6 Best Reserves and Parks in Bihar | Lifestyle

6 Best Reserves and Parks in Bihar | Lifestyle



Bihar is synonymous with many things, most importantly its parks. The twelfth largest state in India is steeped in history, with an astonishing 21 wildlife reserves. The state also has 2 national parks.

Hence, Bihar is full of lush greenery which is a dilemma in all tropical climates. Bihar Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect breeding ground for many unique flora and fauna species. They also provide very good medical facilities, making sure that the protected animals are also well monitored and medically assisted.

Sanctuaries are home to animals such as:

• Tiger,
• sloth bear,
• wild dogs,
• Sambal,
• Neil Guy,
• Wolf,
• Leopard,
• Hyenas,
• Peacock,
• python,
• One-horned rhino,
• Indian bison and more.

Here are some of the most famous reserves and parks in Bihar:

Paramao Tiger Reserve:

The Paramau Reserve is every botanist’s paradise. It is rich in vegetation and is a place with a large number of rare plant species. Trees like Sal, Pala, Mahua and Bamboo accompany the smaller mounds of Murhu, Gulgul, Hulk and Netarhat. The exquisite Mirchaiya Falls sit alongside Garu, Suga Bandh Falls and are sure to captivate you with their ethereal beauty. The beauty of this place has long fascinated many writers, praising the amazing magic created by a ray of sunshine through the dense forest.

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Valmiki National Park:

This national park restores the homeland of Maharishi Valmiki, the saint and composer of the epic Ramayana. This is a confession lesson about how a robber became a saint and recorded the story of the Lord. Anyone who comes to this place can enjoy the peace and quiet away from the stress of city life.

Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary is built on a picturesque plot of approximately 34 square kilometers with auspicious hammocks that have its roots in the glorious days of Buddhism and Jainism that surround it. Similar to most Buddhist shrines, this place has a signature serenity that must be experienced in person.

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Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary:

The famous Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the hilly terrain of Bihar, covering an area of ​​more than 184 square kilometers with lush tropical forests and grasslands. It has a rich biodiversity of fauna and is a very popular tourist attraction in Bihar. The best time is spring when the forest is full of rainbow colors. There are numerous observation towers in the park where tourists and wildlife enthusiasts can observe the animals up close.

Lake Udvar Bird Sanctuary:

This beautiful bird sanctuary consists of two delicious lakes, Pataura and Berhale, covering nearly 565 kilometers. Each lake is vast, 155 hectares in Pataura and 410 hectares in Berhale. Just a stone’s throw away from the sacred Ganges creek adds a delightful spiritual touch. It is best to visit in winter when migratory birds swarm. This is truly a bird lover’s fantasy.

Bihar forest officials ensure that there is no poaching and any such violations of the law are severely punished.

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Funtasia Island Water Park Patna:

The first and only water park in Bihar is loved by young people and children. Open Thursday-Tuesday, closed Wednesday. Long awaited by residents, this park is Patna’s star attraction. Visit it to escape the tropical heat of Bihar in summer. It will definitely lift your spirits.

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