8 Best Chhattisgarh Tourist Attractions

8 Best Chhattisgarh Tourist Attractions

8 Best Chhattisgarh Tourist Attractions


Chhattisgarh is considered a tourist destination for its perfect blend of culture, history, art and natural environment. Pristine forests and picturesque waterfalls are some of the best things you can find here, although much of the natural beauty here remains unexplored. All you need is a great camera, some close friends and a plane ticket to fly to Chhattisgarh and experience the best things in the world.

Chhattisgarh tourist attractions:

If you plan to do so, here are some tips to help you know where to go.

1. Chitrakot Falls:

When you visit Chhattisgarh, the first place you must visit is the waterfall. They are a popular tourist destination and ideal picnic spot for all tourists. Chitrakot Falls here is absolutely glorious and stunning. Plenty of water splashing on the rocks must have been a great sight. This is an amazing Chhattisgarh tourist destination.

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2. Indravati National Park:

Your trip to Chhattisgarh will not be complete until you visit Indrati National Park. The place is amazing, beautiful and natural. The trees, bushes and animals and the natural environment will surely make you love this place. This will also help you learn about India’s wildlife.

3. Achanakmar Sanctuary:

Achanakmar Sanctuary offers you the experience of living. It has a wide variety of animals and plants that will definitely blow your mind. If you have never seen a tiger and wish to see one, visit this beautiful place and enjoy the breathtaking views and views. You will never regret a trip to this place.

4. Temple of Ratanpur:

Temples are the star attraction of every city you visit in India, especially Ratanpur. The architecture and style of this temple is outstanding. It has thousands of tourists every year and is probably one of the best places to go. If you are visiting India for the first time, this temple will strongly reflect Hindu culture and traditions. Here are the best Chhattisgarh travel destinations.

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5. Kavoda Palace:

Kavoda Palace is located in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is a great place to enjoy the peace and quiet of a peaceful atmosphere. There are also plenty of hotels if you want to spend a few days.

6. Kailashnagar:

When you visit Chhattisgarh, never forget to visit Kailashnagar. It has attracted large numbers of tourists over the decades and remains an important location for tourists. The peak looks adventurous, almost like a cow’s hump. Kailash Nagar is also historic and a trip to this place is sure to be rewarding.

7. Ganderswar Temple:

Another highly appreciated temple is the Ganderswar Temple in Bhopal. The architecture of this temple is amazing with beautifully shaped columns. It’s also very well designed. Surrounded by several beautiful green trees and shrubs, the monastery looks gorgeous from a distance and is also an ideal place for meditation and worship. This is the historical tourist attraction of Chhattisgarh.

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8. Kutumsar Cave:

The caves in Chhattisgarh are ancient and interesting. There are many of them; however the best can only be Kutumsar Cave. They were almost a feast for the eyes. Coming to this place is sure to be fun as you can take some great photos and make unforgettable memories. These caves are of historical significance and are popular with tourists and travelers.