8 Adele Photos Without Makeup

8 Adele Photos Without Makeup

8 Adele Photos Without Makeup


A veteran singer with a golden voice, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, or rather the name Adele, often appears on album covers in monochromatic shades, and her beautiful self looks stunning. Adele has a heavier weight and used to be held back by her plus size but she is as inspired as always she is always dropping her weight and loving her body and getting used to it which is probably why we like it One her oh. As her fame grew, we often photographed her on the street, and unlike her cover photos, but without professional makeup, she managed to be her gorgeous self.

1. Bedside shape:

This is one of Adele’s classic bedside looks, we can only assume she just rolled out of bed and still has a messy hairstyle, here Adele is completely without makeup. Looking simply stunning without professional trim, Adele does look a little different, but can we really say she looks bad without makeup? The smoothness of her skin is only accentuated by her rosy pink lips.

2. Drink coffee:

This photo of Adele was taken at a nearby cafe on a chilly morning as she missed her turtleneck, which was snuggled into her comfy cardigan and held tight as she continued. wrap yourself up. She looked as charming as ever, with her sleeves pulled up to her palms and a sweet wave to the camera.

3. Cute Overload:

Another photo of Adele appeared on the internet and she appeared to be holding a placard that said an apology while she looked apologetic but cute. Despite a little tiredness under her eyes, her hair was buttery smooth, her soft strawberry blond hair set aside, and her eyebrows nicely combed.

4. After a busy day:

Possibly busy with a soundcheck for her upcoming album, Adele was pictured leaving the hustle and bustle around a scarf on a chilly day while smiling sweetly again for the photo. Her face had a rosy glow that accentuated her rather smooth skin. She put her purse aside, her eyes glowed with sweetness, and she started her day.

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5. Birthday Girl:

The photo was taken on Adele’s 26th birthday, when the birthday girl was seen giving her a thumbs up photo without makeup. Her hair is tied back in a tufted pony while her tired days working on her albums and music can be seen in the bags under her eyes. Even so, this photo of her is a true beauty, with a lovely wide smile and big bright eyes.

6. Date night:

This is a picture taken by a friend while sharing a hearty dinner or possibly a meal with a close person while having a lively chat. This time, Adele styled her hair in a soft bun with the front locks styled with a back comb. Just like her hair, this beautiful woman has flawless skin that looks smooth as milk and bright as dawn.

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7. Day trip:

The woman is gorgeous in a blue long-sleeved sweater, her hair is best tied in a low bun at the back, and Adele is looking for her pretty self all day. Even though she didn’t have any makeup on her face, she looked beautiful.

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8. Konecki and her:

Here’s another picture of the mighty Adele, this time smitten with love as she goes for a walk with her lover. Wearing a pretty patterned top and supporting some shades, this beauty looks forever young and lively, even without makeup herself.