5 Best Waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh You Must Visit

5 Best Waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh You Must Visit

5 Best Waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh You Must Visit

There is no doubt that the fascinating places in Himachal Pradesh have beautiful waterfalls. When you need peace, the waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh are truly the best place to kill time. The sight of Himachal Pradesh waterfalls will forever fill your heart with joy, excitement and wonder. A waterfall like this fills our souls with romance every time. Since waterfalls are a beauty of nature, it has a very universal appeal. There are many waterfalls worth visiting in Himachal Pradesh. These are either seasonal and will appear during the monsoons. Or they are full of water all year round.

Top 5 most famous waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh:

1. Jogini Falls:

This is the holy water of Manali. The waterfall belongs to the village goddess known as Jogini. The place around the waterfall is also known as SaktiPeeth due to its female power. There is a small shrine below the waterfall. Far below this is the main shrine. This is a very beautiful place to explore. After visiting the Vashisht Temple, you can easily start your trek. The trekking experience was very pleasant. If you are in Manali then this is a must visit. Just a 30 minute walk to the falls – only if you are on the national road.

  • how can I get there: hiking/walking
  • Visiting time: 3 hours
  • Distance from Manali Bus Station: 7.5 km
  • Distance from Vashisht Temple: 4 km
  • Other attractions: Jogini Mata Temple

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2. Jana Falls:

This waterfall in Himachal is one of Manali’s hidden gems. This place is known for its great views and breathtaking views. The falls are located at a higher elevation near Manali. The base of the waterfall is surrounded by pine and Deodar trees. There are also apple orchards and snow-capped mountains. It is also a great place to take pictures for photography enthusiasts. You can also easily find delicious food at local dhabas. Must try dishes are Maggie and Sidhu. Enjoy a delicious lunch where you can easily take in the views.

  • how can I get there: bus/taxi
  • Visiting time: 2 hours
  • Distance from Manali Bus Station: 32 km
  • Distance from Naga Castle: 11.4 km
  • Other attractions: Jana Village

3. Lahala Falls:

This waterfall is located near Manali. The most amazing part of this place is the melting glacier. The stunning views combined with the sound of gushing water make it a great place for a picnic. The area is also surrounded by Deodar and birch trees. The waterfall is natural and fast. This place also has ice formations through which water flows. If you are on your way to Rohtang Pass, you can easily make this your next sightseeing stop. The best time to visit these waterfalls is November.

  • how can I get there: bus/taxi
  • Visiting time: 1-2 hours
  • Distance from Manali Bus Station: 29 km
  • Distance from Gulab: 7 km
  • Other attractions: Rohtang Pass, Kothi Village

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4. Chadwick Falls:

This waterfall is located near Shimla. The altitude of the waterfalls is 1,586 meters. This place should be visited mostly during monsoons or after the monsoons as well. The waterfall was previously named Chidku Jhaar. Chidku meant sparrow and Jhaar meant water. The height of the waterfalls is so high that only a sparrow or bird can reach the top. Since the Indian British were not being able to pronounce the name, it was named Chadwick Falls. You can also do trekking through the dense forest of the Chadwick Falls. The experience will be amazing, to say the least.

  • How to Reach: Auto/Cab
  • Visit Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Distance from Shimla Railway Station: 5 km Visited from Shimla Railway Station
  • Other Attraction: Summer Hill

5. Bhagsunag Falls:

This waterfall is situated near Dharamshala. The place house the very famous Bhagsunath Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Snake God. The temple is located in the beautiful Bhagsu Village. The water is very pure and crystalline here. The best time to come to this place is the monsoons. In the summer, there will not be much water here. It is in the monsoons that the whole of Bhagsu Waterfall Mcleodganj Himachal Pradesh comes alive. The temple is located around 2 kilometres from Mcleodganj.

  • How to Reach: Trekking/Walk
  • Visit Duration: 1 hour
  • Distance from McleodGanj: 3 km
  • Distance from Bhagsunag Temple: 1 km
  • Other Attraction: Bhagsunath Temple

Additional Tips:

following are some of the things to keep in mind while visiting these waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh India,

  • Always do the research of the place beforehand, and see if the place fits your group’s physical abilities and experience.
  • Do keep a check on the current weather forecast as well.
  • Always take adequate water and food with you. You will never know when you’ll need it.
  • Always know your route and also the time of return.
  • Make sure to never go alone. Always bring someone by your side.
  • Keep your children within safe zones, and do not allow them to wander around.
  • Never be too much reliant on technology. Sometimes cell phones do not work in high altitude areas.
  • Always remember to carry a flashlight with you. You can have trouble if there is darkness.
  • Don’t plan to visit these waterfalls at night. This is because these places often remain closed during the nighttime.

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Hence, it is easy to see that there are so many amazing waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh. The place is blooming with exotic landscapes and beautiful places to be explored. While there are various waterfalls to view, you can easily make plans to see whichever one you think might be easier for you and your group. Planning is the key here. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed with your experience with the well-thought-out guide above.