8 Famous Honeymoon Spots In Kashmir With Photos

8 Famous Honeymoon Spots In Kashmir With Photos

8 Famous Honeymoon Spots In Kashmir With Photos


Kashmir is India’s paradise. It is astonishingly beautiful, beyond human language expression. Kashmir is blessed with natural beauty, snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, lakes and other interesting places that will showcase the country’s heritage and culture. It is the perfect place for a honeymoon due to its pleasing location and pleasant cold weather. Kashmir is known to be one of the most amazing honeymoon locations in India. Kashmir has a lot to offer for lovebirds. Couples can explore the city for a romantic getaway. From sipping Kahwah to muddle-headed talk about Shikaras, there’s a lot to do in Kashmir. Below is a list and pictures of famous honeymoon destinations in Kashmir.

Honeymoon Location Details in Kashmir:

1. Srinagar:

Srinagar is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. It has many lakes, rivers and mountains covered in snow. Dal Lake is very famous and a great place for honeymoons; they can even rent beautiful houseboats. Shalimar Baugh is a beautiful monument with design, architecture and sculpture. Hari Parbat, Hazratbal Mosque are two other places worth visiting. The most romantic time to visit is during snow.

  • Romantic things: Couples can enjoy a calm and peaceful Shikara ride and dive into the beauty of Dal Lake surrounded by mountains. The lush greenery and beautiful valleys of the city are a must. You can also visit the old part of the city and rediscover the memories of its rich culture. It is an ideal place for Kashmiri couples to spend their honeymoon.
  • how can I get there: The airport named Sheikh Ul Alam is a well-structured international airport in Srinagar. If you plan to travel by rail, you must arrive at Jammu Tawi or Udhampur railway station. You can hire a taxi from the station to reach your destination.
  • where to live: Known for its city center, Laljok has a wide range of hotels to stay in. You can conveniently book a five-star or humble hotel for a good stay.
  • Best time to visit: April to October is the best time to visit if you want to enjoy the city’s blossoming beauty.
  • Precautions and other considerations: If you are not planning to visit the city within the suggested time, make sure to bring warm clothes. A houseboat on Dal Lake allows you to enjoy a comfortable and peaceful stay!

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2. Ladakh:

Ladakh is located in the Kunlun Mountains in the north and the Himalayas in the south. This is a place with a small population, which is why it is suitable for couples who like to be alone. There are many monasteries to visit, such as Hemis, Thiske. Ladakh’s lakes are some of the places of interest for newlyweds.

  • Romantic things: One of the main attractions in Ladakh is Pangong Lake. Newlyweds can gaze at this beautiful lagoon, which changes color throughout the day. For couples who don’t mind a safari adventure, the Nubra Valley is a must. Magnetic Hill, Kargil, Khardung La Pass and Zanskar Valley are other tourist attractions in Ladakh.
  • how can I get there: Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee is the main airport in Ladakh. If you are not planning to fly, the closest railway station to Ladakh is Jammu Tawi. The railway station is 700 km from Ladakh, but taxis can be hired.
  • where to live: The Grand Dragon and Hotel Lasermo are among the top rated hotels in Ladakh. Leh is the center of the region and there are many hotels that provide you with a comfortable den.
  • Best time to visit: May to September is the best time to visit Ladakh. During this period, Ladakh offers the most beautiful sights and the roads are more convenient for travelers.
  • Precautions and other considerations: Ladakh is quite safe as a tourist destination. A must visit to Hermis Monastery, Sulu Valley and Leh Palace to capture the culture and beauty of Ladakh.

3. Nubra Valley:

As we all know, the Nubra Valley is an extremely cold desert. It was isolated from the rest of the world for over 8 months. Couples who really want to get out of their comfort zone and have a little exercise can visit this place. To reach the valley, they had to cross Khardunga La to encounter the Shyok River. The beauty of this valley is worth seeing.

  • Romantic things: The Bactrian camels of the Nubra Valley can take you for a ride in the stunning dunes. Your loved one is sure to love some safari adventure ideas. You can talk to yourself and hike to YarabTso Lake, another hidden gem in this valley. You can also visit temples and Maitreya Buddha statues to amaze you.
  • how can I get there: The closest railway stations to Nubra Valley are Jammu Tawi and Udhampur. However, we recommend that you take a flight that can take you to Leh Airport. The airport is approximately 120 km from the Nubra Valley.
    Where to stay: Lodging and cheap to luxury hotels can be found in the Nubra Valley. Campsites like Mystic Meadows and Nubra Ethnic are known for their comfortable accommodations.
  • Best time to visit: April-June and September-October should be the best times to visit the Nubra Valley, as the weather is relatively warm and pleasant.
  • Precautions and other considerations: You might want to stuff your bag with heavy clothing because it’s cold outside. Make sure you visit Diskit Monastery and the beautiful lake.

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4. Gulmarg:

Gulmarg is located in one of the most scenic areas of Kashmir. In summer, it is surrounded by lush green areas, in contrast, it is just covered in snow in winter. In 1927, British residents discovered the ski and snowboard area of ​​Gulmarg and were drawn to this beautiful area. Couples who want to have a good time at the resort can come to this place at any time of the year.

