8 Best Assam Tourist Attractions

8 Best Assam Tourist Attractions

8 Best Assam Tourist Attractions


Assam is a state in northeastern India and one of the seven sister states of India. It looks like a stretched bird and is made up of three main geographical areas, namely Brahmaputra Valley, Barak Valley and North Kachar Mountains. Assam is a state of natural beauty with a lot of flora and fauna. It’s very well located and easily accessible, which is an advantage for tourists. We have listed 8 of the best Assam tourist attractions below with pictures.

Must visit tourist attractions in Assam:

1. Guwahati:

The capital of Assam is Guwahati, the most important and busiest place in the Northeast. It is one of the good tourist attractions in the area as it is easy to access and has everything a tourist needs. Kamakhya Temple, which we have in the picture below, is a very interesting and sacred tourist attraction. Besides we have Dighali Pukhuri, Shankardev Kala Shetra and many other temples.

2. Hajo:

Hajo is located in an area called Kamrup on the banks of the Brahmaputra. Guhwahati is only 24 km away. The place is a fusion of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, with many ancient and medieval temples and mosques. This is a testament to the unity and diversity of our nation. Two of the most famous parts of the entire Hajo are the Hayagrib Madhab, which houses the relics of the Buddha, and the Poa Mecca, the mosque built by Pir Giasuddin.

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3. Kaziranga National Park:

Kaziranga National Park is one of the world famous heritage sites. Anyone visiting Assam must come to this park known for its venerable rhinos and tigers. It is a well protected and preserved zoo and has been declared a tiger sanctuary. There are also a growing number of elephants, wild buffalo, birds and more in the park.

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4. Sibushagar:

Sibsagar is a place known for Ahom Palace and Monuments. This is an area of ​​Assam that leads the way in tea and oil production. The name Sibsagar is derived from a magnificent tank. There are many historical sites in this place, Rang Ghar, Kareng Gharm, Shiva Temple, etc., easily accessible by bus from Guwahati.

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5. Tezpur:

Tizpur is an ancient city located on the north bank of the Brahmaputra. The town is entirely a scenic landscape, a pull of gardens, lakes, hills and monuments. Mahabhairav ​​Temple and Lord Shiva Temple are two famous temples. There is a place where visitors can see fine art in sculpture, called Da Parbatia. Pictured below is the stairs leading to Angigarh Hill in Tezpur.

6. Majuli:

Majuli is the largest river island in the world, located in the middle of the Brahmaputra. The people there are of Vaisnava culture and there are many satra (monasteries) in Majuli. Satras is where people discover the main Assamese cultures, their spiritual beliefs and the different art forms preserved from the early Satras.

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7. Jorhat’s Tea Garden:

Assam has become India’s largest tea producing region. It grows mainly in the Brahmaputra Valley. Jorhat is in the middle, so anyone who lives in Jorhat must visit this part of the valley. Due to its wide planting area and high quality tea, it is known as the “Tea Capital of the World”.

8. Hafron:

Located in the hill town, Haflong has two major tourist attractions, Haflong Lake and Jatinga. It’s in the center, while Jatinga is another about 9 km away. Jatinga is a mysterious place with unexplained answers to why migratory birds kill themselves there. Every year from August to November, birds migrate here to kill themselves!