40 Best Sandalwood Kannada Movie Actors Names and Pictures

40 Best Sandalwood Kannada Movie Actors Names and Pictures

40 Best Sandalwood Kannada Movie Actors Names and Pictures

Kannada Film Industry is another well-known southern regional cinema with an amazingly talented cast and commercial storyline. The Kannada actors are our favorite part of Sandalwood Cinema. They are handsome, good acting and always put on a gripping performance in Sandalwood. Today, we have a list of Kannada heroes to share with you. The cast list in the Sandalwood movie is one of the reigning actors and is known for their roles.

Are you interested in learning more about these actors? They are indeed little known in the Indian country scene and deserve attention.

Best and Top Kannada Movie Actors 2022:

Now, let’s move on to explore some of the best names on the list of actors in the Kannada film industry. These heroes are no less than superstars. While some are established and already have a good following, others are on the rise. it has started!

Best Highest Paid Famous Kannada Actors-

First, let’s take a look at the big names in the Kannada industry. They are Kannada superstars and already have huge star status. They have established themselves through hard work and have an impeccable talent for acting. Not only that, but these actors are also amazingly handsome. If you’re familiar with sandalwood, you’ve probably guessed some of the names. Here they come!





Rakesh Shetty:

Biggest old kannada movie actor –

Like all other regional cinemas, there are some famous all-time classics here. They made their mark on the sandalwood film industry and set the bar. People never forget their roles and roles. Can you guess who these Kannada movie heroes are?

Shankar Nag:

Vishnu Vardan:


Anant Nag:

Punet Lakumar:

Kannada Comedy Famous Actor-

What is a movie without fun? Comedians play a big part in this part; they hold up the film and make it worth watching. We have some of the most famous and top comedians from the Kannada film industry. These Kannada movie heroes are all-time classics and our favorites.

Tennis Krishna:

Sadhu Kokira:


Bullet Prakash:

Jean Gayenaragu:

List of famous actors in Kannada series-

Some of the famous serials in Kannada television have extraordinary and unrecognized talents. Nationally, they may be little known. However, they do deserve attention. We also rounded up some handsome and talented faces from Kannada TV. Sandalwood actors include,

Bharat Popana:

Kartik Jayaram:

Chandan Kumar:

Vijay Surya:


Names of Famous Supporting Actors in Kannada –

Why don’t you also get to know the famous supporting roles in the sandalwood world? They are nothing less than heroes, and without them the story would be in vain. They light up the entire plot of the movie with great performances every time. We also have our favorites in this category, and they are one of the most famous Sandalwood supporting heroes.


Achuth Rao:

Ravi Shankar:

KS Ashvans:


Famous Kannada Villains –

What is a movie without a villain? We all agree on that, don’t we! We also have some of the most famous faces in the Kannada villain cast. In addition to the heroes, these actors who play villains are considered to have classic plots. These are indeed challenging roles that deserve a lot of appreciation. The popular negative characters top heroes in Sandalwood are,


Tiger Prabhakar:

Mussuri Krishnamurti:


Shankar MP:


Shakti Prasad:


Best Actor in a Short Film in Kannada –

Some Kannada short films are very well done and appreciated a lot. The core part behind this is the actors who shine on the screen. These Kannada-language short film actors are known for their best acting and dialogue style. With this talent, they still have a long way to go! What do you think?

Ha Jinsha:

Kishore Kumar G:

Gautham Bhavaraju:

Munish Manjunath:

Abhirash Shetty:

Most Handsome New Kannada Actors-

Some new talent is on the horizon or has just been launched in the Kannada film industry. Sandalwood definitely has a lot to offer these newcomers, and the actors are still building their presence. However, we cannot deny that they are all handsome. Check it out!

Niranjan Sudhindra:

Zeid Khan:


So what do you think of this talented and handsome list of top Kannada actors? While we know of some of these heroes, some are yet to be determined. However, it is undeniable that talent is the foundation of all of this. Do you agree with us?