40 Best Mollywood Malayalam Movie Actors Names and Photos

40 Best Mollywood Malayalam Movie Actors Names and Photos

40 Best Mollywood Malayalam Movie Actors Names and Photos


If you ask us where movies are known for their intense plot, rich and varied storylines, and unique script creativity, it would be Malayalam or Mollywood cinemas. We have Malayalam actors playing important roles in it. These actors redefine the entire concept of acting and masculinity or heroism in film. Their characters and roles are unique and provide inspiration for many of us who love art.

Let’s first see who these most famous Malayalam heroes are.

List of the best and famous Hollywood actors in 2022:

If we talk about the full list of Malayalam actors, it is impossible to cover all names. However, very few of them became famous and established themselves in the industry. Therefore, we have covered the list of the most talented and best actors in Malayalam movies on different topics. So, let’s find out who they are!

Highest paid Malayalam actor:

Let’s explore the highest paid and most famous Malayalam actors and heroes. They are one of the top companies currently ruling the industry. These heroes entered Hollywood decades ago and left a lasting impression on the film industry. The audience loved them, and now they excel in talent and acting. Some of them include,



Duke Salman:

Prithviraj Sukumaran:

Farhad Fasir:

Biggest Malayalam old movie actors:

Even the Malayalam film industry has legends. They were one of the most popular actors of all time in Mollywood and will be remembered forever, possibly for generations. Do you know who they are? If not, follow them too!

Prem Nazir:




Bharat Goby:

Top Comedy Actors in Malayalam:

We love comedy in Malayalam movies. It is unique and very light. We also have famous comedians and actors in Mollywood. They are the hot faces of the new age cinematic comedy and are well-received by the film industry. Do you want to know who they are?

Jagasi Srikumar:


Salim Kumar:


Harrisri Ashoka:


Malayalam Serial Actors:

How about a Malayalam small screen actor? Television and serial actors are popular in the South, and Malayalam actors are no exception. We also have some great up-and-coming talent in series and TV shows. The creation, acting, and looks of these actors are all good. We are happy to show you some of them!

Saju Navodaya:

Suresh Krishna:

Anish Ravi:

Sayan Surya:

Rajiv Parameshwar:

Notable Malayalam supporting and supporting roles:

A movie theater wouldn’t be complete without a supporting cast. If you’re a movie buff, you know what we’re talking about! These Malayalam or Mollywood supporting and supporting roles are famous. They are already well-known faces in the Mollywood industry. Check out these Malayalam character actors!



Murali Malayalam:

Arjun Varghese:

Tavino Thomas:

Malayalam villain actor:

How about Mollywood villains? The concept of negative characters in Malayalam films is very different. Not only is it challenging, but it has a unique take on villains. In this part, we have our favorite male Malayalam actors in negative roles. While you may know some of them by name, others have yet to make it into the limelight. Take a look!



Manoji Jayan:


Malayalam Child Actors:

Some of Mollywood’s child actors have received awards and attention for their actions. Despite their young age, they are already well established in the industry. The audience loved them, and they used their talents to bring the plot together so well.

Master Sanup:

Malayalam Short Film Actors:

Do you watch short films? Even if you don’t, you must check out Malayali short films. They are really worth a look and you will be impressed. We also have some famous Malayali short film actors. Most of them are not known yet, however, their skills and dialogue deserve all the attention. Here is the short Malayalam movie actor.

Basil Joseph:

Siju Wilson:

Vinod Korver:

Malayalam new handsome actor:

We love these new faces in the Malayalam language industry. The new Malayalam actor is handsome and is already running well in the film industry. They are learning the skill and are establishing themselves very well. While there is still a long way to go, this starting point is really good for new faces. Check out the list of some new Malayalam actors here.

Niven Pauley:

Nilaji Madhav:

Asif Ali:

Sreenath Bhasi:

Dhyan Sreenivasan:

Shane Nigam:

Kalidas Jayaram:

So, do you like this list of Malayalam actors and heroes? We hope you like them. If you still want to see their movies, now is the time to do it. They will definitely impress you with their acting skills.