70 hottest 30-year-old actresses in India

70 hottest 30-year-old actresses in India

70 hottest 30-year-old actresses in India


We often hear the saying that 30 is the new 20! Well, we don’t deny it. While our 20s are filled with anxiety, stress, and life choices to figure out careers and professional lives, our 30s are all about adjusting to professional fields and reaching new heights. The film industry is no different. We have actresses in their 30s who are thriving in their careers, winning applause and awards. They have huge popularity and are known for their impeccable talent and pursuit of excellence.

Today, let’s take a look at the best and most popular actresses in their 30s.

70 Outstanding Desi Actresses Over 30:

Now let’s move on to the names of the best Indian actresses over 30. These actresses are popular for their career choices and their taste of new success every year. here we go!

Best Bollywood Actress Over 30:

Let’s start by taking a look at the stunning and gorgeous Bollywood actresses and female stars in their 30s. These actresses are getting younger every day and looking beautiful in every movie. They are the best in the industry right now and we can’t take our eyes off them anytime. Can you guess who are actresses in their 30s? Well, if you can’t guess, check out the list below. You will be in as much awe as we are!

  • Katrina Kaif (39)
  • Kritishanon (32)
  • Disha Patani (30)
  • Kiara Advani (30)
  • Radhika Apte (37)
  • Sonam Kapoor (37)
  • Kangaroo parrot(35)
  • Anushka Sharma (34)
  • Deepika Padukone (36)
  • Shraddha Kapoor (35)

Best Young Tollywood Actress in her 30s:

Next, we have the best and most talented young Tollywood actresses over the age of 30. These beautiful young actresses in their 30s are at the peak of their careers, and every movie has a new hit. They are charismatic, talented, and simply stunning. We equally love their real life and reel personalities. They have left their mark on the film industry and will remain in history among this generation of great actresses. Check out their names here.

  • Samantha (35)
  • Cajal Agarwal (37)
  • Nicea Menon (34)
  • Anjali (36)
  • Priya Anand (36)
  • Bindu Madavi (36)
  • Tamana (32)
  • Rakul Priet Singh (31)
  • Lailakshmi (33)
  • Pooja Hegde (31)

Best Hollywood Actress in her 30s:

We even have a list of amazing actresses in Kollywood who are over 30 years old. These actresses are well over 30 years old, and some are even in their 30s or over. However, these female stars are known for their sexiest looks and sexiest looks. A beautiful and charming look every time. They are popular in the film industry and recur frequently, but still leave their mark. See whose name is it!

  • Shruti Hassan (36)
  • Theresa (39)
  • Nayantara (37)
  • Aishwarya Rajesh (32)
  • Amara Paul (30)
  • Katherine Theresa (33)
  • Issa Riba (32)
  • Nivesa Peturaj (30)
  • Saidan Sika (30)
  • Priyamani (38)

Best Sandalwood Actress in her 30s:

Do you know or hear about the Sandalwood pop actress in her 30s? We have beautiful and hottest actresses in their 30s who are simply too charming to look away. While you may have come across some names, you may not have heard of others. They are all talented and live up to their name!

  • Haripulia (30)
  • Shraddha Srinath (31)
  • Divia Spandana (39)
  • Manvitakamas (30)
  • Shruti Hariharan (33)
  • Andrietta Ray (37)
  • Shruti Hariharan (33)
  • Parul Yadav (33)
  • Shraddha Srinath (31)
  • Radhika Pandit (38)

TV actresses in their 30s:

Television is the film industry’s brother, and we all know how important it is in the family. TV dramas and soap operas have been in the limelight and famous in recent years, and their popularity has not diminished in the past ten years. We have the most popular and glamorous TV actresses in their 30s. It is no exaggeration to say that these TV shows are actually run successfully due to their very talented performances. Do you want to know their names?

  • hina khan(34)
  • Divyanka Tripathi (37)
  • Jennifer Wingert (37)
  • Nia Sharma (32)
  • Drashdami (37)
  • Muniroy (36)
  • Karishma Tanner (38)
  • Rashmi Desai (36)
  • Sanaya Irani (39)
  • Subicioti (34)

Sporty young women in their 30s:

We even have India’s most famous young female athletes ruling their game in their 30s. These sports stars came out on top in their games, won medals and awards and made a name for the country. They are talented and deserve our attention. But do you know their names? Check out this list of the most famous and popular female athletes in India.

  • Sania Mirza (35)
  • Deepika Palikar (31)
  • Geeta Pogart (33)
  • Mitali Raj (39)
  • Senna Nehwal (32)
  • Tania Sachdev (36)
  • Purgarani (31)
  • Akanksha Singh (32)
  • Sharmila Nicolette (31)
  • Barbie Takumari (32)

Young actresses in Mollywood in the 1930s:

We even have Mollywood’s young and popular hot actress in her 30s. These stars are amazingly beautiful and talented. They starred in several movies and still dominate the Mollywood movie business. While some of them are South Indian stars, few of them have pure experience in acting for the Malayali film industry. Check out their names here.

  • Practice (36)
  • Rajisha Vijayan (31)
  • Kavia Madavan (38)
  • Parvati Thiruvatu (34)
  • Mia George (30)
  • Pierre Marney (33)
  • Madonna Sebastian (30)
  • Shamna Qasim (33)
  • Ann Augustine (34)
  • Akana Kawi (32)

How many of these famous actresses in their 30s do you know? While some are well known, some have only recently come into the limelight. We hope you enjoy exploring the list of actresses in their 30s who look so beautiful, glamorous and young. What do you think? Let us know what you think!