60 Best Hindi Movie Hero Photos With Names In 2022

60 Best Hindi Movie Hero Photos With Names In 2022

60 Best Hindi Movie Hero Photos With Names In 2022

Talking business plot, machismo, impeccable acting; B-town comes first. It is undeniable that Hindi heroes in particular play an important role behind the success of Hindi films. However, of the many actors who entered B Town, few were able to make ends meet, become famous and rule the industry. Today, we’re going to show you these hot faces. The names of these Hindi movie heroes are forever etched in our hearts who have ruled and still rule the cinema of this country.

Let’s find out who they are!

List of 60 Best Hindi Heroes:

Let’s move on and explore the names of famous and best Hindi heroes and actors that are still heard today. While few of them may be new faces in the B-town industry, few are legendary actors. See who they are!

Best Highest Paid Hindi Heroes:

We all know that every movie theater has several of the most sought after legendary actors. They have long ruled the film industry and built a reputation for themselves with talent, action, and skill. Apart from that, they are also handsome and super good looking. So, we also have this B-town actor. In fact, it’s only natural for these male actors to be paid more for their experience and sense of acting. So, we also have the highest paid Hindi actor. Some of the best heroes in Hindi include:

Amitabh Bachchan:

Salman Khan:

Shahrukh Khan:

Aamir Khan:

Akshay Kumar:

Ranbir Kapoor:


Hrithik Roshan:

Ranveer Singh:

Biggest old Hindi actor:

How many new Hindi heroes come and go, few legends last forever. They are remembered for decades and generations and have made a name and a place for themselves. The Bollywood actor given here is one of the biggest superstars. They ruled B Town for decades and are still audiences, remembered by fans with a smile. Few of these ancient Hindi heroes,

Raj Kapoor:

Dilip Kumar:

Develop Anand:

Shami Kapoor:

Rajesh Khanna:


Famous comedians in Hindi:

There is no interesting element and part to any movie or drama without a comedian. They bring life to the entire movie plot. We have some of the most famous comedians in the men’s category in town B. Wondering who they are? Check it out!

Boman Irani:


Khadr Khan:

Johnny Leverage:

Paresh Rawal:

Rajpal Yadav:

Sunil Grover:

Valen Sharma:


Hindi Serial Actor Male:

Even on TV, we have the most desirable and amazing faces. These serial Hindi actors have stolen our hearts and are super handsome on and off screen. They have great acting talent and look charming in all their roles. Most of these actors have had decent careers on the series and are still taking on many new and challenging roles. They include,

Shahr Sheikh:

Karan Tucker:

High Tamrod:

Abhinav Sohra:

Kushal Tanton:

Mosin Khan:

Mohit Reina:


Hassad Chopda:

Arjun Bijilani:

Nakul Meta:

Famous Hindi Supporting Actors:

All the movies have supporting characters and they also play an important role in the movie. Similarly, the supporting roles of these supporting actors in City B are also very famous and well received by the audience. They make the characters pleasing and give them new colors. Most of these supporting characters work well with mainstream heroes and play a major role in the film’s success. Our favorites in this category include,

Nait Das:

Sanjay Mishra:

Vikrant Messi:

Ashutosh Rana:

Jimmy Shergil:

Arshad Varsi:

Manoj Bajpayee:

Hindi villain actors:

A versatile character is someone who can play any role in a movie. This also includes negative villains. Any commercial plot of the film is a huge success if the villain can deliver the same gripping performance. We have the most popular Hindi historical villain actors in these lines in this list. They are known as one of the best villains a Hindi movie has ever seen. Want to know who they are? Well, let’s get started!

Gulshan Grover:

Prakash Raj:

Ronette Roy:


Rahul developed:

Famous Child Actors in Hindi:

The Chid cast definitely adds loveliness to the whole movie. The conversational delivery of their words is fascinating and exciting. These famous Hindi child actors are one of the most in-demand actors. Despite their young age, they were praised for their acting skills. They include,

Matin Rey Tangu:

Dashier Safari Park:

Parzan Dastur:

Rajush Resta:


Actors in Hindi Short Films:

Some short films have excellent casts and storylines that stay away from the mainstream limelight. Unfortunately, most of them ignore these short films; however, we say they’re worth watching. In these movies, they are also the best actors in Hindi movies. These Hindi heroes are one of the new fresh short Bollywood heroes.

Navazuddin Siddiq:


Dashan Jariwala:

Ashutosh Rana:

Most Handsome New Hindi Actors:

Well, finally, we can’t miss the newcomer, can we? ! These new faces are said to be the most handsome and hot on the screen. They set a high temperature bar and impressed the audience. These handsome new Hindi actors also have a good fan base and have entered the Hindi film arena in the past few years. Curious to know who they are? Well, here is the shortlist of new Hindi movie heroes.

Katik Aryan:

Siddhant Chaturvedi:

Vicky Kaushal:

Rajkumar Rao:

Aparshakti Khurana:

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So, what do you think of the list of Hindi heroes? These Hindi actors are at the top of their niche and are doing great. Few of them are legends, others still rule the film industry. So, which of them is your favorite? Let us know what you think!