8 Famous Temples in Kochi

8 Famous Temples in Kochi

8 Famous Temples in Kochi

Cochin or Kochi is a beautiful town in the southwestern state of Kerala, India. The town has been a port since the early 13th century, and merchants from Europe, Arabia and China came here to trade with India. This small but beautiful city is one of the carefully crafted towns in the state of Kerala, home to some of the wealthiest people in India. Cochin is basically considered to be one of the main ports of Kerala and the town is rich in history. It is famous for its beautiful temples, some of which are 2000 years old. These stunning temples are dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Krishna. Check out this article to explore some of the most famous temples in Kochi:

Photos of the most popular temples in Kochi:

Below is a list of the top eight temples in Cochin.

1. Shree Krishna Temple:

The city and the first and most attractive temple on our list is Shree Krishna Temple in Guruvayoor, Kochi. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is believed to be the first Hindu temple open to Hindus of all castes. Only Hindus can enter this temple. This temple was built strictly for Hindus.

2. Dharmanath Jain Temple:

The temple is over 100 years old and is one of the most popular in the state. It is believed that the temple will be part of Tiras, which means it will be one of the holy places for the Jain community.

3. Ernakulam Shiva Temple:

The Erankulam temple is dedicated to the mighty Lord Shiva. The temple is located in the city center and is visited by hundreds of people every day. This is one of the unique Shiva temples in the country. In this temple, the statue of Shivlinga or Lord Shiva points to the sea to the west.

4. Trikakala Temple:

Located 10 kilometers northeast of Cochin, this temple is an ideal location for the 10-day Onam celebrations. The temple was considered a good asul or evil capital, which was later defeated by Lord Vishnu. This temple enshrines and displays the beautiful avatar of Vishnu, Vamana.

5. Chottanikkara Temple:

This temple is considered to be one of the most prestigious temples in Cochin. In this temple, one can see exquisite artworks, stunning views around the place of worship, and more. In this historic temple, one can also see the oldest Hebrew inscriptions in the country, dating back to the 12th century.

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6. Temple of Khalil:

The temple is located 50 kilometers northeast of Cochin. The best fact about this temple is that it was built by carving the rock. Workers had to climb more than 100 steps to carve the temple. Goddess Durga is the main deity worshipped in this temple. Apart from this, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are also worshipped at this religious site.

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7. Krishnaswamy Temple:

This is one of the most visited temples in Cochin. The temple’s construction dates back to 947 AD. There are many historically significant inscriptions as well as many sculptures and carvings on the temple site.

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8. Vamanamoorthy Temple Kochi:

Thirkkakkara Temple, commonly known as Vamanamoorthy Temple, is located in Thirikkakara, Kochi. This temple is one of the few temples dedicated to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This ancient temple is about 2000 years old and is listed among 108 sacred destinations in India. Onam is the main temple festival and is celebrated in a grand manner.

Apart from this list, there are many other famous temples near Kochi. These temples are known for their connection to Hindu mythology and history. They have been well preserved over the centuries and have attracted devotees from all over the world. These temples are also places of community harmony, where people of different faiths come together to celebrate important occasions. These temples are located in picturesque and beautiful places. We hope you will definitely visit these temples on your next visit to Kochi. No wonder why Kerala is called “God’s country”!