  • Romantic things: What could be better than a gondola ride through beautiful meadows and valleys? Gulmarg Gandora is very popular among tourists. Great views of this place can be captured while riding with the other half. If you are not afraid of the chill in the snow, be sure to visit the famous ski and toboggan run.
  • how can I get there: If you are travelling by air, Srinagar Airport is 58 km from this breathtaking location. The nearest railway station is Jammu, which is well connected to various cities. You can also take a bus from nearby towns.
  • where to live: The Khyber Himalayan Spa Hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Gulmarg. There are many budget hotels to choose from in the Kashmir region.
  • Best time to visit: If you’re looking forward to some adventure in the snow, late December to mid-February is the best time to visit this place. However, you can visit Gulmarg in summer for a rather pleasant and warm stay.
  • Precautions and other considerations: You can visit the Khilanmarg valley and golf course and spend the day in a variety of activities. Avantiswami Temple is also a great tourist attraction.

5. Pahargan:

Pahalgam is the most fertile area with rich vegetation and lush conifers. The couple was mesmerized by the beauty and nature of the meadows. Away from the busy city to calm them down. This is a place for adventure sports such as horseback riding, rafting, canoeing and more.

  • Romantic things: This place is romantic because it is the most beautiful part of Kashmir. Also known as the “mini Switzerland”, Mount Baisarin is worth a visit. The lush greenery and snow-capped mountains in the background will mesmerize you. Lovebirds can experience eternal tranquility by visiting some ancient and beautiful temples.
  • how can I get there: The nearest railway station to Pahagan is Jammu. This place can be easily reached by train. If you are flying, Srinagar Airport is 95 km from this Kashmir honeymoon destination.
  • where to live: Pahalgam has many comfortable and luxurious lodges, hotels, accommodation and camps. Cheap to expensive properties are easily available, allowing you to enjoy an affordable and comfortable stay.
  • Best time to visit: Peak times are March to June, July to September and October to February. July to September marks the monsoon season in Pahalgam. You can visit this place within the desired time.
  • Precautions and other considerations: Lake Tulian, the village of Aru, the valley and the Korajoy Glacier are known for their breathtaking views.

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6. Sanmag:

Sonmarg is known as the “Golden Meadow” and is located near Zoji La Pass. It is full of beautiful flowers and is known for its hiking trails. Places that couples want to visit are Vishanar Lake, Gangabal Lake and Nilagard Stream that joins the Sindh River is also a major attraction. The top of the grass has a stunning view and couples want to rest there.

  • Romantic things: The lakes, valleys and meadows here are sure to give you the best honeymoon experience in Kashmir. You may get lost with your loved ones in the majestic view of Gadsar or Vishansar Lake. If your partner loves the cold and thrill of skiing, Thajiwas Glacier is for you. It is one of the main tourist attractions and offers you the best snow experience.
  • how can I get there: The nearest airport to Sonmarg is Srinagar Airport, 70 km away. Taxis are very convenient at the airport. You can also take the high-speed train. Jammu is the closest railway station to this location.
  • where to live: Hotel Rah Villas is a very famous five star hotel in Sonmarg. Other hotels and hostels in the area are easy to find.
  • Best time to visit: The best months to visit Sonmarg are from April to October as the weather is pleasant and not too cold. However, if you are someone who loves snow, October to mid-February is a better time.
  • Precautions and other considerations: Be sure to visit the beautiful temples and stroll through the enchanting valley. Skiing is a perfect and fun activity for couples.

7. Anatnag:

Anantnag means a steady stream of springs, as there are many springs and lakes there. There are many health resorts in the area. In summer, couples are more likely to come here due to the pleasant climate. Martland Sun Temple is one of the famous tourist attractions in Anantnag with a total of seven temple complexes. The government is developing other areas for tourists.

  • Romantic things: Couples cannot miss the beautiful temples of Anantnag and other important tourist sports. Martand Sun Temple, Aishmuqam Shrine and AmarnathJi are definitely worth a visit. Lovebirds can enjoy the divinity these places have to offer. Bandipore, Imambara Goom and Manasballake are places to satisfy your cravings for beauty and tranquility.
  • how can I get there: Anantnag has good bus connections to major cities. The nearest railway station is Bani Har Railway Station. Srinagar Airport is 65 km from the destination.
  • where to live: Anantnag is a very famous tourist attraction with numerous hotels. One can easily rent a suitable place to spend the holidays.
  • Best time to visit: The best time to visit Anantnag is in summer as the weather is pleasant and it is best for sightseeing.
  • Precautions and other considerations: The fruit and vegetable markets of Sopore, Parihaspora, LalChowk and Betingoo are other beautiful places you must visit.

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8. Bandikon:

Bandipol is located on the northern shore of Lake Ural, the largest freshwater lake in Asia. It is a good place for couples hiking, fishing, hiking, etc.

  • Romantic things: You don’t believe the best conversations are in…