50 Top Photos of South Indian Divas in Sarees 2022

50 Top Photos of South Indian Divas in Sarees 2022

50 Top Photos of South Indian Divas in Sarees 2022


This South Indian film industry actress is popular for her talent, creative work style, beauty and fashion sense. We often see actresses flaunting cute and versatile looks on and off screen, the most common of which is sarees. From the moment the film industry started, South Indian actresses in the look and style of sari have been popular for decades and generations. However, it is a timeless classic that never goes out of style.

Today, we are exploring this contemporary South Indian actress in a sari look. These looks come in different types and styles, and if you like a classic fashion sense, you can’t miss it.

Saree’s 50 Hottest Indian Actresses in 2022:

Here we go; we have been working hard to bring you the best and latest sarees styles and looks of popular southern divas. Let’s check these styles with pictures.

1. Amara Paul:

Gorgeous Amara Paul looked stunning in this fancy saree. Amala Paul is one of the most popular actresses in South India, starring in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam films. She often experiment with traditional looks or outfits and her sarees look are usually one of the most popular and trendy. We love this sari-clad Southern diva in this sleek and glamorous style statement.

2. Cajal Agarwal:

Kajal Agarwal has been in the film industry and a famous South Indian actress for over ten years. Her performance style, fashion statement and beauty have won countless applause and praise. Kajal Agarwal is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful in this saree. She fuses modern chic with Indian glamour to shape the style. Do you like this southern actress in a silk saree? !

3. Anjali:

Anjali is a popular Tollywood and Tamil film actress who has gained a lot of attention and fame now. Anjali often admits her love for sarees and her love to experiment with different styles of sarees. This has been reflected in recent awards ceremonies and events, and we absolutely love that it fits her perfectly. What do you think?

4. Nayantara:

Nayanthara, also known as a superstar, has filmed in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. She is currently one of the most acclaimed actresses in South Indian cinema and film industry. Nayanthara looks gorgeous and daring in a simple yet elegant saree. We love their very understated style and how hot she looks despite the minimal styling.

5. Anushka Shetty:

Who doesn’t know Anushka Shetty? Originally from Karnataka, she has acted in several Telugu and Tamil films over the past decade and years. Anushka loves mostly traditional and Indian style statements and we often see her and discover her in sarees. This fancy sizzling sarees are our favorite. Anushka is one of our favorite South Indian sari heroines.

6. Nano Tower:

Namita is one of the most popular actresses of yesteryear in South Indian cinema. She is known for her hot and stylish sexy characters that are bold and talented. Namita’s saree style looks unique and stylish, and this is one of our favorite photos.

7. Shryasaran:

Shriya Saran has acted in films ranging from Telugu, Tamil to Bollywood national films. She is known for her lean and feminine style and is often seen in Western clothing. However, have you ever seen our favorite hot saree beauties? This look is one of our most popular at the moment; Shriya looks no less than a princess in this one.

8. Priyamani:

Priyamani is known for her feminine and unpretentious looks and looks. From the moment she entered the cinema, she was seen wearing a sari on multiple occasions. Her love for them is well known. This gorgeous saree on Priyamani was seen at an event and since then it is apparently one of the most trending sarees on the internet.

9. Samantha:

How about Samantha in a sari? The multi-talented actress is Tamil. However, it is even popular in Tollywood movies. Samantha didn’t hesitate to experiment with several looks, from fancy, trendy sarees to traditional styles. She also took them all away effortlessly! We love the youthful and elegant samatha paired with the saree.

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10. Theresa:

Trisha focuses primarily on Tamil and Telugu films and is frequently featured in films, events and TV interviews. She admits she has a huge love for basic sarees and fashion. Here’s a photo of one of our favorite actresses in such a saree, and we love how beautifully she performs. She is indeed one of the most beautiful actresses in sarees.

11. Aditi Rao Hydari:

Although Hyderabad, Aditi Rao Hydari is a well-known face in Indian cinema, both in Tollywood and Bollywood. Whenever she flaunts any style statement, she exudes royal and luxurious looks and grand looks. Aditi Rao in a sari is a grand look that we love to encounter. There is no doubt that she looks very beautiful and elegant.

12. Tamana:

Tamanna has been a celebrity since her first film, Happy Times. After starring in “Bahubali”, he became popular all over the country. Unfortunately, we often don’t see Tamanna in Indian outfits and sarees. However, when she does, she looks sophisticated and charming. Here is one such photo to treat your eyes. Do you like it?

13. Practice:

Malayali actress Bhavna loves Indian clothing and sarees, and often effortlessly flaunts a variety of versatile sarees. It’s a style statement we’ve fallen in love with lately! Known for her feminine, daring and luxurious looks, Bhavna has a passion for experimental and versatile fashion.

14. Katherine Theresa:

Even in sarees, not everyone can wear the modern and trendy sarees that designers wear. We recently saw Catherine Teresa in this beautiful shades saree and we couldn’t help gushing about it. If you like this diva-inspired statement look and sizzling grand look with a youthful sense of chic, this is a must check.

