8 Avril Lavigne Photos Without Makeup

8 Avril Lavigne Photos Without Makeup

8 Avril Lavigne Photos Without Makeup

The ever-changing Avril Ramona Lavigne has won over with her catchy tunes and her signature dark eye makeup. From the beginning of her career, Lavigne has been a strong contender in singing and hip-hop, rock and simple pop. Her music has made many people excited, but it’s her looks that have been stagnant. Lavigne got younger as she got older, spreading her wings even more with every hit on her record list. However, the Canadian celebrity is more than just eyes with long hair and heavy makeup. A sneak peek at Avril Lavigne’s no-makeup book tells us that even without the graceful heavy eyes, our beauty is still an amazing person.

1. Pretty voyeur:

Usually, Avril Lavigne wears her signature heavy black eye makeup, and if not, we have to admit she looks very different. That doesn’t mean she can’t be beautiful without one, however, as this photo vividly demonstrates how Avril’s beauty cannot be contained within the boundaries of makeup. Looking absolutely gorgeous, Avril is a true beauty here, showing off her pretty peepers and pearly whites.

2. Permanent change:

Usually we don’t see Lavigne posing in a muted look in red carpet photos, but at one point, she decided to opt to slightly alter her makeup schedule, seeing her in a gentle, very different look from her heavy makeup. Lavigne had just a little lining, maybe just normal sheen, on her otherwise soft features, sparkling on the red carpet.

3. A little tired:

Here we see the busy Avril Lavigne, who has undoubtedly endured a lot of hard work during her music release. The constant sound checks and having to run around late at night took a toll on her as her tired eyes gave way to irritation. In any case, Avril’s face still looked quite clean.

4. Keep it natural:

Here, Avril decides to remove heavy makeup as she takes pictures of her natural self. The Forever Young Avril is as dazzling as her music video here too, however, while her beauty is never really contained, a dark tone emanating from her soft under-eye bags is palpable.

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5. Walk around:

Avril wrapped in a hoodie and walked up and down the street, looking very busy. Her all-black attire just accentuates her blond hair tied tightly to one side. Although her face is not clearly visible from a distance, she does have no makeup on her face, but she still looks stunning.

6. Keep it casual:

Dressed in a grey tank top and her long mane splayed, this is another stunning photo of Avril Lavigne’s natural self, showing off her flawless skin. Even without makeup, we can tell that she has a good consistency on her skin and related issues.

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7. Compare the best looks:

Here we have a photo of Lavigne with makeup and without makeup, the left picture shows her beauty self without makeup, even though she looks very different from the right picture, she is still a pretty stunner.

8. Candid Beauty:

In this photo we see an Avril in her white tank unaware of the photo being taken and usually on a normal day you would think a candid would be bad, but in Avril’s case, There is no such thing as a bad photo. She is a beautiful woman with or without makeup.

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