even in 2005, he was nominated for the same award but failed to win both times. In 2010, his dream came true when he won the “Cine Maa Award” for Best Actor (Jury) for the first time. He also won the “Nandi Best Actor Award” for “Mirchi”. He was also nominated in the “Best Actor” category for the Bahubali series.

Prabhash’s next movies:

It is speculated that Prabhas’ next film will be released in 2022, titled Radhe Shyam. Pooja Hedge plays the heroine. This recurring love story will be directed by KKRadha Krishna under the UV Creations Banner. The film is expected to be released in three languages, Telugu, Hindi and Tamil. In addition, Prabhas has signed two more prestigious projects, one is “Adipurush” with director Om Raut. Another movie is called salaar director Prashanth Neel.

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Prabhas Photos: 20 Rare and Unseen Photos of Actor Prabhas

Find out some interesting early photos of the hero Prabhash and check out his latest real photos.

1. Prabas, 6 months:

Can you believe that this naughty 6 month old Krishna is now the macho Prabhash? Starlet dressed up by mom seems to be enjoying all the attention he deserves!

2. Prabhas Childwood Image:

From childhood, Prabhas displayed all the qualities needed to be a good artist. He was always calm. Even in the photo, we can see his gentility.

3. Wife of Prabhas and Krishnamraju:

Prabhas had a very special relationship with Krishnam Raju’s wife Pedhamma Shyamala Devi. Seen here is the pair celebrating Diwali together. We love his national costumes!

4. Prabhas and Dad:

Among the very few pictures of Prabhas’ childhood, this one occupies a special place. The reason is that his father, who likes his boy very much, always pours his infinite love into him.

5. Posing in the studio:

Wearing a safari suit, this adorable lad smiles at the photographer. In those days, completing a portrait with a floral background was a formality. Hard to believe it’s our dear Prabhash!

6. Prabhas Killer Look:

Prabhas looks like he’s hinting us at his future craze! This handsome boy is a good poser for photography lovers, and this slightly mature photo has us wondering what’s behind his mysterious smile!

7. This teenage guy:

Prabhas’ transformation from a gullible boy to a handsome guy seems to have only just begun. Seen here is a photo with his uncle, a teenager in this life.

8. Prabhas School Photos:

Ever wonder what your favorite handsome guy looked like in his school days? This passport-sized photo says it all! He looks sincere and has neat hair. Probably one of the precious photos in his memory book!

9. Prabhas and mother:

This is chatrapathi prabhas and his mother Siva Kumari. The doting son can be seen pouring out his love to his dearest mum. She has always been the backbone of his strength, supporting him at all times.

10. Stills of Prabhas working with his father:

This photo was taken at the very beginning of his career. It was a proud moment for the son to be photographed on set with his producer dad. What more could a father want?

11. Prabhash family:

Needless to say, Prabhash is the most favored child in the family. He always gets very special treatment from his close relatives and relatives. Even Prabhash didn’t get a chance to party with them.

12. Prabhas with Chiranjeevi:

Varsham is one of the actor prabhas’ biggest commercial blockbusters, giving him a much-needed break. The 25-year-old rising star is celebrating its 175th day of features with Megastar Chiranjeevi.

13. Prabhas and Maheshbabu:

This photo definitely takes us back to the days when Prabhas and Mahesh babu were just carving out a niche for themselves. It looks like these two future superstars are engrossed in an in-depth discussion!

14. Prabas at the gym:

Prabhas is committed to whatever role is given to him and works hard both on and off screen. Seen here is an early photo of him working out in the gym giving us our main fitness goals!

15. Prabhash at home:

Prabhas look as cool as cucumbers in this photo! He appears to be relaxing in the mini-pool at home. With two conversations going on at the same time, we wonder who those lucky ones are?

16. Prabhash and Anushka:

We all know Prabhas’ fondness for Anushka. While their pictures are all the rage on the internet, this rare photo of Devasena showing Amarendra Bahubali her stills is hilarious!

17. Prabhas Birthday Ball:

Here’s another photo that reveals Prabhash’s “party” side. He seems to be in a good mood, performing the Jiangnan dance with his uncle. This is sure to drive his fans crazy!

18. Prabhas and Rana Daggubati:

Prabhas and Rana recently attended the Babubali success party organized by B-Town. Here are two boys who have made the Telugu industry proud with their otherworldly performances.

19. Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor:

Here is a new photo of saaho Prabhas that is sure to make everyone swoon! The Star of Sahoo looks like a dream here. He is pictured with his co-star Shraddha Kapoor and director Sujith. Doesn’t this make you envious and jealous?

Prabhas and PM Modi:

Prabhash and Karan Johar:

Pets of Prabhas and Charmi:

New Prabas:

Prabhas new movie look:

Prabhas from the RRR team:

Prabhas working with Tollywood Industry:

There were many other memorable events and good times in this man’s life, but we have to list the rarest pieces for you. Prabhas is definitely one of the most promising stars in India and we hope we can take it to the next level. He’s going to be our favorite “darling” both in real life and in real life! For more of Prabhas’ latest photos, you can follow him on his social media handles.