15. Bindu Madavi:

Bindu Madhavi mainly appears in Telugu and Tamil films. She is known for her unique and bold roles in recent film selections. Bindu most often flaunts her style in sarees, one of her modern, edgy looks. She loves to experiment with fancy silk sarees, which were clicked during the media launch. Without a doubt, they are perfect for her.

16. Charmicul:

Charmi Kaur has been widely known as the face of Telugu film characters over the past decade. Well, even now, she’s not completely gone. She occasionally makes those stunning looks and is captivated by her sleek and stylish looks. This saree look from Charmee is very traditional but also beautiful!

17. Divia Spandana:

DivyaSpandana is a popular Kannada and Tamil film actress who most recently served as a Member of Parliament. She loves the Indian look and in most of her films, DivyaSpandana appears in sari and half sari styles. Here’s one you might like!

18. Harry Priya:

Haripriya is a new actress working in Kannada and Telugu films. Her distinctive Indianized features, traditional looks and looks often mark her as unique among her peers. In addition to other experimental edgy fashion looks, Hari Priya personally loves the saree style. This is her personal favorite and one of the most trending saree looks.

19. Hanska:

Who doesn’t know Hanska? Despite her short career, this North Indian beauty has already made her mark on the Telugu film industry. Hansika is mainly known for her bold and hot fashion looks in western clothing. However, her Indianized style of sarees also became the talk of the town when she navigated them well. This is one such!

20. Josica:

Watching Jyothika perform on a movie screen was definitely a treat for all of us. She is a versatile actress who excels in creativity, art, beauty and grace. Jyothika often wears a sari, which is one of our favorite fashion looks. So what do you think?

21. Elena:

Bollywood actress Irina was indeed first known and introduced in southern cinema. Her roles in Telugu movies are popular and popular. Ileana often likes Western-style clothing and edgy comfort. However, her saree looks are not little known. She’s been known to experiment with hot, edgy styles, and this is one such example.

22. Kilti Suresh:

Malayali, Telugu and Tamil actress Keerti Suresh is popular for her ethnic style and classic looks, sophisticated fashion and simplicity. Keerthi personally loves sarees as a fashion statement and often chooses to try them in movies and personal life. We also love how hot this Malayalam actress is.

23. Kavia Madavan:

We would say – no one can pair a simple saree with a bold look like Kavya Madhavan. Here is an example that will prove us right. Kavya Madhavan looks beautiful in Indian sarees, mainly when she designs them unique and exemplary!

24. Lavagna Tripathi:

Lavanya Tripathi is a North Indian who fell in love with South Cinema. She has appeared in several Telugu movies and is often seen wearing Indian clothing such as sarees and suits. This traditional saree look of hers is one of our favorite and most popular.

25. Cuthby:

We bet no one needs a description of Khusboo. Khusboo Sundar is a popular actress, politician and producer who is mostly seen in the sarees themselves. It’s exemplary that her pieces define themselves, and her personal Indian style complements traditional to fancy sarees.

26. Laxmire:

This beautiful and straightforward saree on Laxmi Rai is gorgeous. Laxmi Rai looks gorgeous in an Indian sari and we see her flaunting it at events and performances. She paired sarees with delicate jewellery and designer outfits and we couldn’t take our eyes off her!

27. Lakshmi Menon:

How about Lakshmi Menon’s hot look in a red saree? If you like bold and edgy modern looks, getting the right saree look is crucial. One such example is this one shown off by our Southern actress Lakshmi Menon! We bet she is one of the most popular Indian sari actresses.

28. Mira Jasmine:

Malayalam beauty Meera Jasmine has mostly appeared in Telugu and Mollywood movies. For the most part, she never shy away from showing off her love for sarees. Here is one such photo, we love this simple and elegant Indian traditional beauty.

29. Malawi Card:

This picture of Malawika in a traditional sari is mesmerizing beyond words. Malawika, although she doesn’t look heavy in the saree look, it suits her perfectly. This is one such example that we cannot be proven wrong! What do you think of this hottest saree actress?

30. Nicea Menon:

Nithya Menon is widely acclaimed for her versatile work, acting talent and beauty. She looks very gorgeous and classy when she wears a sari. Here is a recent photo of her in a saree and we love how beautiful and smart she looks.

31. Nitu Chandra:

Neetu Chandra appears in numerous Telugu, Tamil and Bollywood movies. The Southern-based actress rarely wears sarees, but when she does, she looks atmospheric and stylish. The saree fancy look suits her perfectly and we can see how edgy and sleek Nitu looks on them!

32. Purnam Bajwa:

Despite being North Indian and Punjabi, Poonam Bajwa is a well-known actress in Telugu and Tamil films. Her sharp features, slender appearance and curly hair are often the talk of the fashion town. Poonam looks sophisticated and beautiful in a saree and this is an example. The overall appearance is quite elegant and classy!

33. Reiki:

Beautiful actress Pranitha looks luxurious and feminine in a saree look. The understated construction and elegant look are very much in line with her taste and go well with simple and stylish sarees. Do you like her in sarees?

34. Lacourt Platt:

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