7 Famous Parks and Pictures in Indore

7 Famous Parks and Pictures in Indore

7 Famous Parks and Pictures in Indore


Often described as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is the center of various commercial activities. Although not a very famous tourist destination, it still has several interesting places to visit. It is close to the Malwa Plateau and therefore has rocky terrain in some areas. The large population here is responsible for most of the hustle and bustle seen here. The city has many zoos, gardens and more.

Beautiful parks and pictures in Indore:

Here is a list of some of them.

1. Pipliyapala Regional Park:

Developed by the Indore Development Authority (IDA), the park is also known as Atal Bihari Wajpayee Regional Park. It covers about 120 acres and includes an artificial pond. A canal runs from one point of the pond throughout the park and joins it at the other end. The park also features many different types of fountains. The artist village here is also a great visit! French gardens, biodiversity gardens and boating areas are added bonuses.

2. Safari Adventure Park:

This is an average park with many adventure rides nearby. Schools often use it to plan excursions as well as other committees and clubs. This is the perfect place for a picnic with your kids. The rides keep them busy and the scenic views allow you to relax and enjoy your time.

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3. Kamla Nehru Park:

This is a zoo commonly known as Indore Zoo. There is a fee to enter, although the fee is not too high. The park serves educational purposes for the city’s children and entertainment for their parents and visitors. This also proves to be a great picnic spot if you’re an animal lover. Some of the wild animals that can be found here include white tigers. The park not only offers spectacular views of these wild animals in their native habitat, but also other recreational activities such as horseback riding, pony rides, elephant rides and even camel rides! All in all, it’s an interesting place.

4. Meghdoot Upvan:

Meghdoot Upvan is one of the most beautiful gardens in the city. It is close to the amusement park Mangal Merry Land. It has dancing fountains, beautifully landscaped gardens, flowers, lawns and mesmerizing night lights. It’s a great place to take a morning walk or relax with the kids.

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5. Chatri Bagh:

Chhatri is an Indian word for the canopies that nobles and royalty chose to use as shelter when traveling outside their palaces. Chhatri bagh, as the name suggests, is filled with such canopies. It was built to commemorate the Holka dynasty. Each chhatri in the park marks the burial site of King or Queen Holkar. At night, all the canopies are lit and a beautiful fountain goes into operation. This is a common tourist destination.

6. Somanipuram Adventure Park:

This park has a variety of recreational activities. It has a cricket pitch, a volleyball court, a mini jumping platform, a camping area called a tent city, a lake with waterfalls and more! It even offers indoor sports like table tennis and billiards. This is a great place to spend the weekend. You can do wall climbing, rappelling, water sports, bungee jumping, boating and even play color balls! The park provides coaches and professionals so your safety is not compromised at any time.

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7. Tafreeh Agricultural Park:

The park is located on a 40-acre farm. It provides a soothing natural environment to help you relax and calm down as you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city in just one day.