9 Adriana Lima Photos Without Makeup

9 Adriana Lima Photos Without Makeup

9 Adriana Lima Photos Without Makeup

For a supermodel who’s endorsed a brand like Maybelline and walked Victoria’s Secret over the past few years, you’d really think she’s been slicked to every event here and there. Often the truth about models, celebrities are forced to be their perfect selves at all times, which may include the best clothes and of course the highest makeup tips and tricks, and you’d think they’re just sitting on the sidelines. But after this photo of the Victorian Angel started circulating online, it turned out that the Brazilian beauty was much more than a bag of makeup and good clothes.

1. Feature:

This close-up of the supermodel melted our hearts as the Brazilian bombshell has flawless smooth skin. The Victorian angel wears no makeup, but one look at her close-up shows that Lima’s beauty isn’t limited to her vanity case, but her sea-green eyes and plump pink lips.

2. Backstage:

On the runway for the infamous Victoria’s Secret Ramp show, Adriana Lima, an angel since 2002, showed up before her makeup and exclusive lingerie finishing. The celebrity spent a few hours in her natural self before turning into a diva, her hair was in normal waves, and she looked gorgeous even without makeup.

3. Pretty face:

A photo of Adriana appeared online, with the young Lima posing for it. Even when she was young, preferably in her early modeling career, Lima looked gorgeous. This photo proves that Lima is not just a beauty on the ramp, but a true beauty inside.

4. Sightings:

Adriana Lima shakes off her model self and is pictured smoking a cigarette while her hair is tied into a pony and her face is twisted into a ball. From the photo, it can be seen that there is no sign of any makeup, but it is clear that she is really beautiful. The sheen of her skin is evident in the smoothness of her skin as she flaunts her beautiful self.

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5. Shopping days:

A great look for a shopping spree with best friends, go out in a fruity summer Lima to find new clothes. Taking a cue from the sweltering heat outside, Lima opted not to wear makeup because of her hair, which was brushed back and pinned in the front, and the rest of the hair fell freely on her shoulders. Maybe just lip gloss on this warm day, Lima is a sight to behold in the eyes of a farmer.

6. After your workout:

The fruits of her hard work can be clearly seen in the droplets of sweat on her flawless face. Even with visible beads of sweat all over, flawless skin is very alluring as her texture is spotless.

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7. Petty peeps:

We once again got a sneak peek at one of her modeling gigs, where she’s reclining during her hairdo. Without any makeup, Lima looks prolific and glamorous, while the sheer radiance of her face is testament to her beauty.

8. Take a walk on a cold day:

Here’s another photo of gorgeous Lima looking as lively as ever. Wearing a jacket and her all-black attire, Lima smiles gracefully for the camera as she walks with her arms crossed, beautiful.

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9. After working out:

Another post-workout selfie, this time with Lima looking flushed and tired after a strenuous workout, her natural self still looking rosy and beautiful despite her exercising well.