8 Photos of Candice Swanepoel Without Makeup

8 Photos of Candice Swanepoel Without Makeup

8 Photos of Candice Swanepoel Without Makeup


One of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, Candice Swanepoel is No. 10 on the Forbes model earning list. Starting her journey as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, the African bombshell has earned a reputation as a classic girl next door, filling in all the clichĂ©s, blonde hair and light eyes of a neighborhood hottie. We all know that models, especially premium batches, are always limited and must go through every detail to make them stand out from the rest. However, these models still have a few days to let their hair down and enjoy the day. Catch her at some point, and in this article today, we’re going to determine if this woman is really that pretty even without makeup.

Candice Swanepoel’s No Makeup Photos:

1. Fresh Faces:

Here we see Candice posing for a photo and her face still looks absolutely gorgeous without makeup. The middle parted hair was gently rolled to the sides, she held her chin in her hands, and a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. Even without makeup, this woman really shines like shiny new pennies. Light-colored eyes complement soft peach lips.

2. On-site:

This photo was taken at one of her events, or rather before she took the stage, where she was preoccupied with putting together her stage look. While her stylist worked on the hair, her bare face was left without makeup, depicting a calm and composed look. She looks stunning when she poses for the photo.

3. Take off to see:

JFK is one of the busiest hubs in the world, and spotting a beautiful woman among the many airports is indeed a tough job. You need to stand out from the crowd to get noticed, and that’s exactly what Candice Swanepoel does. Pairing her lace white skirt with a black side-slit skirt, Candice looked gorgeous, despite her face showing no signs of possible makeup. This is the third time she has impressed us without the help of a professional studio.

4. Leisure days:

Even the busiest of angels needs to rest on their own, and here’s a picture of Candice enjoying the holiday in a casual way. Donning a low-cut tank top and high-waisted shorts, Candice walked up and down the street. As she walks with her head held high, her shade covers her eyes and looks absolutely gorgeous.

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5. Beach Day:

Beach looks are the best way to pull off a no-makeup zone, and here we’ve captured beautiful Candice in just the right place. Seeing Candice in a black two-piece and no makeup having a great time with her loved ones, we can tell she looks gorgeous even without any makeup.

6. Car Selfie:

We’ve all had days when the lights in the car are too perfect for a selfie, and it looks like the Candice is no exception. The photo appeared on her social media pages and she stunned her fans with this Barbie selfie, and we were amazed at her beauty without makeup.

7. The Perfect Dresser:

Wowing her fans with the perfect ’80s rise, Candice looks gorgeous in this photo. This woman has little or no visible makeup on her face, what an astounding person.

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8. Compare:

Here we see a comparison between Candice dressed up and Candice without makeup, luckily, she excels every time, showing the media how her beauty goes beyond just her retouched photos .