9 Amrita Rao Photos With and Without Makeup

9 Amrita Rao Photos With and Without Makeup

9 Amrita Rao Photos With and Without Makeup


Amrita Rao is an actress known for filming films such as Ishq Vishk, Masti, Main Hoon Na, Vivah and Shyam Benegal’s acclaimed Welcome to Sajjanpur. A muse to painter MF Hussain, she is a talented actress and recipient of the Dada Sahb Falk Academy Award.

She became popular for her role as the girl next door, the daughter of an advertiser and the sister of a model and film journalist. During college, she shot a lot of commercials and music videos and went on to be a regular at major events.

Her ethereal beauty and charm has Zayed Khan fascinated by her in Main Hoon Naa. But it wasn’t just an overnight magical transformation. This girl is actually naturally beautiful and does not need makeup to assist. Here’s our pick of her best no-makeup looks.

Pretty and Traditional in Pink:

When it comes to makeup, this petite beauty is synonymous with the concept of less is more. Almost always spotted without it, she’s a welcome change, a completely different complexion compared to the social celebrities with their over-the-top makeup. She is so much more than your average celebrity.

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Green Vegan:

Environmental protection is a very important cause for PETA, and this socially responsible actress supports the right cause with just action. She looks sexy and smart in this pro-vegan photo. The petite actress wisely rested her head on her shoulders, proving once again that mental makeup is more important than makeup.

White Surreal:

With her iconic portrayal of small-town fools in Barjatya’s tome Vivah, she’s every mother’s son of choice. She looked so beautiful that most of the film was shot without any makeup. Rajshri Production House is known for some of the most beautiful faces in the industry. Her character Punam is no exception. This may still be the petite actress’ favorite photo.

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Funky Voters:

The actress once tweeted that a person cannot change their character, but a person’s character can change their appearance. She will definitely practice what she preaches. This particular photo is a powerful testament to that idea. Simple outfits can stand out with the right attitude. So this hipster voter ended up doing just that.

Blue Beach Babe:

She is a little different from her contemporary actors. It’s clear that the blue-clad beach babe looks unlike her competitors, and she’s in no rush to reveal. However, she looks downright divine in this light green, which complements her fuss-free style.

Bloom Beige:

No actress has ever been spotted without these oversized sunglasses that are as iconic as Bollywood itself. Although it obscures the actress’ small face, it remains in place, showing zero marks on her face. Combined with that mouthful of grin, this look is sure to get people moving.

The nerd look:

Amrita Rao, a psychology graduate, is a proper nerd in this photo. From a distinguished background, Amrita is a multi-talented person, and her beautiful smile reflects her all-roundness. Priceless can be achieved without makeup.

Cute barn look:

The girl next door of Bollywood’s new age, Amrita is the girl you’ll love because she’s laid back and easygoing. This petite, easy-going, innocent and smart girl redefines cuteness. This cute barn girl looks coy and sexy at the same time. The fresh and natural glow surprised many fan stars.

at the airport:

Between crazy schedules, Amrita maintains her fashion sense. Even under her most mundane appearance, she has an amazing presence.

Amrita Rao is a living testimony to beauty that is not superficial and a fitting role model for our next generation.