5 Best Shruti Hassan Photos Without Makeup

5 Best Shruti Hassan Photos Without Makeup

5 Best Shruti Hassan Photos Without Makeup


Shruti Hassan is the daughter of famous South Indian actors Kamal Hassan and Sarika, herself an Indian actress, singer and music composer. She rose to national fame after making her Bollywood debut in the movie Luck starring Imran Khan. Despite her brilliance, she is an inescapably beautiful teenage girl whose eyes and charisma can captivate people.

Amazing Shruti Hassan No Makeup Pictures:

Here we are ready to discuss rare photos of famous South Indian young actress Shruti Hassan without makeup.

1. When recording:

Below is an old photo of Shruti Hassan when she was more based on signing and composing, rather than putting too much into acting. We can see her without makeup, but she looks beautiful because of her natural beauty. She was wearing a brown sleeveless top with a cutout print underneath. She wears two chains around her neck, a silver chain and a longer bronze chain, with a heart and a round pendant at the end, giving her a chic look. Her hair was tied at the back as the bangs fell to one side.

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2. In an event:

Shruti Hassan melts a thousand hearts with her smile. She looked gorgeous even with the thinnest layer of lipstick and no makeup on. The photo was clicked at an event and we can see her wearing a brown tang sweatshirt. Her hair was left open, falling to her shoulders in the stepped cut, which allowed her bangs to be clearly visible. She may be carrying a black bag.

3. When filming:

This particular photo was taken on film, somewhere in between theatrical scenes. Her eyes are mesmerizing, and we can see her in either pain, hope, or despair. Her eyes look helpless, so we can guess what action she should take. Her hair was messy near the scalp, but when it fell, they curled beautifully. She is a true beauty and can even express her feelings on screen without makeup.

4. Funky look:

This photo was clicked at another event and we can see the pretty lady in a navy blue sleeveless top with flowers. When the top is cut in a V shape, she shows off her waist, leaving the sides a bit open. It makes her chic and the casual accessories she wears make her look chic.

Her right hand bracelet is thin, black and silver, and ends with a thicker bracelet. On her other hand is a black strap with silver studs that matches the belt she wears on her black jeans. She wears silver rings on her fingers and her nails are painted black. She has the same neck accessory we see in the picture above, and her hair is kept open. She’s tall and white and looks perfect without makeup on the eve.

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5. In movie “3”:

This simple schoolgirl look is a snapshot of Shruti Hassan while filming for her movie 3. She said that even with the simplest schoolgirl look, she can look beautiful with her charm and of course her eyes. Like a typical schoolgirl, her hair was tied with two headbands on either side, and her hair was parted in the middle for a more prominent look. She is wearing a plain orange kurti with a black pattern on it. Her lips were slightly painted maroon, and she had a small curl on her forehead, without any heavy makeup. As depicted in the film, her expression seems a little reserved or frightened.