8 Photos of Samantha Ruth Prabhu Without Makeup

8 Photos of Samantha Ruth Prabhu Without Makeup

8 Photos of Samantha Ruth Prabhu Without Makeup


Samantha Ruth Prabhu is a well-known South Indian actress who shoots both Tamil and Telugu films. In 2013, she won the “Best Tamil Actress Movie Fare Award” for the film “Neethane En Ponvasantham” and the “Best Telugu Actress Movie Fare Award” for the movie “Eega”, and recently won the Great success. People are following this Tamil beauty for her pretty face and personality.

Telugu actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu without makeup:

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1. In her casual outfit:

Samantha is one of the most beautiful actresses in South India, even her natural beauty appeals to everyone. She dresses very simply, and even in this look, she can’t help but be glamorous. She was wearing a dark grey top with an off-white shawl around her neck and had no makeup on her face. Her hair has been parted and her sweet smile is the camera.

2. Summer look:

The photo appears to have been taken in the actress’ vehicle in a simple summer top. This is a light brown top with off-white flowers printed on it, perfect for summer. Her hair is nicely curled and kept wide open, and her lovely face has no makeup.

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3. In an event:

Actresses who can actually attend events with minimal makeup are considered real beauties. Samantha wore a sleeveless dress covered in a black and grey crossover. Starting from the upper part of her waist, the dress is made of solid black synthetic material.

She’s sitting down for an event; her hair is wavy in the front, curled from the middle to the tips. With a thin silver bracelet-style accessory around her upper arm, she looks very charming and smart even without any trim.

4. Sensual beauty:

Isn’t it surprising that actresses actually look beautiful with even the slightest makeup or no makeup at all? Samantha Ruth Prabhu is a beautiful lady who proves herself on this test every time. She looked absolutely gorgeous with this sensual look, her yellow dress with black and white stripes and prints made her look even more beautiful. Her long hair has been left open, hanging down the left side of her shoulders as her hair grows from the right side to her face. In this photo, Samantha clearly shows off her makeup-free face.

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5. Adorable “selfies”:

This photo was ordered by Samantha herself, no makeup. She bent the corners of her lips like a sad smiley face and looked very cute. She was wearing a white dress with zippers at the shoulders which made the dress look stylish. Her hair looked a little messy because she was lying down, but the bangs that fell on her forehead made her look even cuter.

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6. Smile:

Plus size clothes are all the rage these days. She was wearing an oversized maroon sweatshirt and casual blue jeans. Her long, thick hair was shaped into a plate and placed on her left. She smiled gracefully, posing to see something. Even with the face without makeup, the appearance and posture are very cute.

7. Sober Samantha:

In the photo above, the actress looks sober. She wears a printed kurti in maroon, black and light green. She only has a little bindi on her forehead without makeup, which is enough to make her look as beautiful as ever. A stuffed owl makes the picture even sweeter.

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8. Travel by car:

The photo was clicked while the actress was traveling by car. She was wearing a plain cream shirt with her hair open. Little stud earrings and little bindi are all things she wears along with her dazzling smile to get a lot of attention. This photo is one of Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s best poses without makeup.