7 Famous Museums In Chennai With Pictures

7 Famous Museums In Chennai With Pictures

7 Famous Museums In Chennai With Pictures


Chennai is the capital of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is known for its fine business and cultural aspects. The city has a major Tamil film industry and hosts many cultural events and performances. The city is home to beaches, temples, parks, cultural sites and historical landmarks, making it the most visited tourist attraction than Mumbai or Delhi.

Beautiful museums and pictures in Chennai:

Let’s take a look at the top museums in Chennai.

1. Government Museum:

The Chennai Government Museum is located in Egmore. It is the second oldest museum in India, covering 16.25 acres and one of the largest in Asia. Their museum consists of 6 different buildings and 46 exhibition halls, which are divided into sections for archaeology, zoology, botany, geology, anthropology and numismatics. There is a theatre in the museum which is very attractive.

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2. Fort Museum:

The Fort Museum was established in Chennai in 1948. It is administered by the Archaeological Survey if India exhibits valuable objects excavated by archaeologists. The Fort Museum tells us about the times of kings, Muslims, British rule and the French East India Company. They display weapons, uniforms, medals, manuscripts, etc.

3. Regional Railway Museum:

The Regional Railway Museum is located in Perrambler. It shows the evolution and development of Indian Railways. The Railway Museum was inaugurated in 2002 at the Integral Coach Factory and consists of different types of vehicles such as trucks, bogies and different types of trains. Inside, they show pictures from the past of Indian Railways. It showcases famous railways such as Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Meter Gauge EMU, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway etc. It also produced live signals for trains, automatic signals, track crossings, etc. Miniatures are fun for kids. In the image below, we can see a miniature of the entrance. This is the oldest museum in Chennai.

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4. Dakshina Chitra:

Dakshina Chitra is a famous heritage centre in Muttukadu, close to Chennai. It has an open amphitheater and regularly hosts sculptural events such as music and art. Workshops for children and adults where they can learn to paint, pottery. They have paintings, palm leaf puppets, shell crafts, beadwork, handmade candles and more.

5. Dr. Giri’s Museum:

Dr. Giri’s museum is unlike any ordinary museum where people visit historical artifacts and facts. This museum is a bit of a business where people deal with occasional products, store and sell them to customers. Now over 50 years old, it has furniture, infrastructure products, cooking supplies, corporate event furniture and other occasion products.

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6. Rukmini Devi Museum:

Rukmini Devi Museum is located on the Kalakshetra campus in Chennai. It is dedicated to rukmini Devi Arundale who founded that kalakshetra. The museum exhibits artworks by rukmini Devi from all over the world. They include handicrafts, bronze idols, photographs, paintings, sculptures, utensils and more. It also has items that are rukmini Devi, including her writing desk, the sarees she used to own, pottery from her kitchen, etc.

7. Tamil Nadu Technology Center:

The Tamil Nadu Technology Centre was established in 1983. Its main purpose is to popularize science among students and adults, and to a certain extent through exhibitions. Younger generations are inspired and motivated by their interests, it trains their brains to think about the deeper world of science, but in a very interesting way because it has living examples of scientific machines that can be shown to them visually and make them understand better.