7 Famous Parks and Pictures in Mumbai

7 Famous Parks and Pictures in Mumbai

7 Famous Parks and Pictures in Mumbai


Mumbai is one of the most vibrant metropolises in India. It’s India’s Los Angeles, where you can see celebrities from simple coffee shops to traffic intersections! There are also many beautiful parks near this busy city of lights!

Beautiful parks in Mumbai with pictures:

Here is a list of the best parks in Mumbai.

Trans Maidan:

This is one of the oldest gardens in the city, built and named after the cross that was placed here during the Portuguese rule. Where the original Cross once stood is now a school whose children are avid park users. The maidan was originally part of the Esplanade, the name of the gathering area of ​​the Oval maidan, Azad Maidan, Cooperage ground and cross maidan. The maidan’s glory has waned somewhat as the mounds of rubbish now adorn its southern end. Maintenance is also lacking something. However, the historical context was enough to prevent this park from turning into another residential area.

Horniman Round Garden:

The garden covers an area of ​​12,081 square yards and is located in South Mumbai. The park and its surrounding area are named after Benjamin Horniman, editor of the Bombay Chronicle. The garden itself is beautiful, although not well maintained. It is also used to host many well-known functions.

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Jogging Park:

Joggers Park is a common venue for club meetings and jogging groups to meet in Bandra. Its beachfront location makes it ideal for morning runners and joggers. Bandera’s first laughter club was launched at the Otter Club, which is very close to the park. The club actively uses the park for jogging. Greenery and a variety of flowers add to the natural charm of the park’s beauty.

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Joseph Baptista Gardens:

Joseph Baptista Gardens or Mazagaon Gardens is located on top of Bhandarwada hill and features a variety of lush greenery including cycads, ixora, musanda, bougainvillea and hibiscus. Its prime location also offers superb views of the Mumbai coastline. Morning walkers and joggers from residential areas near the park frequent the area.

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Kamala Nehru Park:

The park is named after Kamala Nehru, wife of India’s first prime minister, Jawalal Nehru. The park itself is located on top of Malabar Hill in Mumbai. The famous Ocean Drive and Chowpatty Beach are nearby and can be seen from this park. The park has swings and slides and other fun structures to keep the kids entertained. These include a glamorous shoe that you can enter, inspired by the nursery rhymes of women who wear shoes.

Shivaji Park:

This park is one of the largest parks in Mumbai. It is famous for its cricket ground, which hosts all of Mumbai’s legendary local matches. However, its grounds are also used for football practice. There is an equally magnificent statue in the park built in honor of Shivaji. Many of the buildings around this park are very old, dating back to the nineteenth century.

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Sky Garden:

Hanging Gardens or Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens is a group of beautiful parks with flowers and various trees. Statues and animal carvings adorn the edges of this park, which houses a set of beautiful stone fountains that light up at night. The picturesque sunset across the Arabian Sea can only be experienced throughout the city. The most fascinating thing about the entire park is that, from above, its path spells out the letters QME.

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