7 Famous Parks in Goa with Pictures

7 Famous Parks in Goa with Pictures

7 Famous Parks in Goa with Pictures


Tourism in Goa is booming. Several tourists flock to this small city every year to have fun at the vast beaches and bars the city has to offer. Many famous music festivals take place on the city’s sandy beaches. The water sports offered here are also great! But contrary to what some believe, Goa is more than just a party destination. It has so much more to offer! There are many national parks and reserves within Goa, and some are very close to it. There is also great natural beauty in corners and places frequented by tourists.

7 Beautiful Parks in Goa:

Here is a list of the best parks in Goa.

1. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary:

It covers an area of ​​211 square kilometers. This reserve has a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is a popular destination for wildlife and nature lovers. It is named after a tributary of the Zuali River, one of the most important sources of fresh water here. This sanctuary is located in Sanguem taluka, Goa.

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2. Salem Ali Bird Sanctuary:

The reserve is named after the famous Indian ornithologist Salim Ali. This is the only bird sanctuary in Goa and can definitely be called a bird lover’s paradise! It offers scenic beauty covered by mangroves, and a variety of birds perches on the branches of the vegetation in the area. A sanctuary away from Goa’s famous beaches presents the city in a completely different image. It is located on Chorao Island.

3. Mahadeyi Wildlife Sanctuary:

This sanctuary is located in Sattari taluka and is connected to another Netravali wildlife sanctuary. Like its sister sanctuary, this park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. It has stunning views of trees and ponds and covers an area of ​​almost 420 square kilometers. When combined with Netravali Refuge.

4. Bandera Wildlife Sanctuary:

This is a small but beautiful park frequented by tourists and locals alike. It has a moderate area of ​​8 square kilometers. Many animals live here, including sambar deer, Indian bison, Malabar giant squirrel, Indian peacock and various snakes. It is located in Tat Luka, Goa.

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5. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary:

It covers an area of ​​about 208.5 square kilometers. And is home to a large number of animals, including the Royal Bengal Tiger. The sanctuary also has a great variety of birds, so it’s also a great place for bird lovers to visit! It also keeps a large number of venomous and non-venomous snakes. Apart from flora and fauna, this reserve is also known for its beautiful waterfalls. This sanctuary is located in Sattari taluka near the town of Valpoi.

6. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary:

This reserve features evergreen and semi-evergreen forests, and the lush vegetation is home to an abundance of wildlife. Animals seen here include flying squirrel, slender loris, Indian pangolin, mouse deer, antelope, Malabar pit viper, hump-nosed pit viper, white-bellied woodpecker, Malabar macaw, nuthatch , Spotted Woodpecker, Spotted piculet, Malayan brine, draco or flying lizard and golden-backed gliding snake. It is located in Canacona taluka, Goa.

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7. Moreham National Park:

Moist deciduous, evergreen and semi-evergreen forests make up the majority of the park’s flora. It covers an area of ​​107 square kilometers. This park is actually just the core area of ​​a larger sanctuary called the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. The park offers great views of the green jungle and various animals.