8 Best Honeymoon Spots in Mizoram

8 Best Honeymoon Spots in Mizoram

8 Best Honeymoon Spots in Mizoram


Mizoram is one of the smaller states in India and one of the seven sister states. It offers tranquility, beauty and the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. It’s only when you step out onto the fresh, lush landscape that you experience the pure joy and serenity that the state brings. The state is rich in scenic treasures, with the majestic Blue Mountains, beautiful rivers such as the Sonay and Matt Rivers, and the tranquil Lake Palak. Waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries, boating and fishing, bustling markets and heritage-rich shrines—there’s a lot to see and soak in in the state. More importantly, what makes it unique is its unique culture and ethnicity.

Mizoram – Means the land of the Mizos (local tribes of the state). The local tribes here are very enthusiastic and creative. It was fun to learn about Mizo culture and customs. Imagine interacting with the locals in colorful happy costumes and shopping for well-crafted shawls and bamboo carvings. The weather is more or less mild all year round, which adds to its benefits as a tourist attraction. However, visit between November and March for the best winter feel.

Travel can be a little tricky, so make sure you plan all transportation in advance. There is only one airport in Azwar. With the state closed at night, public transit stop 6 is hard to find. For non-vegetarians, the local food here is a treat, while vegetarians are advised to bring some food as the options are limited.

Pictures of Best Honeymoon Destinations in Mizoram:

1. Mizoram Blue Mountains:

One of these peaks is Phawngpui, a particularly famous one. The peak is part of an exciting hiking route through these mountains. Often, a long trek might sound too strenuous for a honeymoon. But for power couples keen on energetic activities, the Phawngpui Adventure Hike through the Blue Mountains will be a fairytale honeymoon with the perfect location and a better setting.

2. Sibuta Lungs:

This is a memorial stone located in the village of Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram. While the village itself is one of the important sights in Mizoram, the memorial stone is just that – a stone and the story it has attached to it makes it a very interesting visit. It is said that several years ago, Sibuta, the dean of several houses, fell in love with a girl named Dalai. But the girl rejected him. After she was rejected, he went mad and, in revenge, threw her into a pit and put this stone on it as a memorial. So, the big stone called Sibuta Lung became the tombstone of a girl who was buried alive.

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3. Mizoram National Museum:

When visiting Sibuta Lung in Aizawl, you must also visit Mizoram State Museum. It has a wonderful display of Mizoram’s culture, heritage and talent. This is one of the most perfect honeymoon destinations in Mizoram.

4. Brabazar:

Burra Bazaar is also located in the village of Aizawl. You can buy all souvenirs here. The colors and variety of merchandise on display will make you want to keep walking up and down its streets. This is the place that truly captures the essence of Mizoram for your money to take home.

5. Shiv Mandir, Aizawl:

The Shiv Mandir in Aizawl has a beautiful structure, although reaching its entrance is a daunting task. One has to climb several flights of stairs, but the end result is worth it. While the structure itself is beautiful, the aerial view from that height is even more fascinating. This is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Mizoram.

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6. Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary:

This is one of the best honeymoon spots in Mizoram, especially for animal lovers. Although it doesn’t have as many kinds of flora and fauna, it’s a quiet place perfect for a romantic retreat.

7. Langley:

Located on the border of India and Bangladesh, this place has several wildlife sanctuaries and is a paradise for little nature lovers with a perfect combination of natural elements. Lohawka Wildlife Sanctuary and Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary are just two of the zoos here. This is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Mizoram.

8. Serchhip:

Serchhip is a picturesque town that deserves a mention here too. Vantawng Falls is the crowning jewel of this place. This is the perfect place for a romantic walk. Thenzawl Deer Park is another haven for nature lovers, where you can enjoy a peaceful safari.

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As you can see, Mizoram has many great deals on a romantic getaway with your new spouse. It is quiet and secluded, providing you with the perfect setting to enjoy each other’s company. It caters for all kinds of couples – adventure lovers, nature lovers, cultural seekers, spiritual lovers and more! Please share with us your general thoughts on this article and Mizoram. We love hearing back from our readers. I wish you a great journey and may you find boundless joy and love in this new journey together.