8 Famous Parks and Pictures in Ahmedabad

8 Famous Parks and Pictures in Ahmedabad

8 Famous Parks and Pictures in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the capital of the state of Gujarat, located in western India. It has a series of kings who ruled it, from medieval history to Mughals and Marathon. There are many monuments, museums, lakes in the city, which are worth a visit. It is called the city wall and also has lush green parks. Amdavadi’s weakness is food, they are food swirling, so you can’t ignore good food.

Stunning parks and pictures in Ahmedabad:

Here is a list of the best parks in Ahmedabad.

1. Law Garden:

Parks are recreational places for people to enjoy and exercise. The Law Gardens in Ahmedabad are open to the public and maintained by the municipal corporation. It is a peaceful and peaceful place surrounded by trees. It is located near the law school, hence the name. Surrounding the garden is the market, which is crowded with street vendors selling clothes and food.

2. Pariel Gardens:

Parimal Garden does lag behind Law Garden. No matter how many foodies Amdavadi has, they’re all fitness freaks now. This garden witnesses 1000 people who come to jog, walk or run every morning and evening. In the image below, we see the old man exercising evenly, the park looks neat and green, and there is a pond next to it. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has to spend Rs 170 crore annually to maintain this beautiful garden.

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3. Vastrapur Lake Gardens:

Vastrapur Lake Garden is newly developed in a busy area of ​​Ahmedabad surrounded by hospitals, residential areas, offices, shops, schools, etc. It has been carefully constructed and seems to be more developed than any other garden. With a lake in the middle and gardens all around, people can enjoy the view while exercising.

4. Victoria Gardens:

European and Arab tourists marvel at the work of Victoria Gardens. This is a historic garden that was built in honor of Queen Victoria. It is located on the southern edge of Badrara Fort, with a statue of Queen Victoria, well-maintained bushes and meadows, open to the public for exercise, and a must-see for tourists.

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5. Sabarmati Riverfront:

Sabarmati River Front is where people go to the river to get some cool breeze. This is a beautiful place to come with friends and family and enjoy a quiet time listening to the sound of the waves hitting the stones. It is well maintained and in the image below we can see people walking and sitting by the river.

6. Snow Park:

Maniar’s Wonderland Snow Park is an artificial snow park built for children’s play. We can see that it is unique in nature and can hold temperatures of -5 degrees. People who miss Kashmir and other snowy regions will love to try it here.

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7. Tirupati Natural Park:

Tirupati Natural Park is the largest amusement park in Gujarat. It has different rides, water parks and unique buildings. It creates thrilling adventures with different themes, forests, monuments, all set in different parts of a vast area.

8. Indroda Natural Park:

The Indroda Natural Park is located on the outskirts of the city, on the banks of the Sabarmati River. There are many wild animals in the park; it has wild boars, jackals, porcupines, many reptiles, etc. There is an office, a small zoo and botanical garden, all in one park. The image below shows us a path surrounded by trees on both sides.