8 Famous Parks & Pictures in Chandigarh

8 Famous Parks & Pictures in Chandigarh

8 Famous Parks & Pictures in Chandigarh


The abundance of parks and gardens in Chandigarh add to the beauty of the urban landscape, attracting tourists and providing residents with fresh air and entertainment. Botanical Gardens, Bougainvillea Park, Rose Garden are some of the famous parks in Chandigarh, just to name a few.

Beautiful parks and pictures in Chandigarh:

Here’s a rundown of the most popular parks.

1. Rajendra Park:

Named after India’s first president, Rajendra Park covers 400 acres and is filled with tall trees with rounded canopies and evergreen foliage, charming mangrove plantations and flowering plants.

The park landscape was designed by the famous French architect Le Corbusier and started operation in 1954. The park is mainly used for jogging, long walks and horseback riding, and even regularly hosts equestrian shows and sporting events.

2. Bougainvillea Park:

The Bougainvillea Park in Chandigarh was established in 1976 as a garden displaying a variety of bougainvillea flowers. 65 different bougainvilleas can be seen here. When the bougainvillea is not blooming, some flowering trees are also planted to add color to the park. With such gorgeous bougainvillea flowers in the park, a popular bougainvillea flower show is held every year.

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3. Garden Park:

As the name suggests, Trim Park is known for its variety of animal-shaped shrubs and shrubs. The park, which opened to the public in 1987, is the biggest attraction for children. The vast park is further decorated with other ornamental plants that add to its beauty and charm. The park is mostly crowded at night, and parents bring their children here to play.

4. Rock Garden:

Contrary to its name, The Rock Garden is a 40-acre sculpture garden known for its figures carved from industrial waste and discarded items such as bottles and bracelets, tiles, ceramic basins, sinks and other crushed stone materials. The brain behind this unique garden belongs to government official Nek Chand, who has been secretly working on his invention since 1957.

Initially rejected, his work gained public recognition, culminating in the garden being inaugurated as a park in 1976. Thousands of visitors flock to the park every day to marvel at the gardens’ beauty and slightly quirky artwork.

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5. Shanti Kunji:

Shanti Kunj is a garden park located between Chandigarh’s Cricket Stadium and Rose Garden, surrounded by a peaceful setting that provides a peaceful holiday. The garden is divided into 5 areas by a natural stream.

These five sections of the park have different varieties of trees, from flowering trees to medicinal trees. Since the park is free of any noise and pollution, visitors to the park are completely quiet and the air is fresh, making it a great place to meditate and relax.

6. Children’s Traffic Park:

The purpose of creating the Children’s Traffic Park is to spread road safety awareness among the young citizens of the future. Filled with green lawns, flower beds, trees and plants, the park features a single cell with a concrete driving test track for road safety training. Other locations within the park that promote safe road practices are an exhibit hall and a lecture-cum-theater room with a capacity of at least 120 people.

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7. Butterfly Park:

What is a garden or park without butterflies? These ethereal creatures bring color and life to their surroundings and are admired by all species. Chandigarh has a variety of beautiful parks and Butterfly Park is one of them. The park is dedicated to protecting more than 35 species of butterflies.

The park is lush with a variety of trees and flowering plants, creating a natural habitat for butterflies. Nature trails with quiet areas have been created for people to stroll and admire these winged beauties without disturbing them. A visit to this park is sure to enchant you.

8. Fitness Trail Park:

The Fitness Trail Park in Chandigarh provides city dwellers with a green lung. The park covers 94 acres and is covered in lush greenery and abundant trees. A fitness trail runs through the park, tailored for morning runners, joggers and fitness enthusiasts to work out in stunning scenery.