8 Best Winter Honeymoon Destinations in India in 2022

8 Best Winter Honeymoon Destinations in India in 2022

8 Best Winter Honeymoon Destinations in India in 2022

Winter is the season for marriage, most people get married in November and December, and usually, the honeymoon is directly after the wedding. “Everyone becomes a poet at the touch of a button.” – So couples have to play their poetic side, which doesn’t happen if the destination they go to isn’t exactly pleasing. Incredible India has so many beautiful places to visit, but for a winter honeymoon, couples must plan wisely.

Beautiful honeymoon spots in winter in India:

1. Andaman and Nicobar:

Walking along the beach, crystal clear waters, and staying at the resorts of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are all the couple’s requirements for their honeymoon. They can go hiking, snorkeling, deep sea fishing and more. The couple can even request tents and camping on the beach. Winter is the most pleasant time, the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.

  • Romantic things: Go snorkeling together for a different experience, sit on the beach and enjoy a candlelit dinner with the soft sound of the waves, go for a tour around the island and enjoy the privacy!
  • how can I get there: Fly to Port Blair on select days of the week from all major cities (flights are available all day) and Visakhapatnam. Arrive by sea from Kolkata, Chennai and Visakhapatnam by boat or cruise.
  • Best time to visit on honeymoon: The winter months are pleasant
  • where to live: Honeymooning couples can choose from a variety of hotels, accommodation and B&Bs (use travel websites to book in advance).
  • Other attractions: A variety of attractions to suit every taste – the couple can visit museums and mountain peaks, as well as enjoy water sports outside of Saddleback National Park.
  • Tourist Attractions: Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach, Baratang Island, Viper Island, Barren Island, Saddle Peak, etc.

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2. Uti:

Ooty is one of the famous honeymoon destinations in South India. Ooty’s Botanical Gardens are home to thousands of plants and rare flowers. Lake Ooty is great for a picnic, but for lovers, there are also romantic boat rides. Camping by the waterfalls of the Picara River is a great sight for couples. For a romantic walk, couples must visit the prairie region of Nilgiris and the small forested hills known as the Wenlock Hills.

  • Romantic things: Take a boat ride on Lake Ooty, ride a mountain railway called the Nilgiri Railway, visit the botanical gardens, take a set of beautiful photos among the flowers, and buy homemade chocolates and a variety of teas as souvenirs.
  • how can I get there: Bangalore, Chennai and other neighbouring cities are well connected by train, the nearest station is Mettupalayam (40 km from Ooty). Use the taxis at the station itself. Otherwise, fly to Bangalore or Chennai or Coimbatore and then take the train to Metuparayam.
  • Best time to visit on honeymoon: The weather is pleasant from March to June.
  • where to live: From budget hotels to 5-star hotels in and around Ooty, there are a variety of accommodation options.
  • Other attractions: Tea Factory, Government Museum, Tiger Hill and many more viewpoints, Kalhatti Falls – a romantic waterfall tour for couples!
  • Tourist Attractions: Lake Ooty, Government Rose Garden, Thread Garden, St. Stephen’s Church, Dota Betta, Kamala Jaysagar Dam, etc.

3. Nainital:

Nainital is at the foot of the Kumaon Mountains. Lake Naini offers superb water sports such as canoeing, yachting, snorkeling, and couples can indulge in a romantic boat trip. Couples can see the snow-capped mountains from Naina, End of the World or Dorothy’s Mat. The cable car is also a means of transportation and can provide a beautiful top view for couples.

  • Romantic things: Take a boat trip to Naini Lake, take the cableway to the snow viewing point, and overlook the town below from Naini Peak. Have a picnic on top of Tiffin and stroll down Mall Road hand in hand for souvenirs. If both of you are adventure lovers, go to Ghorakhal and enjoy paragliding!
  • how can I get there: Take the train to the nearest railway station (34 km away) Kathgodam, then take a bus or taxi to Nainital. Fly to New Delhi or even Pantnagar (1 hour drive), then take a taxi directly to Nainital like many travelers.
  • Best time to visit on honeymoon: Summer is the best month, but the cheapest is the monsoon months from July to October.
  • where to live: Close to the lake with great views – there are many options, from 2 star hotels to 5 star hotels!
  • Other attractions: Bird watching at Kilbury Road, Sariya Taal, Khurpa Taal, Himalayan Botanical Gardens, Woodland Falls.
  • Tourist Attractions: Nainita Lake, Snow View, Naini Peak, Mall Road, Tiffin Top, Cave Garden, etc.

4. Darjeeling:

Darjeeling is a first-class mountain station located in northeastern India. Kanchenjunga can be seen from Darjeeling and it is famous for its tea plantations, most of which started during the British rule. Riding a toy train through this place, hiking, and visiting Singalia National Park are some of the things couples can do during the cold weather.

