7 Different Types of Celebrity Face Shapes You Must Know

7 Different Types of Celebrity Face Shapes You Must Know

7 Different Types of Celebrity Face Shapes You Must Know


Face shape and facial features play an important role in determining styling cues in the fashion world. Depending on a person’s face shape, styling choices and makeup can vary. But is there anything called having the perfect face shape? Well, let’s answer your question by exploring celebrity face shapes.

We all take inspiration from our favorite celebrities and follow them in styling, looks, makeup, and more. The faces of our favorite celebrities are always eye-catching and charismatic to follow. Learning style advice is always fun, and despite any facial structure, nothing can go wrong. So, let’s do that today and see what our stars look like and learn about their face shapes.

7 Celebrity Face Shapes and Structures:

In total, everyone in the world has seven face shapes. Let’s get to know them and we can also see which celebrities have the same facial features as you by their faces!

1. Celebrities with Oval Faces:

This is by far one of the most common face shapes in the world. Men and women, actors and actresses; some of them have oval face structures. If you have an oval face shape and structure, it means you have a long face. Here, the forehead is a little wider than the cheeks and looks balanced and symmetrical. The chin may be slightly curved.Famous celebrities with oval faces include

Anushka Sharma

Emma Watson

Kristen Stewart


Chris Hemsworth

2. Heart-Shaped Face Celebrities:

Here’s a simple trick for identifying a heart-shaped face – stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself to see if your face is an upside-down triangle. Well, that means you have a pointy chin and a full forehead. The width of the forehead and chin are similar. It also gives a face that looks smaller and more rounded.Celebrities with heart-shaped faces have

Deepika Padukone

Scarlett Johansson

Bradley Cooper

Ryan Gosling

3. Celebrities with Rectangular/Rectangular Face Shapes:

As the name suggests, if you have a rectangular face shape, your forehead area, chin, chin, and cheeks are very similar in width. It is an extension of the oval face shape. Your face looks a little longer and wider.Celebrities with a rectangular or oblong face shape include

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Sandra Bullock

Katrina Cave

Akshay Kumar

slim Shady

4. Round-faced stars:

People with round faces can always guess quickly – the overall appearance of the facial features appears slightly outward, with the cheeks visibly covering the face. The ends feel soft and the edges are rounded. The overall structure is circular and proportional to the length and width. Celebrities with round faces include,


Emma Stone

Leonardo DiCaprio

Justin Timberlake

5. Square Face Celebrities:

A square face looks slightly different from a round face – the edges of the face are not curved, the sides of the face are sharp and straight, and the chin looks angular. The square face is also equal in length and width, giving people a flat feeling as a whole. Celebrities with square faces include,

Katie Holmes

Kelly Osborne

Aamir Khan

Tom Cruise

6. Diamond Face Celebrities:

It is also one of the favorite face shapes of many women as these facial features provide a feminine and alluring look. It’s easy to guess if you have a diamond face shape – the center of your hairline connects directly to the center of the cheeks and chin area. The chin is pointed, the hairline is narrow, and the cheekbones appear high.The star of the diamond face is

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Jennifer Lopez

Malaika Arora

Vicky Kaushal

Johnny Depp

7. Celebrities with Triangle or Pear-Shaped Faces:

You probably know less about pear-shaped faces. In this case, the jawline is wider compared to the forehead. This means that the forehead and chin are narrow, and the forehead is particularly concerned because it appears wider overall. Celebrities with this face shape include,

Brad Pitt

Meghan Markle

Kevin Bacon

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Now you know the most common celebrity face shapes in the world. Are you sure what kind of facial features you have? Or, do you have a specific face shape that you like? Let us know in the comments!