  • Romantic things: Ride a toy train, visit a tea plantation and enjoy some quiet time at the Peace Pagoda! Shop on Mall Road, sample Himalayan delicacies, and experience nightingales at Shrub Nightingale Park.
  • how can I get there: Fly into Bagdogra, the most important airport in the Northeast and the most accessible. From here, Darjeeling is about 2.5 hours by taxi. Take the train to New Jalpaiguri and continue on the road.
  • Best time to visit on honeymoon: Avoid the monsoon months as heavy rainfall can hit Darjeeling. Traveling to Darjeeling in other months was a pleasure.
  • where to live: Since it is a very popular destination for tourists, there is no shortage of accommodation options. Choose the city center for easy access to various tourist attractions.
  • Other attractions: Sunrise and sunset points, many temples to visit and Senchar Lake just outside the city.
  • Tourist Attractions: Ghum Temple, Peace Pagoda, Tenzing Rock, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoo, Japanese Buddhist Temple, etc.

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5. Kovalam:

Kovalam is known as the “Paradise of the South”. The ideal climate of Kerala attracts newlyweds from all over India and abroad. There are three beaches here, the largest of which is Lighthouse Beach. Couples love to sit on the beach and spend some quiet time with their loved ones, with the sound of the waves hitting their ears. Recently they started introducing Ayurvedic salons, which is one reason for the increase in the number of tourists.

  • Romantic things: Visit the lighthouse, Halcyon castle, many marine aquariums, find health at the Guruprakash Ayurveda Centre and enjoy beach life!
  • how can I get there: Fly to Thiruvananthapuram, take a taxi or even a car as the distance is only 15 km. Even the train is a good option as the nearest train station in Trivandrum is connected to the train.
  • Best time to visit on honeymoon: The winter months are the best as this is a seaside destination.
  • where to live: All range hotels are available. Book in advance and find a hotel with an ocean view.
  • Other attractions: Shiva Temple, Kottapuram, Vellar Tourist Village, Sunset View Point.
  • Tourist Attractions: Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam Beach, Emerald Castle, Lighthouse Beach Road and more

6. Shimla:

Winter Shimla temperatures are below freezing, which is what the couple hopes. There are beautiful sightseeing spots and most importantly the view of the majestic Himalayas. The accommodation is relatively reasonable, which is why couples prefer to come here. Prospect Hill, Chadwick Falls, Jakhoo Hill, etc. are a few places to visit in Shimla.

  • Romantic things: Ski and ice skating together for a romantic experience! Walk around the city and don’t miss Mall Road to feel the real vibe of the place.
  • how can I get there: Fly to the nearest airport, Juberhatti, which is 23km away (departures daily from New Delhi). Bus services are also regular and reliable; catch one from any major city in North India.
  • Best time to visit on honeymoon: Winter temperatures are low and snowfall makes it very scenic, but cold. Summer is very pleasant.
  • where to live: anywhere! So many options to choose from! But book in advance to avoid peak season peaks and related compromises.
  • Other attractions: Porter Hill, Bimakali Temple, Summer Hill, Joy Heritage Cultural Complex.
  • Tourist Attractions: Kalka-Shimla Railway, Ridge, Mall Road, Christ Church, Scandal Point, National Museum, etc.

7. Pondicherry:

Pondicherry is a great place to spend your honeymoon in a seaside resort. Beaches such as Paradise, Tranquility and Lighthouse are the main attractions. During winter, the weather is much cooler than other times. The couple must visit Aurobindo Ashram and the botanical gardens there.

  • Romantic things: Scuba dive or surf the water with your significant other for adventurous fun! Plenty of water activities to enjoy along with rocky beaches. Auroville will bring a whole new experience to the both of you. Take a bike tour and enjoy it at a slow pace.
  • how can I get there: Take the train to Velupuram, just 35km from Pondicherry. Otherwise, you can fly to Pondicherry as it has an airport and many airlines fly to Pondicherry regularly.
  • Best time to visit on honeymoon: The winter months are the most pleasant.
  • where to live: Beach resort or something overlooking the beach. Homestays in the French part of Pondicherry are also a good option.
  • Other attractions: Cathedral Church, Auroville and many temples to go.
  • Tourist Attractions: Promenade Beach, Rocky Beach, Bharathi Park, French War Memorial, Pondicherry Museum, Aayi Mandapam and more.

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8. Ollie:

Auli is a place for adventure like skiing in the snow, hiking and having some fun indoors. Compared to snowy places in India, it’s less crowded, giving the couple some alone time. The Badrinath Temple, the cable car through the mountain, and the top of Goso are all places worth seeing.

  • Romantic things: Hike to Gorson Bugyal and Kwani Bugyal together for an organic experience of the town. If you are visiting in winter, skiing in Orly is a must do. Visit the tallest man-made lake in the world, Lake Oli. Take the funicular and don’t miss the chance to camp in Auli for a complete romantic getaway.
  • how can I get there: Fly to Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun and continue comfortably to Joshimath, from there take the funicular to Auli.
  • Best time to visit on honeymoon: Open all year round! But it snows during the winter months, which is a very lovely and scenic time of year.
  • where to live: Stay in a hotel or even camp (summer months) for a pleasant holiday in Auli.
  • Other attractions: Nanda Devi National Park, Trishul Peak, there are many hikes around the area.
  • Tourist Attractions: Auli Ropeway, Narsingh Temple, Chenab Lake, Gorson Bugyal and more

Are you confused about where to go? All of the above destinations are romantic and beautiful. Well, the decision is entirely up to you and your partner. Pick a destination that will help you get closer to each other. The memories you create at your honeymoon destination will stay with you forever. If you have other honeymoon locations, please comment below. Here’s some help for other honeymoon couples like you.